Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God Flow like a Wolf Dog.

I was just reading a post of a new blog called blackdogstar.blogspot.com.

Amazing stuff that syncs up well with everything going on in this neck of the woods over at CentrePortal.

I am in Thompson, Manitoba now and I have started my filmmaking workshops at the local schools. I find schools incredibly sync rich because they are saturated with youth. Young people are swimming in modern POP culture, even in the frigid isolated North of Manitoba Canada. They love making videos. Talk about huge resonance.

We live in a Video Generation and it is important that we all learn how to not only receive the data, but to interpret it, find our own meaning in it and re-assemble it to say something new. That is one reason I have been drawn to the syncromystic community and specifically the videos generated by it. People are beginning to speak finally. This is a powerful act we are only on the cusp of. Increasingly I see it as a powerful magical act of gnosis. A collective gnosis.

I know tonight as I write this I will begin to ed it the next video collaboration with Jake Kotze from the Blob (otherwise known as Ooze.). It is a continuation from our StarMummy endeavour, but this one brings us to Winnipeg, Central Emerald City, Oz, Castle CentrePort, and a Temple in honour of the Centre of the Galaxy.

Jake has picked the film and TV samples, he has scripted and I have recorded his narration where he eloquently ties the syncs together.

Armed with my editing software and mobile studio I can now use this material as a form of Crystal Ball. The goal is to channel the NOW. To let it flow through ME/WE.

In Thompson, they had a city art beautification project where dozens of WOLF statues where painted by artists and dispersed throughout the city.

Reading blackdogstar's Paw and Pentagrams post got me thinking about dogs and of course wolfs.

This painted wolf statue is fittingly named Rising Star by the artist.

What is Wolf backwards?


What is the indigenous teaching associated with the Wolf?


When one is humble, life flows.

Flow like a wolf running through the woods, or the creek it stops to drink from.

And around Thompson, Manitoba, what main body of water resides here?

Mystery Lake. How perfect.

Notice on this ad for the Mystery lake Lodge we have many syncs POP out at us. We have 2 77s (77/OZ/Pan) in the phone and fax numbers. We have the double K/2K/K2 from the work selKIRK (not to mention the Star Trek reference with the name Kirk). We have the Wheelchair image, otherwise known as a Chariot, which is the same one on the sign that points to the Pool of the Black Star at the Manitoba Legislature. We have the word mOTOr which has the O.T.O, an occult group once led by Aleister Crowley. We have two 42's as well, and I am sure I could go on and on....

Jake from the Blob will be up here for Louis Riel Day to work on our sequel to StarMummy. It is a provincial holiday and I will have the time to dig into our project with him here.

Louis Riel, for those that do not know it, is a Manitoban folk hero, a Metis (Indigenous/French) founder of our Province who was hung by the British government.

This famous comic strip about the life of Louis Riel has been noted to resemble the Tintin comics. In other words, it is Jupiter resonant

(Tin is the Etruscan God(Dog) that is the equivelant to the Greek's Zeus and the Roman's Jupiter. Jupiter and Tin share the same alchemical symbol that looks like a 4 and a 2, or 42 - the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. 42 reversed is 24, 24 hrs is Midnight or 12 O'Clock which is half of 24, and the reverse of 12 is 21, a blackjack which is half of 42 - the Rainbow Angle.)

Perhaps we are editing the video in Thompson in order to receive the blessing from the Wolf?

I know for sure we will go visit the Thompson Zoo with two Pentagram Pawed OZ logo! The zoo's newest addition is a White Artic Wolf called Neige, which is sNOW in French. Kind of like sNOWy from TinTin, which as we like to think here at CentrePortal, known as JupiterJupiter. ( A few people have noted the Thompson Twins sync from Tintin and the fact that I am in Thompson, Manitoba and Jake is coming for a visit. Really silly stuff.)

Dog is God and Wolf is Flow. God is Flow. Dog is Wolf.

Interesting how to Bark like a dog is also the most powerful part of a tree for making medicine.




Final Thought: Then there is this Oscar commercial that mentions that Hugh Jackman, aka The Wolverine aka Fountain Plant God guy aka OZzie star/paw dude, is hosting the Golden Hermes awards show, otherwise known as the Academy Awards. You must watch this promo spot. It aired during the Super Bowl.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

And the dog star trots across our skies.

Atareye said...

"When one is humble life flows."

My animal is the Wolf. Dreams surrounding the wolf always left me perplexed. Now I gain insight.


Jake Kotze said...

Love it.

Was watching The Fountain again last night.

Climbing a Mayan pyramid with Orion above..

So beautiful..

Not to mention that Hugh is in the Flushed Away movie mentioned at Black Dog Star being pulled towards the frog mouth (Galactic Center)

Stargate King Hugh Jackman hosting the Golden Boy's...


I have the time of from work, NOW just need to buy my ticket, 2day!

Word Veri:

King Ent (the living trees (bark/woof!) in Lord of the Rings)

Gobbledygook said...

When you think of Tintin, of course you have to think of the Thom(p)son Twins...

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Wolf floW in my head all day. If Dog descended from Wolf. Then God descended from Flow.

Cosmic Ti69er said...

Exactly FSS.

Let it wolf.

Nice AA. I feel a deep affinity with the wolf as well. When I was 16 I was up in Northern Ontario canoeing and I was encircled in a little bay by a pack of wolves. We where near there den and they came to scare us off with their howels. Or maybe they where just saying hello. They looked super tall. I remember howling back at the time.

Once in awhile I catch glimpses of them around Manitoba. Wolf in one's dreams for me would be of the greatest honour. Follow that wolf.

Hey jake - i just started mixing Lost and your intro narration. Fun, fun, fun...

Thompson Twins J'onn - that's just silly.

E. T. Hansen said...

I have difficulty explaining how thrilled I am taking part. Im sitting doing applications for academia, but if I could I'd blog all day. It's ALL about flow. Spot on.

My first book was "The Call of the Wild (in my native language "The Wolfshound")

I read it non stop for 3 days. First time I discovered litterary flow reading about wolves...

Orion was always my favorite star sign BTw..

Cosmic Ti69er said...

Hey R.T

Yes the flow. I know the deal.

I spend a much of my time doing things that don't fit the "responsible career path." if i had been into this during university i would have failed miserably.

I do know that we are all doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

the blog and syncrosphere pull. but we are doing the work of consciousness, so that is good. its pretty exciting stuff. it is moving fast as well these days. (or not at all depending on how one perceives it)

Call of the Wild was a formative book for me as well. In first year university I took science because I thought that I wanted study with wolves. Ever since I first saw one as a teenager I wanted to know more about them. The call of wild worked on me, that's for sure.

I can't wait to go meet Neige the Artic wolf.

Take care

Reporting From the G8way to the North

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