Friday, February 20, 2009

Mega Dog Star

Obama came to Canada yesterday. He visited Ottawa, our Nation's capital for 7 hours. Obama has an 80% approval rating in Canada. It was sNOWing heavily on the day he came. I watched the news last night and grabbed some quick video off of my TV here in Thompson, Manitoba. I made a quick collage of some of it to share with you all. A few things stood out for me.

1. The reporters keep referring to him as a Star, even a Mega Star, or someone who spreads Stardust.

2. When he signed the guest book at the Parliament building he said "Has somebody mentioned that I am a south PAW."

3. One video that played over and over again had him in an Ottawa market buying a Beaver Tail snack and behind him was a sign with two pentagrams/stars.

Check out blackdogstar's posts to catch up on the relationship between dogs, stars, pentagrams and paws. Increasingly there seems to be a relationship between Jupiter and Sirius (the dog star). My intuition, and from what I know, tells me that Jupiter is the place where beings from Sirius reside. Perhaps beings that came here to Earth a long time ago and helped sPAWn civilization here as we know it now. I do know that beings from Jupiter cyclically visit Earth as a means to help humans stay on track and to not get "lost" as they work their way to Jupiter. Jupiter is a highly spiritual place of great equality - a model for earth and its people. To get there one must learn to forgive others and oneself. Love is the stairway to Jupiter and beyond (i.e. Sirius).

I know many people are quick to dismiss Obama as a PAWn of the New World Order and that he has no substance. That may be so, but he is more so a PAWn (as well as the NWO puppet masters) of God/Dog and the Newly Orderd World (the real NWO), and I feel that his rise to power and his actions are strong pointers to a beautiful divine event unfolding right now here on earth and in the cosmos.

I actually believe Obama is a sleeper. A spiritual sleeper that is. If I was God that is how I would reveal my New Kingdom on Earth. I would have someone like Obama get into power and then I would wake him up and have him help fulfill my plans for peace and the birth of a new civilization that is to mark the new age we are in.

So wake up my dear Obama - the time is NOW.


Jake Kotze said...

Mega is also Game.

"Game Dog Star"


tommy said...

Not only is mega "game", it's also "e-mag", electromagnetism.

aferrismoon said...

Paw is also a way of saying Pa or Pop for father.
DogMa - K@Paw


word veri = nocat

Jake Kotze said...

"911 Game Ritual"..
Like it...
Would probably offend..

Word Veri


Shea (co-author of Illuminatus Trillogy) Tin

She A Tin (She's a Jupiter! Nice way of commenting on a fine lady? Juno)

Winston said...

This may seem a little out-there, but compliments your Obama thoughts nicely.

A little background: I had a DNA reading from a woman who channels Metatron (archangel) in early January. This isn’t exactly my thing, but someone who I respect had been encouraging me for about a year. I went into it open minded and felt it would be interesting at the least.

I was blown away by it. The majority was highly personal (and accurate) but geo-political information was shared too. I transcripted the entire reading; below is what was said about Obama, I thought you might find it interesting.

Through the beginning of the new presidential administration January and the eclipse that shortly follows to March or maybe as far in as June of 2009. The truth will be shown and the direction for humankind according to human choice and free agency will be demonstrated. For the new leader that will be taking office is no longer an individual he is a construct of the mass consciousness of the human race not just the American population, but the human race. What he will choose to do with the conflict the war in the Middle East, the problems that face the world, the global economy, and the need for new technology, new religion, new educational system, the decisions he makes in these areas will not be his personal decisions but the decisions of the collective of human consciousness. And what he demonstrates through his actions and decisions within the first three to six months of his office will turn in the direction in the ascension progression on Earth. If the Earth changes happen it will be because he escalates the war in the Middle East , if the Earth changes do not happen it will be because there is a complete economic failure and a new economy may be built upon the ashes of the old. And he will demonstrate the power of the Phoenix. We can not predict what human free agency will be all we can do is close the gate so there will be no outside influence. So the purity and truth of human free agency may be brought through. Is this understood?

Jim said...

Winston - fascinating reading. myself i have never been into much of that channeled stuff, but i still won't dismiss it. anything is possible. as for the content of it. sound about right. i will post more on that soon.

as for you other guys. what a weird bunch we are!

sPAWn of PAW!

nice to see you around tommy and aferrismoon.
and of course always you as well jake.

it feels good to be back home in the Peg.

be well all


R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Jim. Love the vid. While checking out The Secret Sun a few months ago I noticed that Chris had found a lot of Dog/Obama connections. Went back to try and find it and realized that it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I chose one at random and found what I was looking for. Here's the link:

Was looking for something completely different and came across Obama with the Pair of Pentagrams:

Look forward to more Obama insights. Nice work.