Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hEVEn elEVEn

I was driving to my friends today and passed by the Manitoba Legislature, also known the Galactic Centre Temple, when I noticed a sign for a church that sits Kitty Korner and North West of the Temple.

Since Jake from the Blob and myself have begun writing and thinking about the Legislature in a synchromystic manner, we have noticed numerous resonant patterns that seemed to project out from the Temple. We have noticed pronounced syncs specifically at the various cross-quarter points that surround the building. I have some video I hope to post soon that will help demonstrate this phenomenan more clearly.

A perfect example is this sign for the All Saint's Anglican Church. Only two days ago Jake uploaded his Scarlet Dragon 2 post and in it he delves into among many things, a specific sync wink of Robin Tunney during the film End of Days in which her head touches a 2K sign while simultaneously the word EVE appears highlighted in this same frame. (For context in regards to Robin Tunney and her sync web please check out the StarMummy video).

This is what he says about the 2K EVE sync.

"... she enters screen is on a New York city subway train. As her head moves into position, sync kissing the black and red 2K, a poster for soap company Lever 2000 is noted. As her Crown interacts with 2K the EVE in lEVEr is framed and unveiled in between the head and arm of a swaying commuter. Eve the Great Mother of the Garden."

"11:11/KK/2K/K2 is the exact time of the December Solstice Alignment in 2012."

(K is the 11th letter of the Alphabet.)

Earlier in the post he also delves into the relationship between 11/7 as the ratio of the Great Pyramid as well as the name of the world's largest convenience store.

This is what he says about the 11/7 relationship with the Great Pyramid:

"The Great Pyramid in cubits measures 440 units at its base and 280 in height. This gives us a ratio of 11:7 (2Pi) resulting in the connection to Pi (22:7) and the edifice.

The 7 and 11 number, fit together popularly, in the name of the largest chain store in existence 7-Eleven."

In 7 Eleven's logo Jake notices how the word EVE is highlighted by the red 7.

What Jake hasn't mentioned yet is that there is proof that the Manitoba Legislature is exactly 2X the height the Great Pyramid and is perhaps a veiled replica of this Pyramid right here on the Canadian Prairies.

Below is some old photographic evidence of this fact - source of the information to be divulged at a later date (thanks to Frank Albo).

Winnipeg - the New Giza?....Or maybe Giza was the new Winnipeg? Hmmm...

Maybe that is why Winnipeg is 9X reigning global champion for most slurpees purchased. The Legislature is projecting the 11/7 ratio outward and it is being channeled by people which is manifesting itself as desire to drink slurpees from 7 elEVEn (even though most of our year is frigg'in cold!).

Anyways, the point of this post is the sign at the church and how it resonates Jake's most recent post the day after I read it. Notice the word EVE with the two 11's underneath it. Two 11's is also 2K as we have learn't already.

So just like in the film End of Days we have a scene with the word EVE and a 2K or 11:11. As well we have the Temple in the back resonating the Pyramid and the elEVEn sEVEn ratio.

Oh, just another day in hEVEn!




Jake Kotze said...

It's the Red Road or Rose Line of the 7/11 that highlights EVE.
The street Rosslyn and apt building is also very near the Temple. Actaully right across the 24/7 Shoppers and SHELL.

Great Stuff


Jim said...

yes jake. syncs at all the cross quarter lines from the Temple.

saw the sign and had to post about it


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

OK.... I was being real secretive about all of my personal experiences lately about Eve and Eden. This is just perfect. We keep doing this.. It is inexplicable!

And thanks because Scarlet Dragon 2 has been on my new post box for 3 months plus, so I had no idea that it had been posted until reading this.

Word verification was shmounds... Shamans!

Sounder said...

I had no idea, great material Jim and others.

This way of looking for or finding correspondences deserves a wider audience.