Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winnipeg First Nation: A Heart of a Home

Over the last few years I have collaborated in making a documentary video with an aboriginal community group that is trying to raise awareness of about the aboriginal housing crisis in Winnipeg. It was funded as a Public Art project.

It is a humble film, yet I feel still powerful.

Its goal is to help raise awareness in the public, and with policymakers, so that we can ensure safe and affordable housing for all. Winnipeg has Canada's largest urban aboriginal population.
The aboriginal community suffers the brunt of racism, poverty and system abuse here in the Broken Heart of the Continent.

I believe that our wounded relationship with the indigenous people whose land we have occupied is what is keeping us back. When this is healed things will change. That time is now.

This is the main story of Galactic Centre.

It is a 52 minutes video. I have separated it into five parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



* These photos I posted are by Dustin Leader and are in the video.


Accidental Alchemist said...

My opinion on the topic is unorthodox and not well received by people in my industry.

The native people of this land had evolved and adapted their own way.

We are a virus trying break in. I think its vital that we understand some people don't see comfort in our materialistic 'civil' existence based on the fear of death.

People can be a force just by not conforming. So we are trying to drown the native people of this land with money and alcohol.
Is there a solution?
Conform them to our ways or else?

Or should we let them keep feeling reserved on the reserve.

Teach someone to fish...

tommy said...

Excellent work, Jim. You are doing amazing things.

Jim said...

Hey AA. I know its tough in Canada to hold different views about aboriginal people. But there are rewards in doing so. The situation is complex and requires sensitivity and compassion. But the indigenous people that I have befriended have taught me more than anyone and have helped bring balance to my life in so many ways. It can't be easy to work construction and have your views. But good on you!

Our society will rocket ahead once we respect them and work with them as equals.

You are dead right on the fear of death as driving materialism. it all follows from that.

Its good to know there are builders such as you that are enlightened. We will need you in the near future more than ever!

Tommy - thanks. the reality is that the choices i have made to work and help others has brought me to a beautiful place. i believe it is the secret to a profound gnosis of the heart and its because of this work that true masters such as the cree elder don cardinal and maestro flores have trusted me and opened up to me with their wisdom and guidance.

its a path that we can all take..,

take care my friends