Tuesday, January 20, 2009



I have had a couple days to even meditate further on the above word play around Manitoba and Obama. I feel like seeing this was a portal in itself. For over a month I had been blogging about Obama, Black stars/holes, Galactic Centre, Jupiter and Tin. Tin is relevant because it is the Etruscan name for the Greek god Zeus, and the Roman god Jupiter. Jupiter and Tin share the same alchemical symbol, which in my mind at least, looks a lot like 42, or the answer to "meaning of life, the universe and everything." (check out the Tinman's Rainbow Lodge and the Gnosis of 42 for a more in-depth exploration of these ideas)

Obama resonates very much, at least symbolically, the cosmic forces unfolding right now. His rise to power mirrors the rise to power of the black hole at the centre of galaxy as we align with it. The centre of galaxy, or the centre of our heart, or the centre of the Garden is symbolically represented by a black star. In the Manitoba legislature it is a 8 rayed black star. If one aligns with the centre they too may peer into the infinite, touch galactic consciousness and have their own black star reveal itself as a visual guide and point to follow.

Jake Kotze in the comments brings up that Obama's name can also break down into:

O for stargate
BA for spirit/soul?
MA for Mother

... and then the Accidental Alchemist brings up that Obama is the 44th President. This resonates Galactic Centre and Jupiter as well.

4 +4 = 8(H) which is the sign for infinity. 44 can also be seen as 2 4s, which winks at 42/Tin/Jupiter.

... and then there is also the word NIT that is between MA and OBA in the word Manitoba. To kNIT is a grandmotherly act, perhaps the knitting, weaving, of the fabric of our existence.

Manitoba originates from the indigenous language of the area and it means Where the Creator Sits. Where the Mother meets the Father.

Perhaps Genesis, or the place of GENEration iSIS?

Regardless of the substance behind Obama's rhetoric, Change is upon us. That is clear.

Through the Portal we go....



Jake Kotze said...

Amazing mind blowing find.

Thanks Jim

O (stargate) BA (Spirit or Soul?) MA (Mother)

Jim said...

Yeah its tripping me out actually.
I was thinking about the MA & BA as well.

and there is TIN in in maNIToba.!!!!!

NIT even seems to suggest a creative act of a Mother, as she knits the fabric of life.

it just seems to confirm all the other stuff I was already thinking about him and what he symbolizes.

I think the fact that TINTIN (JupiterJupiter) is coming out by Spielberg is going to be silly.

on cbc or sirius radio nework this week they had someone on talking about the film and they referred to him as a TinTinologist. hehehe...

I think yesterday was a portal.

Accidental Alchemist said...

MoM!...You better have a look at this!

WoW ! It seems that tinman is sitting with the creator, resting in Manitoba of all places!

Man-it leaves me wondering....

Tin Tin nit nit, snowy flin flOZ(on)

I think Aferris has something going on relative to the portal being opened yesterday...

I say ... 44th prez = 4+4=8 =

Black stargate in Manitoba?

"'Goin' to Winnepeg!" means more than I ever imagined!

Accidental Alchemist said...

Nit obama???????????

In the words of Neo.....Whoaaa

Jim said...

Hey AA. I know weird shit. Love the new video. Its given me some new ideas for my next one with Jake.

Mother Soul Stargate = Lady Manitoba

yeah 44th pres., is 2 4s = 24/42 = Jupiter = G8 to the infinity

so yes 44 is 42. someone could probably see us as insane for seeing things this way.:)

Accidental Alchemist said...

This 'Manitoba' is a very interesting fractal Jim.

For the first time in awile someone could call me insane and I would be perfectly ok with it.

I'm Feeling hope for the stargate. My family on my Mothers side are mostly Manatobians so I enjoy your posts even more.

The last time I glimpsed the stargate was in Steinbach.I experienced a lucidity of existence that 'coincidentally' left me when I left the province. A powerful frequency exists there. Dare I say transmitter.

Peace brother!

I hope to see the temple again soon.

thecurse said...

Death Death, 4=death is a very unlucky number in chinese culture

Jim said...

Thanks AA. I forgot your from Manitoba as well. Funny stuff.
Fractal is the right word. Transmitter I would agree with.

My intuition plus what I know tells me the fractal generator is here.

Manitoba is often know as the Keystone Province.


hi thecurse - 4 is a number of completion for indigenous people. It is the number of the four directions and 4 seasons. i guess completion could be "unlucky" 4 some people.

AK said...

Obama was 42 when he received national attention during his campaign to represent Illinois in the United States Senate with his victory in the March Democratic Party primary. By the time he gave the keynote at the Democratic Convention, he had just turned 43. But he rose to national prominence during his 42nd year.