Saturday, February 28, 2009

SUMIRUNA - Master of the Water

The Sublimity of Sumiruna, painting by Pablo Amaringo, Peru.

So Watchmen comes out on Friday March 6th, 2009. I hope to go opening day. I have been waiting for this day ever since I first heard about the film's release last summer. In the Fall, I went on a hike to the sacred site, Tie Creek, and Jake was along for it. That day he had a Cliff Bar with an expiry date that was the same as the Watchmen's release date. 03.06.09

We noted it then and thought it was a quite curious synchronicity. We never made it to the site on that particular hike, instead we got lost in the labyrinth of the Boreal Forest. I will be back, soon....
Then in November of last year I went to Peru and spent time with Maestro Juan Flores. During a ceremony he was singing a specific icaro that I know and use, called Linda Quebradita. It is in honour of the volcano where his healing centre resides. In the version I know, Maestro sings about Lord Jesus Christ coming down from the clouds and with the power of the stars.

This time tough, Maestro said the word Sumiruna instead of Jesus.

Of course the next day I ask him who is Sumiruna.

The Powers of Sumiruna, Painting by Pablo Amaringo, Peru.

He tells me Sumiruna is a great being that will forever take care of the earth. He is 100 ft. tall, is blue, has antennas and eyes everywhere. Sumiruna is the greatest spirit of the water. The Master of the Water. The way Maestro described Sumiruna is that he is able to incarnate and function within many beings on the earth. He is a global network. The Earth computer. The DNA internet.

The way I see it, the waters refer to the spiritual waters. All that we experience takes place in the waters of life. Water is the medium. The cycles of water mirror the spiritual cycle. Once one is Master of the Water he is one with Sumiruna. It is the Aquarian Age, isn't it?

Maestro also explained to me that Yacumama was a lesser deity that works with Sumiruna and acts as a messenger between Him and earth.

Yacumama is the great water snake. Perhaps the DNA matrix itself.

When I told Jake about Sumiruna he instantly thought of Dr. Manhattan. Frank Albo thought of the Ancient of Days.

The release of the Watchmen tells me we are reaching a new phase of the rise of Sumiruna in all of us.

Does Sumiruna reside on Mars like the Watchmen illustrated novel and movie suggest?

Perhaps, but my hunch is Jupiter and the dominance of Blue tells me Sirius.

Is Sumiruna a being from Sirius that resides on Jupiter where He can monitor the evolution of Earth? Do we on Earth, over many lives, eventually become one with Sumiruna on Jupiter? Is Jupiter then our staging grounds for a greater Galactic community, including Sirius, The Pleiades or even Galactic Centre? Questions to ponder....

The symbol on Dr. Manhattan's head is the symbol for Hydrogen.

Jupiter is 90% Hydrogen and is known to have a mysterious Hydrogen Sea.

"It is believed that in this realm, somewhere between Jupiter's cloud tops and the jovian core, the atmosphere gives way to a planet-wide ocean of liquid hydrogen. "

It's also known as the letter H or 8. Otherwise known as the serpentine starG8 to infinity. HYDROgen also resonates water. In Manitoba one of the main industries that keeps our province afloat is the Hydro-Electric industry. Our government likes to dam rivers in order to generate electricity. They call it clean energy, though it has decimated countless indigenous communities and wreaked havoc on nature in so many ways.

Notice the logo for Manitoba Hydro is a blue trident.

I am sure Poseidon fits in here somewhere. Zeus' brother.

Mr. Kotze points out that Shiva also has a trident. Shiva is blue as well, and of is clearly a Master of the Waters as he has a fountain of water coming out of the top of his head. The Snake beside him resonates Yacumama relationship with Sumiruna. The OM sign (which the tridents resemble as well) is clearly the original 3EWSpinner.

The Water God points as well to Dagon, who interestingly enough discovered grain and the plough, and was afterwards known as Zeus Arotrio. Zeus of the Plough. Jupiter of the Prairies.

The Blue Water Man is everywhere.

People are even turning blue literally!

Above is a picture of Manitoba Hydro's Hydro-Electric Dam at Seven Sisters, Manitoba.

Damming the Pleiades.

The Cree Elder Don Cardinal moved here from New York in 2001 after he had a dream of New York flooding, and just before 9/11. Seven Sisters is a small town on the border of Whiteshell Provincial Park where Manito Ahbee and Tie Creek reside. I always thought it was a telling synchronicity that a town called Seven Sisters was near a sacred site in which the indigenous lore suggests the first being was from the Pleiades and descended there from a sky rope.

As for the dammed rivers and the indigenous communities that suffer the brunt of its negative impact, what I have realized is that if we can all free the waters within, then the water and rivers, such as those dammed in the North of Manitoba, will soon be freed as well. One is a product of the other.

Recently I have seen the dominating role Manitoba Hydro plays in my life as a revealing sync with Hydrogen, Jupiter and Dr. Manhattan (and now the Pleiades, Sirius and Galactic Centre).

Welcome to the Hydro Generation. The Water Bearers.

L8er G80rs



R Arrowsmith said...

Great stuff Jim. Water, the Pleiades, the letter 'H' of Pisces, and the 3rd Eye (seen on the Blue Man) sums up nearly everything I've been thinking about of late.
The Blue Man also reminds of Shiva (who had a very important festival recently) and the Blue Skinned Devil-like 'Nightcrawler' from X-Men 2 (a movie which features a Flood of water in the finale). The Nightcrawler actor (I forget his name) also played the Jupiter resonating Tinman in the TV show 'Tinman'. The sync 'bleed-through' seems to be gushing out right now! The flood gates are indeed beginning to open.

Jim said...

Yes RA. I presume this is what the rise of the Blue Man feels like. Nightcrawler is the Tinman. Of course he is. I can't wait to share with you all mine and Jake's new video. Everything is oozing everywhere these days.

The Tinman/Nightcrawler rides into Central City on a bus with a blue-headed Shiva on top.

When I think of the letter H I think that one on top of another becomes a ladder, twist them and they begin to look like DNA, or even film roll.

Jake Kotze said...

The trident of Hydro is also that of Shiva.

Nightcrawler is Alan Cumming who plays the Scarecrow not Tinman. Scarecrow is still a variation on Tinman..


Jon Kidd said...

I remember this from when I used to study the Bible...

Revelation 13
1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast [ = the world political system - composite; compare the individual beasts in Daniel ch. 7 & 8] rise up out of the sea [ = the wicked, unstable sea of mankind - compare Isa. 57:20], having seven heads and ten horns [ = major world powers, individual governments or nations making up the world political system], and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

The SEA of mankind.

I don't remember what post it is but Jake talked about this Blue man. I also think you should see Princess Mononoke to view the Great forest spirit. A very tall blob, water being who heals those in harmony with natural law. The forest god takes life from a small plant and gives life to the main character Ashitaka. This all takes place with Ashitaka submerged in a pool of water while his head rests on a pile of grass saturated earth.

Also I think the symbol for hydrogen on Dr M's head could interchange with uroboros.

H20 = H 0 H = octagon stargate octagon...

I really dig where this is going...tip of the tongue kinda stuff.

Peace and respect

WV in blue

Adam out of clay
Adam in to clay
Dust we are
dust we return

WV in blue!!!


Jim said...

thanks guys for all the input. as soon one writes this stuff things grow. the blob lives! i will see princess mononoke now as both you and jake have told me to do so. sounds perfect.

R Arrowsmith said...

Jons comment about the 'Beast' rising up out of the sea. Going back to X-Men we have the Blue Alan Cumming/Nightcrawler, and the Blue 'Beast'. Brings to mind the Devils Pitchfork/Trident.

Had a quick look at Cummings carrer and noticed he played 'John Castaway' in the Gargoyles TV show.
Hanks in 'Cast Away' is battling the ocean for most of the movie, and at the end the Blue Whale saves Hanks by 'Awakening' him while he floats on his raft.

Also thoroughly recommend Princess Mononoke - White Wolfs, the hero with a Cracked Stone/Egg (3rd Eye) on his forehead. I think you'll get a lot from it.

Word Veri: cruss
cruise - robinson crusoe - cast away!?

Stefan J said...

I am feeling it in my waters.

Toodee of YGG is the blue one. She lives in Toodee land which is made of frozen h2o... wv is hiphydra and it's blue...

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget the term
'Blue Blood': is an expression from the Spanish phrase "sangre azul," indicating noble birth or descent Robert Lacey explains the genesis of the blue blood concept:

It was the Spaniards who gave the world the notion that an aristocrat's blood is not red but blue. The Spanish nobility started taking shape around the ninth century in classic military fashion, occupying land as warriors on horseback. They were to continue the process for more than five hundred years, clawing back sections of the peninsula from its Moorish occupiers, and a nobleman demonstrated his pedigree by holding up his sword arm to display the filigree of blue-blooded veins beneath his pale skin—proof that his birth had not been contaminated by the dark-skinned enemy. (Robert Lacey, Aristocrats. Little, Brown and Company, 1983, p. 67)
(from Wikipedia)

Quintessence said...

This is fantastic! I have been seeing a lot of blue lately myself !!
hope u don't mind, i linked to this post! after someone sent me a link to your blog !

the blue theme is linked to new technology. Jake mentioned Shiva - cern technology along with blue tooth, blue wave, blueray disks & apple's matrix. Technology of the Gods

i have a post in the works, but time is gold; so if anyone knows how to manipulate it.. plz pm me ;)

R. T. said...

Possibly you did not read my post of submertion into blueS (dressed in orange) but if you didnt maybe theres a higher reason.

Im just picking up here that "H" and "N" are remarkedly closely related (in the "OZ" , possibly "H2O/HZO" terminology. They are both twintowered and "connected" like two dimensions with a wire (man on a wire).


Jim said...

Transcend M.O. - "Sangre Azul" - Juan Flores used those exact words when I asked him who where the children of the sun. He said they where beings from behind the Sun who have blue blood and can not mix with non blue-bloods. My hunch is that they are Sirian spiritual "royalty" and that the earthly royalty is merely
mimicking this lineage, but is not the real one.

A Sirian blood line.

Hi R. T. - no haven't read your post but will go do it now.

Peace all


R. T. said...

it must resonate something, apart from watchmen and all, that its surfacing now. I realize we forgot this dude who pretty essential, Hellboy's helper friend Abe Sapien wearing time-travel-googles just like from The Big Blue

R Arrowsmith said...

Well noticed R.T.
Brings to mind the fact that Hellboy and Abe live in Area 51.

5 = E
1 = A

Area 51 = Area EA
If you're familiar with the Sumerian Gods then you'll know that EA was the Water dude, God of the Oceans.
I've got quite a few 51/EA syncs up my sleeve. One was Scanner Darkly where Neo is surrounded by the number 51. Keanu is of course bass guitarist for DogStar. Philip K Dick (author of Scanner Darkly) also wrote Valis which is all about his personal experience with the star Sirius, and Three Eyes Crab (Water) People. When I read the book I couldn't believe that near the end he mentions that he received information/synchronicities from a movie he watched in the cinema. If felt a little too close for comfort. He even claimed that a 'download' from Sirius saved his childs life. Well worth checking out for any syncsters out there.
Funnily enough I spent about 15 years of my life living at number 51.
EA - 'It's in the Game'.

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Jim. Just read a great post about Blue syncs here:

The link between the colour Blue and the band '3rd Eye Blind' seemed to be quite syncnificant.
Look forward to more.

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