Monday, September 21, 2009


I am Bar Italia (Bar I/Eye) right now trying to get some work done, but instead I am blogging this post.

I just got back from visiting the washroom where I took a leak in a urinal. As I was standing there peeing I noticed the name of the manufacturer of the urinal puck. You know, the thing used to make it smell "good" rather than like pee.

Unisource is the company.

I like how the logo looks like water drops, or two breasts. As well we see a red C that is also a U, which for some reason I feel looks like a magnet. Going to have to think about that one.

And then there are the stripes which increasingly lead me to think of spirits. A theme resonant in the film Juno.


What a great word I thought. It triggered me to think about a little bit of info that I remember from when I was researching the relationship between Jupiter and Tin. Tin is the Etruscan equivalent of the Roman God Jupiter. What I also learned was that Jupiter's wife, the Queen of heaven, was called Juno by the Romans and Uni by the Etruscans.

UNI is JUNO. The feminine aspect of Jupiter.

This leads us to connect Jupiter then to many significant words such as UNIT, UNITY, UNIVERSE (thanks Will). The Verse of Uni.

Anyways, why I wanted to post this is that after staring at the word UNI while peeing I realized that it is very magical word.

Check it.



You In I




Personal Message of my Unisource Moment: The source of creation is in each and every one of us and those in Heaven want us to know it.

I am you and you are me.


As I was researching this short post I noticed this particular Juno poster in which the pregnant girl symbolizing the Queen of Heaven has her head right in the middle of the O.

Her black hair makes it seem like a black hole in the middle of the orange O.

Reminds me of the logo for my soon to be released film NOSIS. I see the black hole
in the O of the word NOSIS as symbolic of the gate in which the empty potential of infinity
enters into the realm of creation.

The point of creation which is the womb of the Mother of Heaven.





Jake Kotze said...

Wicked I was watching 9 today where the character 8 has a Red C or U shaped magnet on his back that he also uses to make himself high.

I thought to myself.. The horseshoe shaped magnet is a Red C.

2 People in Winnipeg think of this on the same day?!

Peace In


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Both of you.... Don't you C.

Urine Unison

Your In Uni Sun...


ViølatoR said...

JUNO = 10 & 1, Omega & Alpha, 101
(J = 10, UNO = 1)

Heh, my word verification to post this comment is "milfin" milf-in. Well Juno is a m.i.l.f :D

Jake Kotze said...

If I am I because of U and U R U because of Me, then I am not I and U R not U.

Jim said...

funny stuff Few Shots. i knew the urinal is leading to somewhere. :)

Juno is a MILF. i would totally agree.

Ishmael said...

Very interesting Jim. I did a little poking around w/ this idea.

I've been reading the new Dan Brown since it was released on the 15th. It's fun--and obviously sync rich for me. It is deeply connected to the one of the two posts I've been working on for the whole summer. The work does consider this idea of who God really is and where one would "go" to find him/her.

It so interesting. Jake is taken w/ yellow flowers. I'm taken w/ the yellow stone! Gold. The foundation stone in Solomon's Temple. The super volcano!

Toure's inspiration has got me listening to Beyoncé too. Strange life.

I do enjoy your work.
be well

Ishmael said...

I hate when I forget to: Email follow-up comments to

Indras Net said...

Very cool hah! As I just walked out of the restroom and saw an emerency defribulator on the Wall here at the community college im attending, the logo is the heart and the lightning Bolt going right through it, almost wrote a similiar post but instead popped over hear to read about someone elses Urinal synchs. (Yo)U(a)N(d)I = Source
Bee very well!

Darryl Laxdal said...

Darryl here.

When I went to the Air Canada Center last week, I noticed that the Toronto Maple Leafs have a very hip and appealing new motto: "Spirit Is Everything". I also saw tons of the good old "42" throughout the game. It also seems apropos to make note of the fact that the maple leaf can either be blue or red (blue in reference to the hockey team and red in reference to the nation). The combination of the word 'leaf' and the word 'magnet' also seems like it would be worthy of a synchronistic and shamanic investigation.

The marriage of the unisource logo and the idea of stripes can be related to the buddhist definition of the word 'sutra'. Sutra, a multifaceted word, can refer to scripture itself and it can also refer to the act of sewing threads together or weaving. Rene Guenon related this "act of weaving" or "collecting what has been scattered" to the paramount symbol of the Cross. By playing with these ideas, we could say the rosy cross is the magnet that draws what has been scattered to it and, simultaneously, is the universal space/time/form/essence weaver.


Chris said...

Nice one. I might have to source you on the Jupiter-Unity connect in my next post.