Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Blue One is a being from Sirius that resides on Jupiter as a Galactic overseer of the evolution of Earth. The Blue Dog that keeps the Peace. 

Tin is the Etruscan name for the God Jupiter. I have gone into the Jupiter/Tin/42 sync thread before here.

Tin and Jupiter also share the same Alchemical symbol.

Sirius is the Blue Dogstar. The Sheriff Dog. Check out Arrowsmith's work on this stuff that has inspired much of this thought.

Kind of like a Dad.

"Return to Winnipeg mentioned for bankrupt Coyotes" 

In the news recently Winnipeg has been brought up in the race to maybe REaquire the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Team. A hockey club that originally was born in Winnipeg and formally known as the Winnipeg JETS.