Friday, October 17, 2008


This will be my first synchromystic blogging attempt, so for those that stumble upon this site, please bear with me.

Ever since I came across Jake Kotze's videos on the Web I have gravitated towards the work of synchromystics. I feel that seeing/experiencing the world in this way is akin to an indigenous world view as demonstrated by various Elders and Healers I have known over the years. For these people, synchromysticism IS so part of the fabric of their everyday existence it just IS.

Image:Juan Flores Salazar and his wife Sandra Encalada
visit the Red River and the Forks Market in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They had just arrived by airplane from Peru. Their first trip to the Western world. Behind them is a carving of a Buffalo.

The Ashanincan shaman, Juan Flores, has shown me how much of his medicinal knowledge of plants is learned through seeing synchronicity in form, colour and sound. One plant that might be shaped like a heart is actually good for the heart. In the Ashanincan world view plants sync with animals which sync with stars and so ON and ON...

For instance, Ayahuasca is a spiraling vine with a shape that resonates the helix of DNA. A synchronicity that inspired Jeremy Narby in his thoughts on Ayahuasca and its role as an interface with the DNA and light network of the Biosphere.

Biospheric TV he calls it.

All is Mind and Light.

I like how modern science is becoming aware that what we think we see "out there" is really a projection from "within". This understanding is inherent in a traditional indigenous world view. As Jeremy Narby argues, Scientists and Shamans have much in common. Narby's theory is that the molecular world is the same as the spirit world. There are definitely some powerful syncs between the two realms.

I feel that synchromysticism is a poetic, inspiring and useful means to help more people become conscious to this deeper understanding of the nature of our existence.

It is exciting that we are collectively awakening to this way of seeing and experiencing the world. Be it whatever race or place we live in, the modern telecommunication network is being used to widen, accelerate and globalize the new paradigm being born.

Image: An aerial view of the 1st Igniting The Fire Gathering at Manito Ahbee in the Whiteshell provincial pARK. The Circle and dot is the sacred fire that was lit as part of the gathering. As Cree Elder Don Cardinal explained to me - it was the 8th Fire of Life. The 7th Fire was the human fire and it was almost extinguished. So this gathering and sacred fire ceremony was designed to use the 8th Fire ceremony to re-ignite the inner fire of Humanity. This is the gathering that Juan and is wife Sandra came to Canada to attend.

Image Below: Juan Flores after conducting an Ayahuasca ceremony around the sacred fire at the Igniting the Fire Gathering.

This is a trailer for a film called the 8th Fire made by Cindy Pickard.


Image: At the time when the 777 economic crI$i$ happened I was teaching video to high school students in Northern Manitoba. The only graffiti to be found in the small town was this tag for someone named OZZO. OZ was making itself aware no matter where I ventured.

I have been spending much time conversing with Jake from The Blob and it seems that the act of being engaged with each other has opened us up to more powerful and more frequent joint sync experiences. A recent example is in relation to OZ. Jake has been following OZ syncs for awhile now and it seems to have seeped into my consciousness ( I am sure spending countless hours editing our collaborative video work StarMummy has something to do with this phenomenon. If you haven't watched it yet check it out below.)

As I tune into the syncs more, I find they are increasingly coming in bursts and thematic phases. My recent explosion of OZ related syncs timed well with the current economic crISIS. On pondering the meaning of OZ it seems it points to a Wonderland type of existence and one that I feel we are waking up to as we have woken up to before. The current flavour of the OZ ZONE that I recently entered seemed to be triggered or marked by the now infamous -777 drop of the DOW on September 15th, 2008.

Those sevens stood out for many.

Jake was quick to notice the TAO behind the DOW.

I found this all very interesting considering we just went past 8/8/2008 and the opening of the Chinese Olympics. This after the Live Earth concert of 7/7/2007.

The 777 Live Earth logo was a circle and dot in the middle. Which is also the symbol of Gold, the Sun and much like the form of the 8th Fire of Life ceremony site.

Notice at the beginning of Jon Bon Jovi's performance at Live Earth we can see a heart with a pierced sword through it on the drums (the Heart is ISIS - the heart of our galaxy and ourselves), and then we are told it is a climate crISIS we are facing. In StarMummy we use a sample from Bon Jovi's song Shot Through The Heart. (which resonates Jupiter I just realize now because Jove is another name for the King of Planets). A sword or arrow through the heart symbolizes the result of alignment with our Galactic Heart whose blood/energy is released by such an act.

The bleeding Heart/eartH will help us be JOVIal.

Its like the Olympics 888 was the tip of Mt. Olympus and now its all down hill and gaining speed - hence the 777 only just over a month from the 888.

Image: Canadian Olympic Team merchandise sports an 888 on the right chest.

Image: Winnipeg's Royal Canadian Mint - a capstone-less pyramid in honour of I$I$ complete with reflecting pool of course.

The capstone has been activated perhaps?

Anyways, I had followed Jake's writing about OZ, 77 and Pan or the totality. OZ symbolic of the totality being aware of itself. The EYE/I at the Center that can see all.

Rather than focusing on movie syncs I decided to focus on the syncs of everyday life that I am encountering as an offshoot of the mind-opening cinemalchemy that Jake and others in the synchromystic community are brewing up.

I had just left Jake's apartment and was walking through downtown Winnipeg when I came to the corner of Osborne St. and Broadway St. This is the North-West corner of the masonically-inspired Manitoba Legislature or Galactic Centre Temple. Notice the small itsy bitty Golden Boy/Hermes to the right of the street sign. On this day that I decided to go down the yellow brick road for a synctastic stroll, it dawned on me that OSBORNE ST. was clearly OZ BORN ST.

It was just days after the 777 DOW/TAO and at the moment that I could see this new way of looking at the street sign I thought perhaps OZ had been born - well at least at that very moment it was for me.

I continued my walk...

I was enjoying the beautiful Winnipeg Fall day. It was October 1st actually . The OZ month if there ever was one (though NOvember is in the running as well). I have been taught by numerous indigenous Elders from both South and North America that the month of October is the month when the veil is the thinnest and the time that spirits of the ancestors visit the sacred sites. The Western Door is wide open in October and it is often a time of death and passing over to the other side. Winter a cometh...

As I turned down GaRRy St. my eyes caught the 101 of a car's license plate.

101 had already been floating around in my mind after just reading Jake's post about the number 101. The day of my walk also being on 10/1/2008 seemed to resonate 101.

I continue on a little bit more aware and of course soon I come across the IKON building I had noticed a few days before.

Increasingly whenever I see a word I see it with all the letters in every possible position. The word OZ is hidden in so many words. At this moment the ON of IKON was OZ.
IKON being derived from the word Icon, or the Greek word eikon which means "image" and is defined as a religious work of art. A poetic cue for the iconic OZ moment I was bearing witness to with my little digital camera on this street corner.

Just before I cross the street I notice Kitty Korner to the IKON building is a Robin's Donuts coffeeshop with an ad suggesting a 241 or 2 for 1 deal (2+4+1 = 7 = G because it is the 7th letter of the Alphabet and a letter that has been connected to OZ and of course the masons and their infamous big G).

Robin Donuts is a powerful sync wink for Jake's work at the Blob as it is there that he talks often about the stargate potential of everything and everyone that has anything to do with ROBIN. As well, DONUTS are interesting as some argue that the possible shape of the universe is a Torus or Donut shape. The middle of the donut being a black hole.

Personally, I love eating donuts.

Next I take a picture of downtown Winnipeg that I quickly realize has numerous syncs throughout it. First of All in the distance is a Manitoba Telecom Services ad celebrating its 100th anniversary. I guess next year it will be 101. On the banner there is a night sky and the Taurus/Bull constellation is highlighted. This is interesting because MTS has been using the same ad campaign about Buffalo and phones for years now. But in this new add they make the connection between the Buffalo and the Bull in the sky, or Taurus which is situated at anti-galactic centre. (Taurus seems to also sync with Torus)

The Anishenabe people of Mantitoba teach that the Buffalo symbolizes Respect, one of their 7 sacred Laws.

The Greeks believed that Taurus was Zeus in disguise. I think I need more time to percolate on this one. But Zeus is Jove is Jupiter, the planet where we are guided by the Black Monolith in 2001: a Space Odyssey and now as seen in StarMummy.

Is the Black Monolith guiding us back to our Jovial ways? Hmmm....

Anyways, I continue to look out at the cityscape and beyond being reminded that I am in Canada as I notice the government office building to the left of the MTS add.

Then I notice the Pyramid. Winnipeg's local live music bar that has reigned for longer than I can remember.

A few years back the owners had a mural put on the side of the building.

The mural is of a party scene at the Pyramids and of course there are snow capped mountains in the back. Followers of Jake's work or those that have watched StarMummy will know that K2, the mountain, resonates with the Pyramids and the year 2000. The year 2000, or 2K/K2 triggers thoughts about 1999, which can also be 666. 1999 also being the year before 2k and when our recent collective ascension began.

Image: The Manitoba Legislature main room where the two Buffalo flank the Grand Staircase is 66.6 ft by 66.6 ft and mimics a solar talisman. The aim being that when the sun enters this room throughout the day it gives life to the statues throughout it.

I see lots of 9s these days and this OZ moment was no different. I turn towards the travel agency in front of me. This is the agency I used the first time I traveled to South America in 2002. Its name is Great Canadian Travel. A name that resonates the GC of Galactic Centre. That is why the 9s in this picture stand out at me, as well as the www. or we3 spinner often talked about in the synchromystic community. I also noticed the Mayan looking pyramid shape of the window. Another capstone-less pyramid. I date myself when I notice the three Red Balloons and think of the song 99 Red Balloons by Nena.

There are those 9s again!

I walk around the corner and I notice the other sign for the same travel agency, and staring right at me are the words WIZARDS OF OZ and G'DAY!

This was a WOW/MOM! moment for me.

G' Day seemed very much like 7 Day, or the day that OZ was born through the 777 eikonomic crISIS.

Below the sign is a polar bear statue with the "See you in Churchill". Which my vantage point looked like "See you in Church".

Was this walk through OZ I was on a form of worship, like that done in a Church?

I feel yes - it is a way of worshipping the poetry and artistry of all Creation no matter how mundane or ordinary the moment might seem. Interestingly the Polar Bear, or White Bear as is known by the Cree, is considered the Master Healer. The North, home of the Polar Bear, is the direction of healing.

In the spirit world the White Bear is an old man with big white hair and a beard - just like Zeus, God and of course Gandalf. The Ayahuasca vine as God of the Earth also resonates this I feel as the spirit of Ayahuasca is said to be seen as an old man wearing all white.

Noticing the G'DAY on the sign I later re-look at the photo I took that day and I notice two license plates on cars.

I find increasingly the more I look the more profound the syncs can become. Its like looking into the mirrors of infinity.

As I look closer at one of the cars in the picture I notice it says GDAY on the license plate! The other one has 77 embedded in the license plate number. A clear sync echo of the G on the car license plate and the G on the sign.

GDAY = -777 DOW/TAO = eikonomik crISIS = OZ BORN

OZ is now ON indeed.

I look to the side walk and force myself to not look at any more signs as I have to book it home on foot. As I walk down Broadway Ave. I can't elp but notice a sign for an apartment block. It has a double K and the word Kola on it. Thinking to myself it is a "loose" sync perhaps or nothing worth needing to take a photo of I still find myself driven to take a photo of it.

Two days later I am over at my friend Bob's house visiting his family. As a family they just got back from visiting Juan's centre for the study of medicinal plants in the Peruvian Amazon. As I head back to Peru soon to visit Juan I was there to grab some gifts from them for Juan and his family. As we head into the kitchen Bob begins to clean up their table of the mess left after their breakfast.

I notice the INKA KOLA on the table and laugh. There is the 2K again and of course the word KOLA that I had just taken a picture of. I decide to share this sync with Bob in the moment and as I tell him I notice two cereal bozes in his arms that he is about to put away. 2 Special K cereal boxes! I quickly explain to BOB the k2/Pryamid/Crowley/2k/2000 sync thread and then I point to the 2k in his own hands.

Bob's response "I am little spooked NOW."

We laugh and then I continue to mix him some Camalonga Medicine that Juan had taught me how to make. The seeds of this plant are grated and mixed with water and drunk just before sleep at night. They help one travel further in their dreams and to maintain an increased level of lucidity. Camalonga is an Amazonian Master Plant. Its medicine helps one make decisions in their life.

Driving home I notice this ad for BOB 99.9 FM. There are 9s, a circle dot and radiating lightening bolts that suggest Zeus and Jupiter.

Perfect I think to myself.

It was time to put the sync to work rest and head home. I pick up wine from the store to share with my wife.

Does it ever stop!

If you read this far thanks for your attention my friend.



Post Note: I just noticed today's headline on Reuters about the G7 (77/OZ) Nations heading into a recession. I find it syncnificant because the G7 is different than the G8 because Russia is not a part of it and it was Russia that re-ignited Cold War tensions by invading Georgia on 8/8/2008 and the opening day of the Beijing Olympics. Something weird there...


Dennis Igou said...

You have the knack,bee careful not to over complicate your syncro existance. You Cannucks are sure up to something there in Man I toba. Great first effort. Keep them comming and get attached to the syncromystic blogspotter page. Shine forth brave soul. Dennis from Oregon.

Jenn said...

I wouldn't call myself a synchromystic, but this concept and some of the people who write about it have given me a sort of magic mirror, and now I can see new reflections of my own existence and the greater One that I am a part of. Like my birthday, 7/3 (GC). So I am especially drawn to this post since I live in an area called the Ozarks, or as Aferrismoon points out OZ-Ark. When continue reading to find Gandalf the Grey, I really start smiling because I've just recently been lucky enough to meet the Greys (Alex and Allyson) when they came to paint in the Ozarks during the Coalessence Festival. Great writing, great post, and thank you for sharing!

Jake Kotze said...

"In the spirit world the White Bear is an old man with big white hair and a beard - just like Zeus, God and of course Gandalf."

From Steve

"The video was Cthulu Rising, The Golden Compass, etc.

The sync was in relation to the origin of the swastika being viewed from the polar regions long ago as Ursa major the bear painted said path as it made it's procession through the seasons...

Gandalf plays a Nazi in the Apt pupil.. and a concentration camp victim in the X~Men series.. Voices the polar bear in Stardust.. travels to hollow Earth (Black Sun) in lord of the Rings.. and dies on a polar Bear shaped K2-like mountaintop. One of my favorites.

Ohh also.. Blackwater uses the bear claw as their logo.. A lot of people think they are like the modern day SS.."

Fits perfectly with your observations.

Synchromystics and Native Cultures tapping into the same themes.

My day also syncs with this as I just bought the book "Reich of the Black Sun" by Joseph P. Farrell

I bought it because I saw a diagram of the Ursa Swastika inside. Of course I also want to explore the link between these themes and the Black Star (a.k.a Eddie) in the Legislative Building



Jim said...

hi dennis. i know what you mean about being too complicated. the reality is that my syncro existence is just that, but putting it into words is the challenge. its easy to let it flow and observe it at every moment, but trying to document it is a whole new ball game, but something that i like trying to to do. i will ceck out the blogspotter page. thanks and take care. jim

Jim said...

hi jenn. i agree, synchromysticism is just a label and we are all so more than that. OZ Ark - wow its good to know that word exists! the Grey's are super nice people I met them last spring while I was in NY. where is OZ-Ark? Take care. Jim

Jim said...

The Bear and those of the Bear Clan are the the carriers of Medicine. In Manitoba our Bears are Black Bears. It is interesting that we have gone from a Bull Market to a Bear Market now. Bear market means falling stocks and pessimism. I guess its the medicine we need.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome journey you are on. I have noticed the direct correlation of consciousness and synchronicity. If you are opening yourself to discovering something, of letting the larger story unravel, then you will see it, and there are no accidents to this. That is how the cosmic matrix works.

I saw that the Kola was Inca, and how you were about to go to Peru, right? That's a nice affirmation, no?

So, just to add to your synchs, I learned the other day that "OZ" is the nickname alot of brits use for Australia. SO, the Wizards of OZ and Gday greetings you kept getting are quite potent.

There is something with this "down under" theme, in the as above/so below story we are in. Between AmericA and AustraliA in northern and southern hemispheres perhaps? I include you Canucks in that since I saw Jake's most recent header of his desktop daily news, which consisted mostly of American news. That is so eerie to me.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Hey, that peacock.... I know what that means. In Alchemy the peacock was the elixir of life. It change colors while you drank it... That's why it's in that bottle right before the OZborn sign.... That's fucking nuts!

Blogger said...

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