Thursday, February 19, 2009

The TIN Mother

Just a quick post. Abe mentioned over on Jake's blog how JUNO, the Jupiter Goddess, is also known as Moneta. In ancient times she was Goddess of finances and money.

From Wikipedia:

"As the Juno Moneta (which either means "the one who warns" or "the one unique" or "union unique") she guarded over the finances of the empire and had a temple on the Arx (one of two Capitoline hills), close to the Royal Mint."

I had noticed the Moneta connection the other day when I was making my Juniper floW post. What I find interesting is that the Canadian Royal Mint (Canada's only one) is situated in Winnipeg. The mint itself looks like a capstone-less pyramid.

Its logo is also a big M, often encircled. A similar symbol is found throughout the Manitoba Legislature, which is not too far from the Mint.

The word Mint itself resonates Tin (Jupiter) as well.


I am starting to think that the secret of the Manitoba Legislature is that it is a Temple to Jupiter (as well as the whole cosmos of course).

Lady Manitoba on the front of the building is very likely Juno. Juno was known as the Goddess that protected the State. Perfect to welcome all into a building dedicated to State Craft.

Yes it must be true. The circle M on the Manitoba Legislature is for Moneta or Juno.

The fact that the world is being humbled currently through the decline of the economy tells me that Juno is doing her work. Perhaps there where those that thought they could worship Moneta, the Queen of the Gods, and recieve the benefits of her all to themselves. But I am sure Juno will have nothing of the like and her goal is a Jovian economy, not an unjust economy only for the few. I invite her intervention, and thank her, at this time in humanity's history.

Just some more thoughts on Jupiter...




R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Jim. Over here in the UK we're also going through one of the worst recessions we've ever experienced. There's about 6000 job losses a week and it just seems to be getting worse. Like you, I share the opinion that this is due to something much bigger than we can imagine, with different planets and stars playing different strategic roles in this grand cosmic game. It looks like the Tin mother is about to shake up many peoples lives.....and maybe she's going to help us all find our Heart in the process.

On a side note I like how Manitoba has become entwined in your research with the Tinman, so I had a quick look at my own hometown and found similar connections.

The French word Jeudi represents the planet Jupiter, and the day of the week Thursday. Thursday is derived from the Norse God Thor (very similar to Jupiter/Zeus) and my hometown 'Thurso' used to be a Viking village named after the God Thor, hence Thorso/Thurso (which means 'Thors River'). Therefore I was born, grew up, and still live in a town which has strong Jupiter/Thor connections. The synchronicity seems a little odd, so just thought I'd mention it.

Jim said...

cool sync with your home town. i have good reason to believe/know that jupiter is playing a significant role globally right now. the fact that you live in such a place and that we are connecting only confirms this. i think we will find out soon why it is known as king/queen of the planets.

the dogstar connects as well clearly. i have more info about that from maestro flores that i will divulge soon (when i get some time!)

as for finding our heart. yep that is it. it is scary clearly for many people as they lose their jobs, but i have faith that the troubles will not last for long.

love your blog and writing. my writing is often rushed, so i appreciate your clear and concise work.

take care my fellow archer.

R Arrowsmith said...

I've wondered about the Sirius/Jupiter connection as I recently read that Jupiter was the grandfather of Romulus and Remus, the two kids who were raised by the Wolf. You find them drinking milk from the Wolf teet (the Milky floW, or Milky Way), and you find that Professor Remus in the Harry Potter movies is best mates with Sirius Black, so who knows. I think there's much more to learn about the Jupiter/Sirius connection.

Here's something you might like to check out. I found this video about a real life 'Tinman' (he drank silver for way too long) and yet in the title it mentions the 'Sirians'! Tin Man...Sirius....sycnhronicity suggests there's some kind of link:

Word Verification: amPAW

Jim said...

Yes richard. I have been told that Robert Temple in his book the sirius conspiracy believes that jupiter may play somewhat of a gateway for travel beyond our solar system. my experience tells me the same. i feel that perhaps beings from sirius came to our solar system, as well as earth and they reside now on jupiter. as for the colloidial silver "blue" people, they are clearly a sync pointer to beings from sirius, who i believe to be "blue."

maestro flores once told me that now is the time that the children of the sun are returning/have returned to the earth. when I asked him at a later point to explain to me who these children where, he said they where beings "from behind the sun" who are "blue-blooded" and very fine and sensitive. they can not mix breeding with others. I know this sounds like Royalty, but I believe the real blue-bloods are spiritual royalty and can be known by their humility (wolf/flow attributes).

soon the mystery will be revealed I feel...

Jake Kotze said...

The crISIS of Egonomy.

The most rigid thoughts and forms are dissolving rapidly...