Monday, October 20, 2008

AmaZON Trip

In a few days I travel to Peru for a few weeks where I will be documenting my work with the Ashanican healer Juan Flores Salazar.

Just recently the author Robert Tindall published a book called the Jaguar that Roams the Mind: An Amazonian Plant Spirit Odyssey.

Included in the book are extensive accounts of Robert's experiences at Mayantuyacu, Juan's healing centre deep in the jungle. I had ordered his book just recently off The synchronicity that I was also going to the Amazon soon and that this book was about the Amazon did not sync in until I arrived and noticed the package with the book in the mailbox.

Here is a short video of myself receiving the book that Jake Kotze from the Blob recorded on his camera. As you will see there is a gem of sync that this moment revealed to us, especially considering our previous sync work around the concept of OZ as a term for an awakened state of being.

Here is an excerpt from the book. Robert is writing about a discussion he has with Juan the morning after a very powerful Ayahuasca ceremony.

Sitting with the Master and Susana in the early morning, the great insubstantial pageant faded, I told him about the powerful spirit I had seen in his body as I approached him for the healing that evening, calling it a bodhisattva, one of the great enlightened beings of the Buddhist tradition.
“Ah yes,” Juan said. “He comes to me and inhabits my body, a very ancient man who spent many, many years walking the jungle.”
“Who is it, Master?”
“I believe he is called Moises…”
“Moises?” I tried fitting the strange sounding word on my tongue. “Who is Moises?” I asked, turning to Susana.
“Ummm, I think in English you say… Moses.”
I don’t know why I was still so easily stunned by such revelations. All I could think of saying was, “But Master, Moses was in the desert…”
Juan smiled. “Ah yes, that’s right. But it’s the same thing...”
“Master,” Susana then asked, “if someone like Moises, who died thousands of years ago, can still come and work with us, what is death?”
“Bueno, death is the profound dream of each person. So death is only a word for me. To die. Death. Because in itself one doesn’t see death. For me, it would be only like an eternal rest, without using the word death. Because I see that the spirits in rest, from there continue to work, working to help us that are living. So death, and I say this sincerely, is like a change, nothing more, of personality. We come only to be born in a body, in a form of reincarnation to know the life of this world in which we find ourselves, to know the suffering, the struggle, to know the spirits of the living and also what we call death when we pass back into the world of spirit. From spirit we come and to spirit we return. So death, for me, is only a word, which I understand as a process of change in life.
For that reason, ayahuasca helps us to die. Because when we die, we encounter strong spirits. And in ceremonies with ayahuasca we may die and be reborn many times – we live, we die, we live, we die. And there are days when we encounter very strong spirits as well. So we have the opportunity to learn how to die with ayahuasca, to know death closely, what it is that is called life and death, life and death. Ayahuasca teaches us. As well as how fear itself is death. To have fear is to be dying. Simply, you’re dying. But if you conquer fear you are in the midst of life.” Its a great book so check it out.




Jake Kotze said...

The arrow/aero of Sagittarius, a pointer of Galactic Center (The StarG8) and Kosmic Konsciousness pointing at the land of OZ (Being beyond form). It does so with a smile while giving a nod to the forest and plant KKonsciousness.
Amazing and poetic sync.

Have a good trip into the amaZOn!

Jenn said...

Yes, please enjoy beautiful, safe travels! And to answer your earlier question--the Ozarks are just south and slightly east of Winnipeg in the central US (mostly southern Missouri, northern Arkansas). Maybe Jake can show you the envelope from here if it arrives soon :)

Jim said...

Hi jenn,

missouri you say. just south down the yellow brick road. there are ancient routes that connect there and here and the amazon. what a name Ozarks!

take care.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...
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A Few Shots to Shaman said...

OK, lets try that again.

I loved the video, when you turn the book upside down..... Perfect.

Is Jake tripping constantly or is that just me?

Love and Thanks