Thursday, February 5, 2009

KranK Heart

I went to see a movie the other night in the only movie theatre in Thompson, the town I am visiting right now in Northern Manitoba. The Strand Theatre it is called. I keep thinking about DNA when I see the word strand. Now to think of it, film does kind of look like DNA. They are both ladder like.

Even HDTV and its extreme clarity makes me feel like this is only a reflection of our true spiritual vision becoming High Resolution and more Clear. ZONY resonates this profoundly.

Sometimes I wonder if it is true that we are but a film projected from another level of reality, such as the spirit world or dream world, then what is DNA? Is it the projector of the holographic cinema of the collective consciousness? The projector of being.

Anyways, so there is one film playing at a time, and tonight was the last night for My Bloody Valentine (the non-3D version). I don't normally go to horror films, but I have an affinity to seeing films in small towns. Something to do.

It was a horrible film in my opinion, but interesting synchromystically, meaning it was a wolFing moment of inner gnosis.

Before My Bloody Valentine played there was a trailer for a film called:

CranK2: High Voltage.

The story is the Tinman' story. The main character has his heart taken from him and he is on a quest to get it back.

This is perhaps another way of describing humanity's journey from 9/11 until 2012.

LinkThe name of the film ties the Tinman/Jupiter theme with K2, another synchromystic theme that has been well developed. (K2 is a mountain climbed by Aleister Crowley, it is also the 11th letter of the Alphabet, so it resonates 11:11 which is the time of the Winter Solstice of 2012 and a pointer to our alignment with the Heart Centre of our Galaxy. As well K2 or 2K signifies the year 2000, and the entry into a new millenium.)

The K2 journey that we are all on, like the goal of the Tinman, or Chev Chelios in Crank2, is to get our heart back.  To do so its like climbing a mountain - that's for sure.

In CranK2 the main character needs a charge or jolt of electricity in order to keep going on. This reminds me of the lightning of Zeus.

On my last trip to Peru, in the airport, I saw a sign for an Automatic External Defibrillator. This is a machine used to shock the heart into beating again. The symbol of the lightening bolt in the heart seems like a perfect symbol for Jupiter and its Jovian mission.

Of course I was also at the theatre to see My Bloody Valentine, another film that continued on with the symbolism revealed in CranK2.

The heart (earth).

In MBV the killer carves out the heart of the victims, paints hearts on the walls with their blood and even mails the hearts in heart shaped candy boxes. There is one scene where the victim is left in a heart shaped whirpool bathtub. This syncs up well with Jake at the Blob's thoughts about StarG8's being vortexes of ideas, events and thoughts, just like a whirlpool.

A heart whirl pool. A heart black hole in the centre of our galaxy and the centre of ourselves. A place where the divinity within all of us can flow.

Cupid's arrow pierces our heart, makes it bleed, and then the love flows.

Like Sagittarius that shoots his arrows towards the centre of the heart of the galaxy, so must we all must pierce our own heart in order to let it bleed so the love and light may flow.

Like the Rider-Waite Tarot card, our Hearts are pierced by Swords. 

It is also a timely sync that Thompson Manitoba is a Mining town. MBV is based around a mining town and a murderous miner whose spirit lives on. The city of Thompson was built in the 1960's as a means to house the expanding economy around INCO's mining operations. Thompson is a planned community. Nickel has been the main metal mined here.

It is now known as VALE INCO (Sounds like VEIL INCA to me!)

This metal theme connects well with the Tinman concept, as well as the metal of alchemy, the act of turning spiritual lead into spiritual gold. The idea of the mine seems to have deeper significance as well, as it stirs up up ideas of searching deep within ourselves, the dark abyss, our inner cave, for the spiritual Gold.

An Incan treasure, a cup of Gold, or a cup of Ayahuasca perhaps.

VALE INCO resonates well with INCA and the Peruvian role in Mining, Metals, Gold and the Spiritual Veil. 

Since my last post God Flow of the Wolf Dog, I am increasingly aware of how saturated of an environment I am in right now with the imagery of the wolf (I am in Thompson, Manitoba right now). This town is all wolf. Wolf Street. Huge wolf Murals. Wolf art on all the walls. Wolf statues at all street corners.

A poster for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - Is it just me or does that symbol behind her look like the masonic compass and square.

So suitably, the one film that the Strand Theatre plays this week is of course:

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

I will go for sure. I wonder what film will be playing when Jake shows up. Funny enough he arrives in Thomspon on the morning of Heart Day (Valentine's Day), otherwise cosmically known as Galactic Centre Day.

"We can be slaves or we can be lycans!"
- Underworld

The rise of the wolfs. The rise of the Flow. The rise of the Dog. The rise of the God in all of us.

Peace Out


This video still is taken from a school I worked at this week in Thompson. My experience is that most schools are just oozing with resonance to the transformative times we are in NOW. This homage to stars is a great example of it. And then in the same school the wall next to the star burst art work has a collection of dragons, many are red dragons (which is funny because 2009 is the year of the Ox, and 2012 is the year of the dragon) and beside it is an indigenous medicine wheel design that is divided into 8 sections like the 8 rayed star in the Pool of the Black Star at the Manitoba Legislature.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

We've got signs all over Denver saying I Heart HD.... I dig the DNA/Movie Film. And I find it cool that all these 3D movies have us all in sunglasses now staring into a new dimension.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

At least all the Preveiws for My Bloody Valentine showed the audience in sunglasses. I almost forgot to tell you, I haven't seen Underworld 3(hell I haven't seen 1 or 2) but noticed all kinds of chains in the preview... Keep us posted.... Pun intended.

tommy said...

Excellent post. I can tell you that as a child I was far more interested in drawing dragons than drawing oxen. :)

Accidental Alchemist said...

In the crank 2 clip you posted at 1:00-1:01 When he hooks up to the booster cables I'm reminded of "DEATH RACE" Where he plays the driver Frankenstein. Booster cables hooked up to Chev Chelios(dirty double k). Death race takes place in 2012 of course.

Then I see the Crank 2 arm poster again confirming the fractal with a sufficient image match to underline the Frankenstein theme. This of course ties into Tin man. The heart playing part in Frank's journey as well. Prometheus etc.

Accidental Alchemist said...

Oh yeah DNA film kicks ass! Opening portals as usual Jim.

Peace brother


redrove(in blue text)
sersists(in green)

Jim said...

love all you guys.

i went to the thompson bar and got drunk.

i love it - movies with sunglasses.

that makes me think of corey HART

"i wear my sunglasses at night..."

R Arrowsmith said...

Great post Jim. I love how you cover the Wolf and the DNA strand in the same post as it fits in perfectly with everything going on in my head right now.
I did a tarot spread at the start of January to see what 2009 had in store for me - 12 cards in a circle (for each month) with one in the centre for the main overall theme for 2009. The one in the centre turned out to be the 'Three of Swords' which you've mentioned in your post. The more I learn about these 'Heart' synchronicities the more I'm beginning to grasp what that card really represents. Looking back at things I'm beginning to see how synchronicity has helped 'jolt' my own heart back into life. I'm sure that as 2012 approaches the voltage is gradually going to be turned up to maximum. Many thanks for the insights!!!

Jake Kotze said...


All this blood and violence, yet looking at the symbolism with You folks and our trusty 'sync glasses' makes me feel love.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

And the Winnipeg sign is celebrating!

R. T. said...

Berlin (Germany) is the city of the bear. Its mascot. All over. There are about thousands of painted statues here. Hamburg where I used to live has the watercarrier. Aquarius! About 10,000 statues! Last year even had a TV drama about a flood from the 30ies flooding the whole city!

There was an icebear cub in Berlin ZOO who took the whole country by storm last year "Knut". His caretaker who played guitar for Knut became a national hero, almost gained sainthood after he died of cancer recently. Whats going on with teddy bear?

Jim said...

Bears. Here with the indigenous people, the bear is the keeper of the medicine. The Polar or White bear is known as the Master Healer. My affinity with Bears leads to Winnie-the-pooh, who is named after Winnipeg the Bear.

I love the animals everywhere. To me its a good sign. Animals have symbolic teachings for us. Its good to hear that everywhere else is going through the same animal sculpture phenomena.

My daughter shares her teddy bears with people when she thinks they are sick or need cheering up. Its her medicine.

The care bears was onto something for sure!