Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tie Creek - Where the Creator Sits

"TIE CREEK BOULDER SITE These prehistoric boulder arrangements are being protected due to their sensitivity and astronomical alignment. Inadvertent contact can destroy these alignments and also the lichen colonies which are necessary for dating."

Last year for the Winter Solstice and the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun (December 22, 2007) I hiked out to Tie Creek and performed an Ayahuasca ceremony with two of my close friends.

Tie Creek is the centre point of a many kilometre wide medicine wheel whose cardinal points are marked by rock formations of various animals and designs. The medicine wheel and the area it encompasses is called Manito Ahbee, which in Anishenabe means Where the Creator Sits.

The Elders teach that the formations are creations of spirit intended to teach the people spiritual truths. Manito Ahbee, and especially Tie Creek are considered a University of the Ancients.

For the indigenous people of the area, Manito Ahbee is their Genesis point where the first human descended from the heavens (specifically the Pleiades) on a sky rope.

Not too long ago, the Midewiwin society, an Anishenabe shamanic society, still used the Tie Creek site for training its initiates. As I understand this is done less and less as the site is hard to reach.

It took us four hours dragging sleds to get to the site.

A hard hike, yet beautiful and serene as well. Luckily, the temperature that day was only -5 Celsius, unlike this year where we are hovering in the -30 range.

In 1978, this central site was encircled with a nine acre barbed wire fence. Jack Steinbring, at the time a professor at the University of Winnipeg, had been studying the rock formations and demanded that the site be fenced off as to protect it. Work on the Tie Creek site was what inspired the invention of the word petroform.

Mr. Steinbring's work revealed Tie Creek to be:

"the largest petroform site in North America. It covers nine acres. It has seven interconnected features, one of them over a hundred feet long. One has a bird shape, one is a huge rectangle, there's a circle with a triangle in the middle, and a great elliptical shape."

At the southern point of the medicine wheel are rock formations known as Bannock Point and it is this site that is open to the public for viewing, but Tie Creek, the centre, is mostly unknown and is maintained as a mystery. Ever since the fence went up, access is even more restricted.

As Mr Steinbring puts it, there is only "One gate, one lock, one key."

I first learn't about Tie Creek from Frank Albo, who as a research fellow at the University of Winnipeg was charged with writing a report on Mr. Steinbring's past work on the site. After reading a report on the site given to me by Frank, I mentioned to Frank that it seemed way too much of a coincidence that a site as significant as Tie Creek was only an hour away from a site as significant as the Manitoba Legislature, and that to top it off both are situated in the centre of the continent.

Frank, who has been mentioned on this blog, is the researcher who has uncovered the architectural wizardry and occult intentions behind the Manitoba Legislature.

Just recently, as part of his Red Ice Interview, Frank agrees that there could perhaps be a relationship between both sites. (unfortunately he mentions this during his members only half of the interview).

But what is that relationship and why?

The more the mystery unfolds, the more I am convinced that both these sites are pointing to something special. Spirit is trying to tell us something.

Heck! Why else would the Manitoba government just recently spend 2 million dollars and hire a NY ad firm to change our slogan from Friendly Manitoba to Spirited Energy?

My hunch is that the message has to do with a balance between both sites, between the city and the country, between God and the Goddess, between Hermes and Aphrodite. The birth of the Hermaphrodite or the Son of Kosmic Konsciousness.

We will have to see won't we.

On this day last year, with permission from the sacred site's gatekeeper, myself and two of my friends spent the night at Tie Creek on the longest night of the year and ready to receive the power of Jupiter as it moved behind Grandfather Sun and jolted us with its Jovial energy.

Not to mention a Full Grandmother Moon giving us balance and a boost of lunar energy.

As the sun set, we set camp and started a fire to keep us warm. Once warm, we began the Ayahuasca ceremony.

It was a night of communing with the spirits of the place. They where happy we had made the trek. Here is a short video I made last year of the trip to Tie Creek.

Happy Solstice/Holidays/Xmas/New Year/Birth of the Son/Sun!


P.S. I presume a day soon will come when the people will return en mass to this site, something that has happened many times before. This is what is said in many of the indigenous prophecies of the Turtle Island (North America). The Elders are having the visions and dreams of what is to come.

The fence will come down very soon as the people awaken and return to the/their Centre.

The pilgrimage into the Newly Ordered World.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Thankyou sir!

Jake Kotze said...

Peace OZ Heart/Earth


Jake Kotze said...

Tara kisses her on the forehead, then on the mouth. Willow returns the kiss. Then Tara leans her forehead against Willow's.

TARA: We can do this.

They both nod. Tara continues rubbing Willow's shoulders.

WILLOW: Okay. We can be there for Buffy. And Dawn. (crying) Little Dawn.
TARA: We can be strong.
WILLOW: Strong like an Amazon?
TARA: Strong like an Amazon, right.

They both smile slightly.

WILLOW: Okay. (nods, sniffles) I wish I had the blue.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" S5 E16 "The Body"
Watched on 21 December before an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Think42 said...

Thank you for sharing your experience, and photos here. I am a resident of Winnipeg,and I have been looking (somewhat cursorily) for ayahuasa ceremony to take part in...would you be able to pass along some information that would help me on this journey?

Also, smiled to see your thoughts on 42, also that in 2009 you had 42 blog posts. 42 has been in my heart for a few years now, I take gentle notice and appreciation for when it appears in my day to day life. Whatever else happens, its appearance always makes me smile.

There are no coincidences :)

Thank you for your time

wendiggler said...

Using Ayahuasca at a ceremonial site where the substance has never been used; and is completely foreign and alien to the people who created these structurers is inappropriate and disrespectful to say the least. Had you bothered to ask permission from the Midewewin or three fires and let them know of your intentions, they would have undoubtedly advised you against such folly. your practicing of a foreign ritual at this site only shows immense disrespect and bastardizes the significance of that experience for both the Aboriginal culture of this area and the South American culture from which the substance originates.
psychoactives were never used by Aboriginal peoples in this area for the achievemnet of trance state, rather, fasting and prolonged chanting guided by a proper experienced practitioner was used. the long hard work that goes into achieving trance in this fashion was part of the ritual journey and showed that the participant was sincere in their respect for the significance of the site. entering trance by way of ingesting a hallucinogenic substance would be deemed as a form of cheating by by-passing all of the traditional cultural protocols without proper guidance. Ask a Mide practitioner, and they will tell you much the same thing.