Friday, January 22, 2010

The 2010 Matrix Code Continuum

The 2010 Matrix Code began at the Sync Whole and has grown into a multi-dimensional collective experience of gnosis.

Stargates are opening within the dance of synchromystical revelation. Time and space is dissolving.

What reads below has been added to by numerous authors and it is a work of flow. Thanks to everyone at the Sync Whole for the work.

Why do I call this post 2010 Matrix Code? Well Jake has always mentioned how he thought the word Matrix Code symbolized the height of POP culture resonance.

As well, 2010 increasingly looks like a Matrix Code wanting to be broken, or decoded.

The 2010 Matrix Code is a work in progress. Does it mean anything? Probably not. Is it fun to work on. Yes!

Between New Years Day, or 01/01/2010 and February 12, or 02/12/2010, there are 42 days. I know this because I check the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics countdown often.

42 is a number that is not only the answer to everything, but as well syncromystically resonant to the Planet Jupiter. 4 and 2 are both found in the Alchemical symbol for Jupiter.

We also know that Jupiter is the same God as Zeus. The Olympics is an event originally in honour of Zeus and Mount Olympus, home of the Gods.

2010 already has a syncnificant resonance with Jupiter due to the movie, 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

In the movie, 2010 is the year in which the Jupiter Star child is born and we get a second sun.

Do the 2010 Winter Olympics symbolize humanity reaching the top of the World Mountain?

The point where Heaven and Earth meet and the inner God in us all says hello. The second sun within shines forth.

Mount Ever Rest.

Mount Be Still and In the Peace of the Divine Now.

As we make the final push to the top, struggling to persevere, a funny thing happens along the way.

The movie Creation is released on January 22, 2010 or 01/22/2010.

This happens exactly 21 days after the New Year has begun and 21 days before the Olympics commence on February 12.

Our half way point. Perhaps a syncromystical boost of adrenaline to help us make it the rest of the way.

Creation is a new film starring Jennifer Connolly and Paul Bettany. It is the story of Charles Darwin, his theories of evolution and the tensions that existed between him and his religious wife.

As we know already Jennifer Connolly resonates both JC and Jupiter as highlighted by Mr. Kotze.

How perfect for her to be present in this film as the wife of Darwin. I like to see her as Mother Nature and the Spirit that flows through it. Perhaps the one thing Darwin does not equate for in his theory.

She is the Pelican that flies along the shores of the oceans of consciousness.

The Pelican has traditionally been associated with the Passion of Christ and the Eucharist.

Creation may very well begin 01/22/2010, but what gets interesting is that Darwin's 201st birthday is not soon after on Feburary 12, 2010, or 02/12/2010.

Yes that is a lot of 2's and 1's and 0's.

Lets recap that. The Olympics and Darwin's Birthday are exactly 42 days into the New Year. The movie about Darwin is released exactly 21 days, or half way in between the 42 days.

21, that would be Blackjack.

21 + 21 = 42 / 12 + 12 = 24

This also makes us recognize that the other number embedded in the alchemical symbol for Jupiter is 1.

1, 2 and 4 are the Jupiter code numbers. They play well with each other.

The other poster for Creation plays off the famous Michaelangelo painting of God and Adam touching fingers in the clouds. They both are using their Jupiter fingers.

Their arms and fingers touch together and form a mountain shape. Or a pyramid. Where they touch is the peak, the capstone, the point of it all. The top of the mountain.

Soon enough we will reach...

February 12, 2010

Darwin' Birthday and International Darwin Day - 2010 is his 201 birthday.

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony - British Columbia, Canada. Funny how BC 2010 is referenced in the film 2012 as a critical point in our planning for the future.

Wolfman is released.

Valentine's Day released.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief released.

DC Masonic Week.

Lupercalia begins. Festival of the wolf flow.

Much points to February 12, but I still feel it all points to 2 days later...

February 14, 2010

The Year of the Tiger begins.

Valentine's Day/Heart Day

02/14/2010 = A BAD Day.

2 (B) + 1 (A) + 4 (D) = BAD

Perhaps a bad day that is also a good day?

The movie Valentine's Day, released on February 12, 2 days before the actual Valentine's Day, has a wink to its unification with the Year of the Tiger in the tiger sync that I captured below from the trailer.

2010 Matrix Code to be continued....

Update: Just realized that today is resonant with 9/11.

01/19/2010 = 09/11/2001


the Sprint NOW Network costs 42 dollars and fifty cents a month. "42 people just broke up by email" They are monitoring your phone calls including exactly what the conversation is about, how else would they know that most people are talking about diapers?

Jake and Zoe, the Twin Blue Stars of Avatar, stand with pointer/arrow aimed at 'other'. As a Jake myself I share resonance with this character.

Valentines day - a day that easily resonates the Arrow and Bow for obvious reasons - sees the actual start of the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Fascinating then that our Blue Skinned striped cats/tigers from Avatar like to shoot arrows while falling in love themselves.
The point is Jupiter as we have seen in the Jupiter Finger phenomena.
The pointer finger being associated to planet Jupiter. Jupiter consciousness is the dawning of the awareness that all is Joy and Self. We are not our minds or thoughts nor any forms that surround us, WE/ME are the field of Consciousness inside of which the forms arise. This is Jupiter and the reason why when we point with an arrow or finger at 'other', the Zen joke is that it's always Jupiter or ourselves we are invoking. The very act of pointing elicits Jupiter and self aligned with Self. Self is other and other is self.

The point that Jupiter is the point is to realize that your own already present, consciousness of being conscious, is the point. This is the I-I, Cosmic Consciousness (K2) or the Twin Blue Stars.
Shaman Juan Flores inside The Pool of the Black Star at Manitoba's Legislative Building

Clearly something fucked up is happening in Winnipeg.
-Synchromysticism was birthed here.
-The consciousness manifesting Ayahuasca ceremonies of Shaman Jim and Juan Flores happen here.
-All in the Shadow of the Third Temple of Solomon or Manitoba's Legislative Building decoded by Frank Albo.

Considering Jim's observations about 12 of February (Zeus/Jupiter resonating film Percy Jackson opening on same day as Olympics, sports event in celebration of Zeus!) and 14th (Start of the year of the Tiger and Valentines/Cupid/Love day), check out these syncs:
This is Star Trek Next Gen episode "Qpid" where Picard and crew are made into Robin Hood and his Merry Men by god like being Q. The arrow shooting antics of the Merry Men of Sherwood forest sync perfectly with Cupids valentines resonating arrow/pointer. The synchromystic collective of The Sync Whole have always been inspired and modeled after the Robin Hood's Merry Men, just check the images on the sidebar that have been here since the start of this blog. This episode is S4 E20 or 420, code for Jupiter. Arrows point to Jupiter, Cupid/Qpid points to Jupiter & 420 points to Jupiter.

Pointing points to jUPiter, dig?

As the founder of The Sync Whole and popularizer of synchromysticism my role in the Merry Men has been often suggested as Robin Hood by members of this blog. Very interesting as Jake Sully shoots his bow in Avatar and Robin Hood does the same.

Television series Cupid S1 E5 "Shipping Out".
This show is about a man who believes he is the god Cupid and plays matchmaker with people he doesn't know.
We see Robin being invited by phone to cater in New York from her small town diner "Robin's Nest". The Robin is my animal familiar and resonates Robin Hood.
Robin's Nest has "Fresh Crab". Crab/Cancer is the sign at the top of the Arch/Rainbow and the Keystone. Manitoba, in the heart centre of the continent, is called the Keystone province. Cupid's arrow points at the Heart or Winnipeg. Bear with me..
Cupid sets Robin up with a man who she falls in love with right as he learns he must leave for a military tour in Iraq.
She discovers he plans to go A.W.O.L when finding his plane ticket to Winnipeg. Robin, being sent for by Cupid, discovers her man is heading to Winnipeg. The story of humanity realizing where Heart City is.

See Heart City video for more.

Heart City from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

Playing it safe they both decide he should rather do his time in Iraq and she will wait for his return. They say good buy at a base where he leaves in a yellow Bus/Sub (the golden chariot, merkaba) mudflap reading Blue Bird. The Blue Bird is the Blue Star's animal which teaches us to fly over the Rainbow where we encounter Joy.

Whether Joe flies to Winnipeg or leaves by Yellow Submarine, his destiny, the symbols show, is to journey to the loving heart.

Where ever you are ultimately is the loving heart. Yet in the drama of form our bodies have a heart as does the awakening of consciousness pulsing from Winnipeg picked up increasingly via sync.
This is the Bus/Sub that took me into 2010. Me and a chum had to take a coach to get to our 2010 party venue and back. The bus had the Twin Blue Suns of 2010 painted on its side.
Enter Robin Tunney's current pop TV show The Mentalist S2 E10 "Throwing Fire" resonating 2010 in name and also being the last episode and bookend of 2009 airing 17 December (the next one arrived on 14th Jan..).
The Zodiac (2005) and Crowley's grid page unveiling Tunney as the marker/target/point

Robin Tunney also resonates the leader of the Merry Men. She is a key pointer.

Synopisis from
The CBI team investigate the murder of a former professional baseball player, who has started his own baseball talent scouting and training facility for young up-and-coming baseball talents. During the investigation, Jane is knocked out by a baseball and flashes back to his past as a stage performer.
We cold open and the founder of the baseball academy has been killed in his Zen garden as the numbers 421 surround the corpse. 421 like 420 is code for jUPiter.
Tunney as Teresa Lisbon and the CBI investigate...
In the end we will learn it was Jupiter Calidos who killed the man with a bat, susynct as we saw the 421 suggesting jUPiter from the get go. Rainbow lens flares dance around Jupiter and his victim. Rainbows happen when light refracts at 42 degrees, a jUPiter number.

Rainbow Star from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

Jupiter killing a Zen practitioner - one who moves beyond ego - clearly shows that jUPiter will kill your limited perception of self and individual form identity.
Tunney's profile merges with jUPiter.
Tunney has been in frame with jUPiter before in this still from the extras of The Craft DVD which I recently re watched..
Noting with delight she carries the Blue Bird as totem animal to one of her big magickal ceremonies. The Blue Bird of Joy and the creature from the Blue Star. I love what you discover when you revisit old material with the added depth one acquires as things flux.
The Blue Bird flying under Twin Blue Stars, Jake and Zoe in Avatar.
Patrick Jane watches Baseball and suspected murdered Jupiter while eating Sunflower seeds. The sunflowers mark Jupiter as the flowering Twin Star/Sun. Jupiter is on his phone during this sunflower sync showing how we contact jUPiter when the flowering of consciousness takes place.
While standing in the Zen garden Tunney and Patrick have the Yellow Ribbon/Robin pass through their profiles. The Yellow Way is the 'brick road' to OZ/PAN/77/GG/27.
Robin's title credit in episode 2/10 is over the blindfolded young Patrick Jane an Illuminating torch and capstone less freakin pyramid!
A giant Blue Star with the head of Patrick sits at the apex. The 2 Blue Eye's/I's of the head transform this pyramid from the old school singular eye dollar bill 'thingemagick' into the Twin Blue Suns of 2010.
Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix Code is. You have to see it for yourself.

JaWeS :

I'm a quarter of the way through watching the movie Amelia. Since watching Jake's Air Heart additions, I found it amazing that Amelia was waiting for my viewing. Amelia comments on the similarity between water and sky, she flies a plane that is also a boat. At a certain points she " Yes We Are UP "

notice the Camel Jon!

With his Jupiter Finger he points to WE

2 X 11 = KK = 22
the Wheel
the tips of wings

all aboard the forKKer
half boat
half plane
all orange

42 is UP

all aboard seabird Friendship

Arrowsmith: Another actor who entrains with the Robin is Kevin Costner:

In Waterworld we see that the Robin is also a Blue-skinned Avatar. Notice that the Up Arrow points to a Mountain/Pyramid glyph. It shows the way to Mount Olympus, home of Zeus/Jupiter.

The Water signifies floW, or someone who Dances with it.

Earlier on Jake showed that the Arrow on this plane ticket leads to Winnipeg - Heart City:

We find an almost identical Arrow on this plane which has been endorsed by Robin Hood himself:

The plane also bears the mark of the Blue Bird:

Finally, on this 'For LOVE of the Game' poster we find a nod to KK/K2:

In the movie the Robin/Blue Bird resonator has fallen deeply in love with his Baseball team - the Detroit Tigers. The Tiger is of course the 2010 totem animal who is due to spring into action on Heart Day.

2010 should be a Grrrrrrreeeat year!

Atop the Bus/Sub (chariot, merkaba) that reads 142 or jUPiter sits Emile Hirsch as real life Christopher McCandless.
He is running away from the constrictions, preconceptions, limitations and general un-groovyness of consensus societal baggage. A good start but he must yet realize all those things are mind made structures and you take that baggage with you no matter where you go until you align with Being. When you are at peace with your whole Self a Mall, the economy and Hannah Montana is just as sacred as a mountain and a river. Dudes like this have helped us realize this and we marvel, identify and respect their struggle.

This amazing image becomes even more so when we learn that Christopher's birth date is 12th February 1968.

The teaching Sub of Jupiter and being Bad (running away from the system) surmounted by the CHRISTopher birthed on 12 Feb... Pretty awesome.

(thanx 2 Stephen for the email about Christopher's Birthday)

Matrix Codeine ( Part 2 ):


Abraham Lincoln is born on the same day as Charles Darwin.

February 12th, 1809.

Lincoln brings a whole new flavour to the mix.

First he dies by gun. The gun being symbolic of the Trigger/Jupiter/index Finger.

But what is interesting is not so much the man, but rather the monument build in his honour in DC.

The Lincoln Memorial is a replica of the Temple of Zeus, one the seven ancient wonders of the world.

The statue of Lincoln is really a statue of Jupiter.

His birthday is February 12 and this year the 2010 Olympics are perfectly timed to honour the King of the Gods.

Notice the 12 pillars across. The reflecting pool makes it 2 groups of 12 pillars or 2/12 which is February 12.

Is February 12th Jupiter's Birthday?

Funny how the 2010 Olympics open on the same day as people do ritual at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

I also know that the Lincoln Memorial has been in countless movies.

It must be a sync bomb.

For instance. Take Nicholas Cage.

Here is below in National Treasure and he is aligned with Jupiter.

Cage is BAD/214/Jupiter resonating as well as his newest movie is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call. Suitably he is a guy that pulls a trigger/jupiter finger which is another pointer to Lincoln and February 12. Here we have the Feb. 12 and Feb. 14/Valentine's Day/Year of the Tiger axis highlighted once again.

Cage is the 2/14 and Lincoln is the 2/12.

Richard: I've been seeing the Cage all over the place these days. I recently wrote about a few of these examples in Blue star 27.

The pillars of the Lincoln Monument reminded me of prison bars - a Cage containing Abe/Zeus. Like lightning trapped in a bottle.

Shortly after reading Mr. Morgans Just My Luck (a post focusing on Abraham Lincoln, Nicholas Cage, and the Butterfly/Mothman) I was doing a google search and came across this image.

It makes me think that the Cage could also be symbolic of the chrysallis. If Abraham Lincolns birthday is February 12th then maybe this is the day when the Butterfly, having finally completed its metamorphosis, is due to be born. Consciousness hatching into the next phase of its evolution.

Nicholas Cages interlinked fingers suggest to me that everything's Coming Together right on schedule.

For more on the Blue Butterfly, check out ViolatoRs superb new video Blue Birds Fly.

Splash sees many many great Twin Pillar syncs. This one has Tom Hank's profile merge with the WTC as we dissolve from one scene to the next.
Lincoln/Zeus/Jupiter comes up as Madison the Mermaid discovers TV.
She is fascinated by the Blue Gel of ColGATE. The Blob like GEL is also LEG, perhaps a Peg Leg sync as a mermaid has somewhat one tail or peg leg.
John Candy, Tom Hanks and Eugene Levy sneak into the governments lock up facility where they are keeping the mermaid once she has been discovered. It's door reeds B-42/Jupiter.
Recently departed for the infinite, one Mr Patrick Swayze is heading for a training lesson in Ghosting 101 at platform 42. Of course we are watching 1990's "Ghost". Funny how the stars that die seem to be good sync strange attractors for current affairs. Just think about recent syncs involving Micheal Jackson and Brittany Murphy. A Pop Star that stops shining, like a celestial phenomena, seems to be a marker of events on Earth.
In the still above he is on train 2077, numbers of the G-Star.
At platform 42/jUPiter his lessons include pushing a Pepsi bottle top with his pointer/jUPiter finger..
This is Indras Net's iconic sync wink.
and trying to kick a Mountain Dew Tin/Jupiter can. All these jUPiters syncs at platform 42, very nice.
Allot of cool things happen at his lover, Demi Moore's, Blue Door.
He gets a Blue Spirit Palm - especially applicable as he is a spirit himself - another variant of Blue Sun/Star.
Here is the real kicker, perfectly relevant to what Jim has discovered about Lincoln. Patrick's final proof to Moore that he really exists is moving this penny with Lincolns head, using the lessons learned at platform 42. In the film Moore as Molly Jensen (MJ) can't see or hear him owing to him being a ghost.
The penny slides UP her Blue Door owing to Spirit Patrick pushing it with his jUPiter finger!
From JM's perspective it tips from the door by itself, floats through the air and lands on her palm giving her a highlighted palm. Palms with markers resonate Christs and Buddhas.
The Lincoln coin manipulated by SpiriT and the jUPiter pointer.
Lincoln and Jupiter, together at last!

Jim: OK have to let it out.

This next addition to the 2010 Matrix Code is fully attributed to StrangeEye who brought this to my attention in the comments of this post. Thanks.

But so beautiful is this:

On February 12 of this year, The New York Philharmonic will perform Mozart's Jupiter Symphony. Perfectly su'synct with everything else Jovian pointing to that date.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's last symphony before he died, his 41st, was called Jupiter.

Mozart's 42 symphony is Jupiter itself.

His final song is death itself.

The eternal song 42.

I find Coldplays's song 42 reveals this connection between the Other Side/Death and Jupiter.


"Those who are dead are not dead
They’re just living in my head oh…
And since I fell for that spell
I am living there as well oh…"

Now Wolgang Amadeus Mozart is a fascinating name.

Think: Flowgang Lovegod OM OZ Art.

The Amadeus movie poster art reminds me of the Zeus/Abe statue pose. Complete with a monster mouth hat and wide open third eye. Suitably a Golden Boy stands guard.

Today I decide to look into the actor who does the voice for the Abraham Lincoln statue in the movie Night At the Museum 2. I just saw this last October on my flight down to Peru.

Turns out the actor Hank Azaria does the voice for both Abe as well as the Thinker statue, as well he plays the role of Kahmunrah, the awakened Egyptian Pharaoh.


Where the sync gets interesting is when I realize he plays Abraham in the movie Year One released in 2009.

He plays both Abraham Lincoln and the biblical Abraham of Genesis. (Both in films released not soon after each other.)

The Thinker, Ra, the Lincoln Statue, Abraham "The Father" all resonate with Jupiter. How perfect that Hank Azaria helps us "see" this more clearly.

After being blown away by Richard's new post Blue Star 27, and Richard bringing up cages, I thought more so how the Statue of Abe "Jupiter" Lincoln is like a Cage.

Perhaps a Dog Cage, or should we say a God Cage.

Hank Azaria is in the film The Birdcage which puts our Jupiter resonating actor into the Cage squarely.

Here we have Jupiter (Azaria) and Robin together in a cage.

Mr. Azaria also resonates Richard's new thread of Yellow Hands as he is the voice of many of the Simpson Characters, all who have Yellow Hands. He is the voice of Apu, Chief Wiggum, Moe among others.

Now where it get weird is that Abraham Lincoln, the real one ( not the statue played by Hank Azaria ) comes from Springfield, Illinois, which also so happens to be the name of the fictional city of the Simpson's.

Mr Hank Azaria is a beautiful rubix cube of synctastic revelation!

The code continues....


How does a Bird escape its Cage?

With its Wings of course!

Tom Hanks becomes trapped on an Island (or imprisoned within a Cage) in the movie Cast Away:

After many years in isolation, the Wings on this package finally inspire him to make his escape:

The Wings lead Tom to freedom, and once he arrives home they then help him find love.

Ewan Macgregor undergoes similar trials and tribulations in The Island:

After discovering that The Island is an illusion, and realizing that he's been living inside a Cage his entire life, Ewan McGregor begins looking for a way out.

McGregors character is called LINCOLN (as in Abraham) Six Echo:

In this instance it's the Wings of the Butterfly/Moth which help to set him free:

The Wings lead Lincoln home, and home is where the Heart is.

Earlier on we saw the Wings of the Butterfly linked to the Cage:

The Butterfly/Bird both point to the same thing.

Abraham entrains with the Eagle Wings:

And so does Zeus/Jupiter:

Prepare for take-off!

Jim: I have just finished an Ayahuasca ceremony and of course can not sleep. Checking out the Sync Whole at this time and its still buzzin' with flow.

I decided to jump over and check out if there are any new movie posters and I notice a bunch of new posters for The Lightning Thief to be released on February 12th as mentioned before.

Right off the bat I take note of the poster for ZEUS. Finally a poster that just flat out says ZEUS.

Who is the actor that plays Zeus? Well Mr. Sean Bean. We know Sean Bean as Dr. Merrick from the movie the Island just mentioned by Richard.

What does this mean?

Well that I would need my mind to decipher and right now my mind has escaped me.

Due to damaging code that would not let me add to the post 2010 Matirx Codeine I have added my addition here, which will not make a bit of damn sense unless that post is investigated.


On the publishing of this particular part of this post we have the date 1-22-10 as shown in the movie posters above. With a little dissection we have 12-21 both halves for the Jupiter twins 24 and 42... So with the hint of angels and Jupiter we now must investigate what angel has anything to do with Jupiter. And we find Zadkiel.

To those like myself unversed in Angel Mythos we'll just keep this simple.... Or try to. According to Jewish Mysticism via the Kabbalah tree of life we find ten Seperoths or Circles. Each of these "Circles" have magical correspondences under the theory that once something is connected to something else that it shall always be linked to the same through out history(sounds like quantum physics if you ask me). This is "same same" with Sycro, infact it is very simple, Abe Lincoln would not be named Abe if not for the Abe in the Bible. If you go into a pizzeria called The Fall of Rome, then the pizzeria and the true fall of Rome are intimately connected.... If Rome never fell then there would be no pizzeria.

So with that in mind we look for the Kabbalah correspondence to Jupiter and we are introduced to Chesed or Mercy.One group of Correspondences is seen in the Table above... We see the 4th Sphere labeled Chesed with the association to the animal dolphin.... Chesed has a planet and Ancient God association with Jupiter as well as Tin and therefore Jupiter's Beautiful symbol(as well as Tin's Symbol) is usually found within that Sphere. I've seen many a Kabbalah help books sight the similarities to the Jupiter Symbol and the number four, only Sync heads see the 4 2.... To my knowledge at least.So the Chesed = Jupiter = Blue Hand(also a name given to Chesed) = Tin = Dolphins.... Get it? If I continue on this Table of Correspondence I find as well that Chesed has a designated Angel and it's name is Zadkiel.Zadkiel is favored to be the Angel of Mercy for it is the one who stopped Abraham from killing his son... Seen above showing the way UP with JUPiter finger.

Genesis 22:1-24 Got yer attention on those numbers didn't I...

The story goes as such. Abraham is told by god to kill his son Isaac... So he travels with his son to said mount that god has given and has his son hike up the firewood for the sacrifice. Isaac is clueless and says...

"Hey, pops, where's the animal we're gonna roast?"

Abe replies honestly...

"God's will provide one."

And as the old man is ready to cut his son's gullet enter the angel of Jupiter/Mercy to give Abe a Ram instead..... Lucky Abe.

To be Continued....