Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Winnipeg Code

I have been hanging with Frank Albo a lot lately. We seem to be developing quite a gnostic exchange. Our conversations seem to act as gateways for new and powerful visions and revelations. I am proud to say we are of the same team now. Hermeticism is alive and well here in the prairies. Heck, Frank is giving almost daily tours of the Mantioba Legislature, sometimes even multiple tours by day. He gives an amazing tour. I really see it as perhaps a great first step of being initiated into the mysteries. Because when you experience the Manitoba Legislature with Frank Albo it is a journey through time and the evolution of spirituality.

Make no mistake, the Manitoba Legislature is King Solomon's Temple, here and now, in 2009 and sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Please check out his new site HERE if you want to know more and get a tour. Frank is at Cambridge University studying during the year, but in the summers, he's rocking the temple and the minds of Winnipeg.

Maestro Flores had a tour this summer of the building and he sang an ancient icaro in the centre of the Pool of the Blackstar. After the tour I asked Maestro Flores what he thought about the building and the tour, and he said "This is Prophecy. That's what it is."

Here is a TV news piece about his work from CBC National news. It is called The Winnipeg Code.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am Bar Italia (Bar I/Eye) right now trying to get some work done, but instead I am blogging this post.

I just got back from visiting the washroom where I took a leak in a urinal. As I was standing there peeing I noticed the name of the manufacturer of the urinal puck. You know, the thing used to make it smell "good" rather than like pee.

Unisource is the company.

I like how the logo looks like water drops, or two breasts. As well we see a red C that is also a U, which for some reason I feel looks like a magnet. Going to have to think about that one.

And then there are the stripes which increasingly lead me to think of spirits. A theme resonant in the film Juno.


What a great word I thought. It triggered me to think about a little bit of info that I remember from when I was researching the relationship between Jupiter and Tin. Tin is the Etruscan equivalent of the Roman God Jupiter. What I also learned was that Jupiter's wife, the Queen of heaven, was called Juno by the Romans and Uni by the Etruscans.

UNI is JUNO. The feminine aspect of Jupiter.

This leads us to connect Jupiter then to many significant words such as UNIT, UNITY, UNIVERSE (thanks Will). The Verse of Uni.

Anyways, why I wanted to post this is that after staring at the word UNI while peeing I realized that it is very magical word.

Check it.



You In I




Personal Message of my Unisource Moment: The source of creation is in each and every one of us and those in Heaven want us to know it.

I am you and you are me.


As I was researching this short post I noticed this particular Juno poster in which the pregnant girl symbolizing the Queen of Heaven has her head right in the middle of the O.

Her black hair makes it seem like a black hole in the middle of the orange O.

Reminds me of the logo for my soon to be released film NOSIS. I see the black hole
in the O of the word NOSIS as symbolic of the gate in which the empty potential of infinity
enters into the realm of creation.

The point of creation which is the womb of the Mother of Heaven.




Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sounds of Sherwood - Podcast Pt 1 & 2

I joined Jake from the Blob and Will from A Few Shots to Shaman for a three way conversation. It has been released as part of an exciting new podcast project known as the Sound of Sherwood. 

Feel free to listen and check it out. I like the easy flow of it all. Good people that Jake and Will.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Destination Winnipeg

"There’s a Winnipeg in all of us, a centre, a place to return to." - Jim

During the summer I did a short interview with Niki Trosky, a local hipster and friend who has a blog on the Destination Winnipeg website.

Her blog is part of section of the site called the 411 on the 204

Manitoba's area code is 204. 

Destination Winnipeg is a government supported organization used  as a means to drum up interest in our small prairie town. 

You can read the article here. Silly stuff. 


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heart of a Golden Boy

People familiar with my writings here at centreportal will be used to my views about Jupiter. To fill yourself in on that train of thought please check out my post The Timan's Rainbow Lodge and the Gnosis of 42.

Anyways, recently I have acquired a new icaro that I like very much. It feels great to sing. It is an icaro for the jovial teacher planet of Jupiter. An icaro is a song of gratitude for the spirits. It is a way to say thanks in exchange for the healing and knowledge that the spirits impart us all.

I see the use of icaros and ayahuasca as a type of eucharist. It is a very powerful way to say thanks.

Here is my song of thanks for Jupiter, a force and energy which has played a significant role in my own personl healing journey and I am sure will do the same for you in due time.

Heart of a Golden Boy

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter
Spread your love and your joy

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter

You've got the heart of a golden boy

In Twenty Ten we meet again my friend
In Twenty Ten we meet again my friend

Contact between you and me

The point of eternity

A prophecy for all to see of peace, love and unity

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter
Spread your love and your joy

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter

You've got the heart of a golden boy

Your forgiveness made you wise
You're the highness of the skies

Your brightness fills your eyes

You help love be realized

Thank you Jupiter

You've touched my heart

Now I am spiritualized

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter

Spread your love and your joy

Jupiter, Jupiter, Jupiter

You've got the heart of a golden boy

You come to the world like a prince of peace

You reveal the pearl to convince the priests
That all is one under the sun

Thy will is done

The new world has begun

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sending Light to the World

On July 29th, 2009, Maestro Juan Flores joined Frank Albo as he gave one of his esoteric tours of the Manitoba Legislative Building.

At the end of the tour Frank asked Juan Flores to sing a song in the middle of the Pool of the Blackstar.

Juan sang an icaro that he told me came from another Maestro Ayahuasquero who received the song in 1901. The song is a song about the trees of the Amazon.