Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Destination Winnipeg

"There’s a Winnipeg in all of us, a centre, a place to return to." - Jim

During the summer I did a short interview with Niki Trosky, a local hipster and friend who has a blog on the Destination Winnipeg website.

Her blog is part of section of the site called the 411 on the 204

Manitoba's area code is 204. 

Destination Winnipeg is a government supported organization used  as a means to drum up interest in our small prairie town. 

You can read the article here. Silly stuff. 



Ishmael said...

I just finished pt 2 of the podcast. I enjoyed you very much. You are a good soul. Happy to be acquainted w/ you. Glad you are out there doing the work you do.
oh, you think the 204 is envious of the 208?
it has all the ingredients to do this: OZ∞

Be well.

Jim said...

thanks ishmael. good to know you as well.