Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Galactik Black StarG8 Garden

I have been PERUsing through photos from my recent trip to PERU while reminiscing about the experience. A visit to Mayantuyacu always takes time to integrate after the fact. The Mayantuyacu experience, the teachings and compassion of both Maestro Flores and the plants becomes a fountain of inspiration in one's mind as one settles back into their life outside of the Garden. Step by step, slowly, slowly as Maestro always like to say, we learn to live in the Garden no matter where we are.

My last night at Mayantuyacu we had a beautiful Ayahuasca ceremony. It was very calming and relaxing. After the singing had subsided and people slipped into the dream world, the Maestro and I shared some Mapachos (tobacco) and talked for awhile.

At one point he mentions to me that he thinks Obama was going to win. I agreed and I shared with him the fact that the next day, November 4th, the day we were going to leave the jungle and return to civilization , was also the day of the US election. I told him I expected to be relaxing in my hotel room watching the election unfold.

So on the morning of the 4th we left the Garden of Eden and walked out of the jungle to an awaiting boat. A taxi to Puccalpa and later a flight would take us to Lima just as the polls where closing. In Puccalpa, with help of the Maestro's wife, Sandra, I had to phone at least ten hotel and hostels before I finally got us rooms at Hotel Carmel.

I thought this was suitable name as I have always been fascinated with the significance of Mount Carmel and its role in humanity's grand narrative. I now notice on Wikipedia that Thutmosis III considered Mount Carmel as the Holy Headland.

Where do I know that name - Thutmosis III? Oh yeah, that is whose hieroglyphic cartouche is on the sphinx's on top of the Manitoba Legislature! Hieroglyphs that can only be seen when standing on the roof.


The hieroglyphs read “To the firm and everlasting manifestation of the Sun-God Ra (do your work).”

As we arrive in the Lima airport, the Hotel Carmel has someone waiting for us to pick us up and give us a ride. Misunderstanding my last name Sanders, I am pleasantly surprised to see a young man waiting with the sign James Sunday.

How perfect I think. It surely is a SUNny day, isn't it?

As I contemplated changing my name to James Sunday I noticed some commotion to my left and was quickly cued to the true impact of this day. The media where all over a Peruvian soccer star. A Black Star in fact.

A Black Star just like the eight-rayed star at the heart of the Manitoba Legislature.

Jake Kotze on the Blob has stated his belief that the Black Star in the Legislature symbolizes the centre of the galaxy. So synchromystically the rise of the Black Star in culture and politics points to our collective alignment with Galactic Centre.

Nov 4th, 2008, the day Barack Obama became the first Black president of the United States of America, was a day that signaled the impending total alignment and transformation of the Earth and the life that it sustains. The soccer star in the airport was clearly resonance with what was to transpire that evening.

Our ride dropped us off at Hotel Carmel - our high mountain destination we landed at after soaring for so long at Mayantuyacu.

Notice the double H (88) on the hotel front. The Holy Headland as Thutmosis III liked to say, or another way of saying the Holy of Holies, known as the Blue Room or the Lieutenant Governor's Room at the Manitoba Legislature.

A building itself which is actually shaped as an H, and with Hermes on top of it, it's a double H as well.

Relaxing in my Hotel room I watched as the Galactic Black Star, Barack "Yes We Can" Obama, won the Presidency of the United States of America.

I sat and pondered the significance of this moment and wondered how I found myself in front of a TV while only a day ago I was deep in the jungle with the Maestro. I feel like at that moment I could internally sense a global lift in consciousness triggered by his win.

There are many people who dismiss Obama as a pawn of the NWO or that he is destined to fail or be assassinated. There are many that believe he is the anti-christ. For me it is all irrelevant because there is one thing I know and that is peace is coming to the earth soon.

Personally I see Obama's win as a sign that consciousness is ascending and is allowing such a possibility to exist and that this is something to rejoice regardless if he as a man is the genuine thing. ( I fully expect to see him in an Ayahuasca ceremony in due time. )

For me he symbolizes the Black Star galactic portal into the Newly Ordered World or NOW.

In my interview with the Maestro I asked him about Galactic centre. He told me that it is a place where the master healers travel to learn about the great galactic spirits. He said it is very hard and takes much work to be able to make this journey, though it is a journey he can and does make.

He finished his answer saying that the one and only religion of the Galaxy is Humility. Something every soul has to learn eventually.

The Galactic G8way through the Black Star is just that - the point of Humility.

The point of it all. The indivisible point of it all.

At the centre of our hearts, at the centre of the Garden, at the centre of the Galaxy - we are ONE/WON NOW. A place of peace.

As I celebrate the Obama victory and our last day in Peru I notice my ice cold beer has something to say to me...

Sphinx's, Christ, 33 and RA Oh my!



ADDED: It is interesting that in Canada we are having huge government broo ha ha and that our fate as a Nation lies in the Hands of the G.G. Governor General Michele Jean, also known as a synchromystic nod of 77/OZ theme mentioned already on this blog and the Bolb.


Jake Kotze said...


It's fascinating how both the White Milky Way/Womb aspect and Dark Rift/Black Road (plus Black Star) interact inseparably when WE allow these themes in.
Its like in the new state of KKonsciousness there will be no difrence between polar oppisites. The opposite ends are needed for the unified pole.
Like your previous post with its sun and moon McDonalds StarG8 image.

Both the sun (white/day) and moon (black/night) are becoming one with no contradiction.

Jake Kotze said...

E.T (Eckhart Tolle) says there is no contradiction between Self esteem and Humility.
He means that when we realize the true Self we are humble and also embody our individual facets or expressions of God to the fullest.

Jim said...

i was just thinking about that jake.
often people confuse humility, it still means one can
have confidence, self esteem and pride in what they do.