Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Area Code 204

Just a simple post with some nice 42/420 synchronicities.

The first one being that Manitoba's area code is 204. Nothing too earth shattering, just a nice personal sync wink moment for myself, as I have been staring at that number ever since I was a wee child, and only now realize its deeper meaning to my life.

Manitoba's starG8 scarlet bEYEson flag.

The next sync to highlight is one sent to me by Santiago. Its a great 42, Obama, Super Bowl sync.

I will be in Thompson, Manitoba to watch the Super Bowl. I am going up there (its North of Winnipeg) to teach filmmaking to high-school students. I have a feeling it will be a syncapade for sure, so I will blog about it. It is Manitoba's third biggest town (POPulation of 14,000), it is a company town built around mining and it is known as the G8way to the North.

This is an apartment building in Thompson that has a massive wolf painted on the side of it. The teaching of the wolf being Humility. The one and only true Religion of the Universe.

Time to go open a Northern G8.

Notice what seems like a tin box that houses the season one DVD set of the 24 TV series.

I also noticed today an interesting news article about the show 24 and its lead character Jack Bauer.

Here is a slice of sync from the article:

""I don't think about (the end of 24) a lot, but I did this year for the first time," said the 42-year-old Emmy winner. "Whether Season 8 is the end or not, I don't know. I love making the show, so I'm leaving my options open..."

I like how it is the 8th season.

American Idol is in its 8th season as well. Weird how both 24 and American Idol where born the same year as 9/11. I can't help but be mesmerized by victorious idol hopefuls as they bust out of the judges room waving their yellow papers with the big number 8 on them. Golden Hs. Golden Boys. The Yellow Ticket road to Hollywood (...and yes I watch American Idol.).




Jake Kotze said...

I think I have met the artist of the Wolf mural in Thompson.
I believe I used to take Yoga with him and Lori inside the Vault Gallery. He and his wife owned the gallery.
Me and Nicole were talking about the sync of knowing him as she is giving him and his wife dance lessons?

Winnipeg, SynCCity?

My MOM loves American Idol

Santiago said...

Can't wait the Synch Bowl ritual on Sunday...thanks for the props :)

Stefan J said...

As I write this it's 1350 local time and the latest temperature read (@1345) is 42 degrees Celsius!

Yeah. It's a hot one.

This link shows all of the temps in the state at the moment and ther are a lot of 42's.

It's been maxing around 42 for the last 3 days here.

Stefan J said...


That link!

Stefan J said...
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Stefan J said...

The state flag of Victoria, OZ!