Thursday, January 15, 2009

La Venida del Senor - The Coming of the Lord

When I first heard this Icaro, or song of gratitude for the plants, I was confused as my understanding of the Lord was very skewed. I had reacted to my Catholic upbringing and was in a phase of my life where anything to do with religion was oppressive. So I dismissed anything to do with Jesus Christ or the Lord. Then I met Juan Flores and was introduced to Ayahuasca.

The way Juan describes it is that Christ is incarnate in Nature and of course in the plants. The miracles of God are in the plants. The Lord is in the plants. So when he sings that the Lord is very Near he is referring to the fact that as humanity increasingly opens their hearts to the plants the Lord will rise amongst the Earth once again - something happening right now as we sit here and stare at our computer screens.

When I sing this icaro in ceremony I see it as a gnostic fire starter within all that are present.




Sounder said...

Thanks Jim, I'll be hanging round. It is a pleasure to hear Juan's voice.

Jim said...

Good to have you around Sounder. Its all about the voice and those songs. What is great is that it is no different for one to listen to them in person or through the internet or on a CD. They have the same power.

Be well my friend.

Accidental Alchemist said...

Very powerful and sincere.

Great little post Jim.