Monday, June 8, 2009

Meye Now Dragon

Last night, June 7th, myself and 12 others had a ceremony in a anarchist collective vegan restaurant/bookstore/organic grocery store. 

The name of the place is MONDRAGON.

Mondragon is special to me as I was part the original collective that founded it 13 years ago, almost to the day. I was only there for just over two years, but I have remained a loyal customer and friend of the place ever since.

So being able to host a ceremony here was a moment of coming full circle, yet in a fully new way. As I was running the ceremony with my good friend Dede (DD/2D/24/42!), I realized that this place was designed as it was for this specific use of ceremony that was being realized only now.

I realized last night that this traditionally atheist refuge of angry anarchism was blossoming into the Temple of Freedom it has always destined to become.

The design of the place is somewhat over the top. I am starting to think that the architect that was hired to make the place was a mason. At the time, the castle/dungeon look was inspired by the man who had the original vision for the place, and I do know he is a fan of Dungeon & Dragons ( D & D. there is that Jupiter syncwink again of 2D/24/42!).

Though, Mondragon is not named after D & D the boardgame, rather it is inspired by a region of Spain also called Mondragon and known for its large economicly successful coopertaive system.

Lat night I looked at the Mondragon sign and realized the depth to the name, something that 13 years ago I was incredibly oblivious too.

Mondragon. Mon in French is My. My Dragon. M-Eye Dragon.

Mondragon. Moondragon.

... and what I realized today as I was walking in the rain and pondering what went down last night, is that MON is also NOW if we flip the word and turn the M into a W.

The Now Dragon. Dragon Now!

Now, what is also interesting is that if you look at the picture below you will see above the fireplace/HEARTh an M.

M is the 13th letter of the alphabet (when flipped it also the highly syncnificant letter W and number 23).

Now, there is also a stone carved letter M, this time in a circle, over some of the entrances of the Manitoba Legislature.

Both M's seem to resonate each other pretty strongly.

Lately I have been blogging and mash-blogging over the Sync Whole. I like the collective freedom over there. One idea gestated over there is that the M on the Legislature is in honour of Juno Moneta, Queen of Jupiter and Heaven, and Mother to the Gods.

One reason I believe this is that in Rome the Temple for Juno MONeta was near the Royal MINT as she was also the Goddess of MONey. In Winnipeg we are home to the Canadian Royal Mint, which is of course in close proximity to the Manitoba Legislature. Notice how the Mint in Winnipeg looks like a capstone-less pyramid.

Moneta and Money both have the word Mon in it, or as we kNOW now, Mon is also NOW.

It should also be noted that the word mINT has the word Tin in it. M-Tin actually. 13 Tin. Tin being another name for Jupiter as they both share the same alchemical symbol.

So on the Full MOON of June 7th, or 6th month + 7th day = 13, 13 souls joined in ceremony under the number 13. 

A full moon also known as the Strawberry or Rose Moon. The Red Juno Moon otherwise. This I deduce because June is the month in honour of the Queen of Jupiter and her flower is the Rose.

So goes the Dragon REvolution.

Love Live Anarchy, Jupiter and the Now of the Dragon!