Saturday, February 28, 2009

SUMIRUNA - Master of the Water

The Sublimity of Sumiruna, painting by Pablo Amaringo, Peru.

So Watchmen comes out on Friday March 6th, 2009. I hope to go opening day. I have been waiting for this day ever since I first heard about the film's release last summer. In the Fall, I went on a hike to the sacred site, Tie Creek, and Jake was along for it. That day he had a Cliff Bar with an expiry date that was the same as the Watchmen's release date. 03.06.09

We noted it then and thought it was a quite curious synchronicity. We never made it to the site on that particular hike, instead we got lost in the labyrinth of the Boreal Forest. I will be back, soon....
Then in November of last year I went to Peru and spent time with Maestro Juan Flores. During a ceremony he was singing a specific icaro that I know and use, called Linda Quebradita. It is in honour of the volcano where his healing centre resides. In the version I know, Maestro sings about Lord Jesus Christ coming down from the clouds and with the power of the stars.

This time tough, Maestro said the word Sumiruna instead of Jesus.

Of course the next day I ask him who is Sumiruna.

The Powers of Sumiruna, Painting by Pablo Amaringo, Peru.

He tells me Sumiruna is a great being that will forever take care of the earth. He is 100 ft. tall, is blue, has antennas and eyes everywhere. Sumiruna is the greatest spirit of the water. The Master of the Water. The way Maestro described Sumiruna is that he is able to incarnate and function within many beings on the earth. He is a global network. The Earth computer. The DNA internet.

The way I see it, the waters refer to the spiritual waters. All that we experience takes place in the waters of life. Water is the medium. The cycles of water mirror the spiritual cycle. Once one is Master of the Water he is one with Sumiruna. It is the Aquarian Age, isn't it?

Maestro also explained to me that Yacumama was a lesser deity that works with Sumiruna and acts as a messenger between Him and earth.

Yacumama is the great water snake. Perhaps the DNA matrix itself.

When I told Jake about Sumiruna he instantly thought of Dr. Manhattan. Frank Albo thought of the Ancient of Days.

The release of the Watchmen tells me we are reaching a new phase of the rise of Sumiruna in all of us.

Does Sumiruna reside on Mars like the Watchmen illustrated novel and movie suggest?

Perhaps, but my hunch is Jupiter and the dominance of Blue tells me Sirius.

Is Sumiruna a being from Sirius that resides on Jupiter where He can monitor the evolution of Earth? Do we on Earth, over many lives, eventually become one with Sumiruna on Jupiter? Is Jupiter then our staging grounds for a greater Galactic community, including Sirius, The Pleiades or even Galactic Centre? Questions to ponder....

The symbol on Dr. Manhattan's head is the symbol for Hydrogen.

Jupiter is 90% Hydrogen and is known to have a mysterious Hydrogen Sea.

"It is believed that in this realm, somewhere between Jupiter's cloud tops and the jovian core, the atmosphere gives way to a planet-wide ocean of liquid hydrogen. "

It's also known as the letter H or 8. Otherwise known as the serpentine starG8 to infinity. HYDROgen also resonates water. In Manitoba one of the main industries that keeps our province afloat is the Hydro-Electric industry. Our government likes to dam rivers in order to generate electricity. They call it clean energy, though it has decimated countless indigenous communities and wreaked havoc on nature in so many ways.

Notice the logo for Manitoba Hydro is a blue trident.

I am sure Poseidon fits in here somewhere. Zeus' brother.

Mr. Kotze points out that Shiva also has a trident. Shiva is blue as well, and of is clearly a Master of the Waters as he has a fountain of water coming out of the top of his head. The Snake beside him resonates Yacumama relationship with Sumiruna. The OM sign (which the tridents resemble as well) is clearly the original 3EWSpinner.

The Water God points as well to Dagon, who interestingly enough discovered grain and the plough, and was afterwards known as Zeus Arotrio. Zeus of the Plough. Jupiter of the Prairies.

The Blue Water Man is everywhere.

People are even turning blue literally!

Above is a picture of Manitoba Hydro's Hydro-Electric Dam at Seven Sisters, Manitoba.

Damming the Pleiades.

The Cree Elder Don Cardinal moved here from New York in 2001 after he had a dream of New York flooding, and just before 9/11. Seven Sisters is a small town on the border of Whiteshell Provincial Park where Manito Ahbee and Tie Creek reside. I always thought it was a telling synchronicity that a town called Seven Sisters was near a sacred site in which the indigenous lore suggests the first being was from the Pleiades and descended there from a sky rope.

As for the dammed rivers and the indigenous communities that suffer the brunt of its negative impact, what I have realized is that if we can all free the waters within, then the water and rivers, such as those dammed in the North of Manitoba, will soon be freed as well. One is a product of the other.

Recently I have seen the dominating role Manitoba Hydro plays in my life as a revealing sync with Hydrogen, Jupiter and Dr. Manhattan (and now the Pleiades, Sirius and Galactic Centre).

Welcome to the Hydro Generation. The Water Bearers.

L8er G80rs


Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Ayahuasca Testimony

I thought I would delve back into the realm of Ayahuasca - the Vine of the Soul.

Almost a year ago, I contacted Benny Shanon. Mr. Shanon is one of the world's top researchers on Ayahuasca from a Western psychological perspective. His work Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience is a large tome documenting ten years of his, and numerous subjects, experiences with the medicinal Amazon plant brew.

I really enjoyed the book because I could relate to much of it and it was scientific and rational, yet bridged the seemingly irrational worlds of Ayahuasca and shamanism. This kind of work is great for helping us integrate worlds and to usher respect and acceptance to such powerful medicines as Ayahuasca. I encourage you to read the book, though it is hard to find - best to order it.

Mr. Shanon is a very accomplished and published academic. One of his more recent quotable papers had him suggesting that Moses was probably high on something like Ayahuasca when he was on Mount Sinai.

Mr. Shanon was very approachable when I contacted him and I wrote him a testimony of my own transformation after a few years of working with the plants and of course, Maestro Flores. He was touched by it and has promised me a detailed response ( I have not received one yet).

I will share this with you because I feel the time is right. I have tried to share this with those close to me to no avail. Most just stare at me blankly as they have no reference point to understand it. So I stopped doing that, but here on the blog, which is increasingly part of a community of people helping consciousness soar to new heights, I will share what is in many ways my most personal experience. Heck, why not!

In the name of understanding a little bit more about the mysteries of consciousness here is the testimony that I wrote.

An Ayahuasca Testimony
April 21, 2008

I have been taking ayahuasca for three years now. At least once a month, but often more. I have only taken the brew made by the Ashanincan curandero Juan Flores from Peru. I originally connected with Juan through the help of Jeremy Narby. I first tried it in the Amazon with Juan at his healing centre Mayantuyacu. Since then I take it at home in Canada. Juan has visited twice to my home where we have done ceremonies with him. After his first visit I started to take ayahuasca in a ceremony setting like he has taught me. At that point I started singing the icaros along with a recording of him doing a ceremony. During his second visit he invited me to sing and run the ceremonies with him. Now I am running the ceremonies for more and more people, including doing the healing soplado that he has taught me.

Clearly I could talk for days on end about my experience with Ayahuasca, but what I am more interested in sharing is the more dramatic, unusual and permanent changes that I have undergone, particularly the changes in my visual world.

Not soon after my first trip to Mayantuyacu I started to see brief glimpses of what seemed like foggy light. I noticed it as different and then tried to focus on it when it appeared. At first I had doubts that it was my eyes deteriorating or that I was making it up, but slowly overtime more stuff started to appear. Within just under a year I started to see with my eyes open a fluid like substance of tiny miniscule dots and an array of snake-like/worm-like, transparent things that would change their position. Sometimes they would be all bunched up; sometimes they would be stretched out. Theses forms themselves have circles in them. Almost bubble like. Over time I noticed one particular bunch of this worm stuff that was wrapped with other ones and almost created a sort of octopus object with tentacles. Now that it has been three years I feel like what I am seeing is fully formed and am I at a stage where I am learning to work with it or understand it better.
The stuff I see is transparent with dark outline, and so it best seen outside with natural light, but more and more it is visible inside, especially with the light of my computer or TV. I describe this stuff as a projection. Because if I look up at the sky it is bigger, if I look at my hand it is smaller. It all depends on what I use as my “screen.” Overcast days are the best. I call this stuff a fluid because that is how it acts. Whichever way I move my eyes and direction of sight, the stuff and fluid like space of tiny specks moves that way as well and then it all settle downs until I move again. I can play with it that way by shifting my eyes up and down. The specks that surround the worm things and the bubbles seem to reach out to infinity. When I am working on something and not trying to focus on this stuff it often looks like shadow in my vision, but it is easy to ignore if need be. I feel like it is designed for me to watch normal reality and not be distracted but yet still be “informed” by it. Interesting enough if I shut my eyes, I can still make out shadows of the shapes. The next interesting thing that has happened with this is around the time of Juan’s first visit I noticed a specific dot that was very dark and stark. It only came once and awhile, but overtime it appeared more often. I quickly felt that this dot was connected to my mind as directed from between my eyes, mainly because I often felt incredible tingling in that spot as well. The dot eventually developed an outer circle and then two outer rings. I would only see it every week or so, but now I see it almost as soon as I step outside. The rings of the circle are much darker than the other worm stuff, so it really stands out for me. I can now see a subtle white glow around the circle that seems to be developing more. I can now see it as I am typing. If I am talking to someone it often appears on their face when I am looking at them. I find that when the dot and circle appears it is often on the periphery of my vision, but I can use my mind to direct it more in line and in front of me in between my two eyes. Sometimes I find if I think about relaxing and directing my mind backwards into the middle of my head that the circle and dot appears. Weird stuff.

It was not hard for me to determine that this dot and circle, or what I like to call my “point” is a target of mine. It is my guide. Its like I have a GPS for my life and I can watch it lead me there. Sometimes I feel it is a black hole or something. When I do ayahuasca now and sing the icaros the point becomes wider and looks like a black hole. It’s like an iris that opens up in the ayahuasca state even more. I asked Juan during his visit what this was that I was seeing. He told me a couple of things. He said it is as if I am holding a piece of cloth up to the sun and the light shines through and I can see the outlines and weaving of the material being held up. However, my intuition tells me that the light that allows me to do this is coming from me, not the sun. Second he told me the point is my work and when I see it, it means I am balanced and on track. Sometimes I see another point and I think he said that was his work. He also said everything I see is the information that I have and can access. Perhaps it’s my soul memory?

What is beautiful about of this state of being is that I am always reassured and have been able to leave any doubt behind, because I have my own visual guide that I can rely on and have faith in.
The interesting thing about this experience is it has not freaked me out at all and seems normal, yet when I reflect on it from the perspective of the person I use to be, I am reminded that this is highly unusual and without doubt awakens me to the mystery of consciousness.

Now during my ayahuasca ceremonies I am beginning to learn how to use my hand positions to interact with the energy I am generating while I sing the icaros. As I sing and my experience is peaking I shut my eyes and can see a symbolic and geometric realm that is influenced by my voice as I sing. There are beings in this space, that seem made of the same material as the space itself, and they show things and I feel telepathically teach me what to do. They are very playful. While I am singing I find the sound of my voice alters in the way I hear it. At first it was hard to keep it together, but now I can work more without blowing my lid as I use to. Now that I use my hands I can see and hear the difference of my hand positions. I found a sweet spot with my hands that greatly amplified the volume of my voice (at least for me). I feel the hand movements help me direct my energy towards the other participants. I presume that knowing this hand movement and their relationship to energy can be used all the time in my normal life.
I never use to sing. I was known to have a horrible voice. Now over time, with help of ayahuasca, I sing. My voice changes every ceremony as it reaches new heights and new potential. The vibrations that I am learning to generate with it while using the plant amazes me incredibly.

In the last few months I am now running ayahuasca ceremonies in my dreams, often with Juan in them. We are together in dreams at least once a week. I see this realm as the next frontier for me with my ayahuasca work. I will leave this testimony at this, because I could go on forever about this wonderful medicine. I come from a non-spiritual and rational background, and so I am curious about the real potential for integrating this medicine into my modern life and career as an artist and filmmaker. I like where Narby is going in relation to the molecular world and spirit world being the same. I feel like what I see is incredibly molecular in nature. My best description of something it looks like is what it looks like to look through a microscope.

Thanks for reading this testimony. I am interested in figuring out a way to best understand what I am going through so that it can be shared with others in a meaningful way.
Any insight from your end would be greatly appreciated.


I wrote this a year ago. If I wrote it today it would be different as things have progressed. The number one teaching I get from this experience is that in the realm of the infinite, I (WE/ME) know so little and I (WE/ME) have so far to go.

It is truly humbling.

Be well my friends.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winnipeg First Nation: A Heart of a Home

Over the last few years I have collaborated in making a documentary video with an aboriginal community group that is trying to raise awareness of about the aboriginal housing crisis in Winnipeg. It was funded as a Public Art project.

It is a humble film, yet I feel still powerful.

Its goal is to help raise awareness in the public, and with policymakers, so that we can ensure safe and affordable housing for all. Winnipeg has Canada's largest urban aboriginal population.
The aboriginal community suffers the brunt of racism, poverty and system abuse here in the Broken Heart of the Continent.

I believe that our wounded relationship with the indigenous people whose land we have occupied is what is keeping us back. When this is healed things will change. That time is now.

This is the main story of Galactic Centre.

It is a 52 minutes video. I have separated it into five parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



* These photos I posted are by Dustin Leader and are in the video.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mega Dog Star

Obama came to Canada yesterday. He visited Ottawa, our Nation's capital for 7 hours. Obama has an 80% approval rating in Canada. It was sNOWing heavily on the day he came. I watched the news last night and grabbed some quick video off of my TV here in Thompson, Manitoba. I made a quick collage of some of it to share with you all. A few things stood out for me.

1. The reporters keep referring to him as a Star, even a Mega Star, or someone who spreads Stardust.

2. When he signed the guest book at the Parliament building he said "Has somebody mentioned that I am a south PAW."

3. One video that played over and over again had him in an Ottawa market buying a Beaver Tail snack and behind him was a sign with two pentagrams/stars.

Check out blackdogstar's posts to catch up on the relationship between dogs, stars, pentagrams and paws. Increasingly there seems to be a relationship between Jupiter and Sirius (the dog star). My intuition, and from what I know, tells me that Jupiter is the place where beings from Sirius reside. Perhaps beings that came here to Earth a long time ago and helped sPAWn civilization here as we know it now. I do know that beings from Jupiter cyclically visit Earth as a means to help humans stay on track and to not get "lost" as they work their way to Jupiter. Jupiter is a highly spiritual place of great equality - a model for earth and its people. To get there one must learn to forgive others and oneself. Love is the stairway to Jupiter and beyond (i.e. Sirius).

I know many people are quick to dismiss Obama as a PAWn of the New World Order and that he has no substance. That may be so, but he is more so a PAWn (as well as the NWO puppet masters) of God/Dog and the Newly Orderd World (the real NWO), and I feel that his rise to power and his actions are strong pointers to a beautiful divine event unfolding right now here on earth and in the cosmos.

I actually believe Obama is a sleeper. A spiritual sleeper that is. If I was God that is how I would reveal my New Kingdom on Earth. I would have someone like Obama get into power and then I would wake him up and have him help fulfill my plans for peace and the birth of a new civilization that is to mark the new age we are in.

So wake up my dear Obama - the time is NOW.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The TIN Mother

Just a quick post. Abe mentioned over on Jake's blog how JUNO, the Jupiter Goddess, is also known as Moneta. In ancient times she was Goddess of finances and money.

From Wikipedia:

"As the Juno Moneta (which either means "the one who warns" or "the one unique" or "union unique") she guarded over the finances of the empire and had a temple on the Arx (one of two Capitoline hills), close to the Royal Mint."

I had noticed the Moneta connection the other day when I was making my Juniper floW post. What I find interesting is that the Canadian Royal Mint (Canada's only one) is situated in Winnipeg. The mint itself looks like a capstone-less pyramid.

Its logo is also a big M, often encircled. A similar symbol is found throughout the Manitoba Legislature, which is not too far from the Mint.

The word Mint itself resonates Tin (Jupiter) as well.


I am starting to think that the secret of the Manitoba Legislature is that it is a Temple to Jupiter (as well as the whole cosmos of course).

Lady Manitoba on the front of the building is very likely Juno. Juno was known as the Goddess that protected the State. Perfect to welcome all into a building dedicated to State Craft.

Yes it must be true. The circle M on the Manitoba Legislature is for Moneta or Juno.

The fact that the world is being humbled currently through the decline of the economy tells me that Juno is doing her work. Perhaps there where those that thought they could worship Moneta, the Queen of the Gods, and recieve the benefits of her all to themselves. But I am sure Juno will have nothing of the like and her goal is a Jovian economy, not an unjust economy only for the few. I invite her intervention, and thank her, at this time in humanity's history.

Just some more thoughts on Jupiter...



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Juniper floW

Jupiter has revealed itself clearly in Thompson, Manitoba.

This week I received an email from a friend of mine that runs Balanced Records.

They make much of the music I use in many of my Youtube videos. It is music from Balanced Records recording artist DJ Brace and his Electric Nosehair Orchestra (Nostomania is the album) that I used to score my collaborative video with Jake Kotze called starMummy.
When I edit, I am incredibly influenced by the music I use, so in many ways the magic of starMummy is very much enhanced and driven by the work of DJ Brace.

Check out starMummy if you haven't yet.

The sequel is in the making NOW/ZOE/NEO/ONE/WON/EON.

Anyways, I got an email from my friend and he mentions that DJ Brace just got nominated for a JUNO Award. This is Canada's equivelant of the American Grammy's.

Canada's very own music awards show named after Juno who is an ancient Roman Goddess that was Zeus/Jupiter/Tin's wife ( and who also happened to be his sister, as they where both fathered by Saturn).

I like how the award is a statue of a blue/crystal clear androgynous being entwined in in a helix.

Nelly Furtado below is feeling the Jupiter Vibe for sure.

In 2009, JUNO, the Mother Goddess is giving a nod to starMummy with her recognition of the musician behind the score. As I sit here editing the sequel I take it as clear communication.

Hello Juno.

The next day after hearing the news about Brace's JUNO nomination, I head off to the school I am stationed at for that particular day. I realize at the school its name is JUNIPER. A Juniper is a very common berry of this area that is used for both medicine and nutrition. Juniper seems like a cross between Jupiter and Juno. Both words making their way into my consciousness one after the other made me take notice, and so as I followed this Thompson thread further...

All around the school there are syncs - Juniper syncs. I find this very timely and refreshing, as it seems the feminine side of Jupiter is making itself known to me. Balance is good. (It is fitting that this sync thread started with an email from my friends at BALANCED records.)

A poster for a Juniper Valentine's Dance (Heart Day otherwise now known as Galactic Centre Day)

School uniforms and signs for the Juniper Jaguars.

What Jaguars have to do with Northern Manitoba beats me. Black Jaguars roam the forests of the Amazon as well as the dream world. Perhaps the Black Jaguar is roaming the dreamscape of the people of Thompson, Manitoba.

Maestro Flores has explained to me how he can turn into a Jaguar. It seems like he has been involved in some groundwork for my trip here in the North.

As I research further into the meaning of Juno, Juniper and Jupiter, I learn that the Etruscan name for Juno, Jupiter's wife, is UNI. I feel like I will have to look deeper into Etruscan mythology and history as its these people that use TIN as a name for Jupiter. The name UNI makes me think of UNION, which is a merge of UNI (Jupiter) and ON, which can also be transformed into OZ. The UNION is the JUPITER OZ. Which is also JU OZ or JUNO (right back where we started).

It was a nice sync wink to realize that Juniper school was a jUNIor high-school, as this sign cued me. The blue background and the wavy designs give the sign a distinctly Aquarian flavor. Jupiter on high. (I am sure there is a syncnificance for the word Hindenburg on the sign, but it escapes me right now.)

In one of the classrooms at Juniper School I snap a picture of an 8 rayed sNOWflake hanging from the ceiling.

During my stay in Thompson we where hit with a massive sNOWstorm. At least 40 cm of sNOW in a few days. It got me thinking a lot of snow, winter and the NOW. In indigenous tradition, sNOW and winter is considered a healing blanket for Mother Earth. It is connected to the North and the Night. I was taught by the Cree Elder, Don Cardinal, that White is the colour of Winter and the colour of the North. It is the colour of our sleep and entry into the dreamworld - a time like winter, and death, when our body temperature actually lowers.

During the blizzard I felt like NOW was falling from the sky.

During the first couple weeks of my stay in Thompson, a bunch of Truck drivers testing out some new rigs, where staying at the same hotel as me. All their license plates had RA on them. The pentagram was front and centre as well. Perhaps that is why they chose to stay at the Days Inn with me, a company whose logo just screams sun worship. (I like the blue rays added on that almost seem like roots for the Yellow sun above.)

At the same day that I am following the Juniper thread I notice that on the classroom door I am working out of it says 142. Now, for those that have been following this blog, you would know that 42 for me connects to Jupiter and Tin. (Please read The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge and the Gnosis of 42 to get some background.) Basically, I just feel like the alchemical symbol for Jupiter/Tin looks like it has a 4 and a 2 in in it.

Thanks to Jake I now realize that it also has a 1 in it. So a 4, a 2, and a 1. The same numbers on my classroom door.

The same numbers on the classroom door the next day at a different school.

The same numbers on my hotel room door.

The same numbers that make up the cost of Jake's bus ticket from Winnipeg to Thompson. Now the 1 seemed to have syncnificant place with the 4 and 2, which I have been writing about for awhile. Now, the 2 for 1 logo for the pizza line of Robin's Donuts, seemed to make sense finally.

Of course, through Jake's work we have already seen syncnificance with Robins, Donuts and Pizzas. The 241 sign only cemented it all for me. Of course now that I could see deeper into the sign I noticed the two pizza circles on the logo crossing each other to make a Vesica Piscis.

The 241 Christ being born out of the Vesica portal to the NOW.

This last weekend Jake bused up here for a visit. One thing we did, beyond hash out our next video collaboration, was visit the Thompson Zoo.

Please check out Blackdogstar for insight into the syncnificance of paws, dogs, wolves and stars. I was specifically interested in visiting the zoo to meet the two wolves there. I knew one of them was an Arctic Wolf named Neige, which is sNOW in english. I wanted to make a tobacco offering to her and to acknowledge the wolf spirit while in Thompson, a town clearly influenced by the Wolf.

I have been taught that the teaching of the wolf is humility. It has also dawned on me recently that wolf is flow backwards.

To be humble is to flow.

The zoo was mostly outside and it was a super cold day (-40 C).

sNOW and her friend (name unknown at the point of taking this picture) look rather bored. We say hi and offer tobacco and prayers to them.

After seeing the other animals we head into the Zoo's building that says it is open for visitors.
Inside it is decorated with red hearts due to Valentine's day that just passed. One of the first things I notice are the Peacocks. Peacocks!

The Elixir of Life right here at the Thompson Zoo.

Little did I know, but a peacock is just the male bird, the breed is actually known as Peafowl.

Pea Fowl. Pea Wolf. Pea Flow. Back to the flow we go...

As I head to leave the building I notice the sign with all the animals names on it. I look at the wolves as I want to know what the Timber wolf's name is. His name as you can see below is ZEUS. Jolly Jupiter Batman! I ask the attendant about the wolf and she says his name is Zeus, but she calls him Papa (father). I tell her that's perfect.

Of course Zeus's mate is a white wolf known as sNOW. A perfect pot of Gold at the end of a sync rainbow.

I am out for a walk yesterday and decide to take some video of the wolf statues that decorate the streets of Thompson. I notice beside these four wolves that there is a sNOWmobile made by Polaris, whose logo is an 8 rayed star. Frank Albo has mentioned to me how the 8 rayed star in the Manitoba Legislature is a symbol for Polaris (as well as Venus and Galactic Centre - Go figure!).

I find the slogan for Polaris very mysterious as well.

THE WAY OUT. Hmmm....Polaris clearly is communicating as this picture below taken by Jake shows as well. A light fixture by a company called Polaris that is being used to light up the Pool of the Black Star aka the star of Polaris.

The wolf statues are kind of nice. One of these is called Starry Wolf Night.

The last evening before Jake took off back South to Winnipeg, we drive to a huge wolf mural on one of the apartment buildings.

The building is known as the Highland Tower. It's logo is a 8 rayed star. There is Polaris and the wolf again, just like the sNOWmobile and the wolf statues I visited an hour prior.

...and the restaurant Jake and I tried to go to on the last night, but was closed because it was a holiday. Riverview, or as the image shows, The Peacock (ape flow) and the Dragon (2012).

Here is a video I made of my flowing time in Thompson, Manitoba. The song used is called the Wolf song by the Red Shadow Singers, an aboriginal drum group here in Manitoba.