Thursday, October 2, 2008

CentrePortal - Through the Eye of the Eagle

Over three years ago I started a journey guided by Juan Flores Salazar, an Ashanican shaman from Peruvian Amazon. Juan is also a Maestro Ayahuasquero and works with the Ayahuasca medicine which is considered by the Ashanincan people as God of the Earth.

My journey has included extensive work with Ayahuasca, as well as numerous other indigenous initiatory and spiritual practices such as fasting, purging and Sundancing. Over this time, the way I see and experience the world has transformed in ways that I did not know, or believe was possible. 

This blog is a clearinghouse for any writing, video, images, audio, thoughts, news, that I find my Self coming into contact with and that I feel reveal this Newly Ordered World that I NOW perceive. 

Why CentrePortal?

Over the years I have had the privilege of befriending various indigenous Elders from all over the Americas who have all talked of prophecy and the role of the centre of Turtle Island in its fulfillment. The sacred site at the centre is called Manito Ahbee, which in the Anishinabe language means "Where the Creator Sits."  

Recently, Jake Kotze over at the Blob has written about the Masonicly-inpsired Manitoba Legislature as a marker for Galactic Centre. I would agree with this theory, but would go so far as to suggest that it is more so a pointer to Manito Ahbee (the inspiration for the name Manitoba). 

In this blog I will show how these prophecies are being reflected synchromystically in everything from mass media, pop culture, politics, global events and personal experience.

The prophecies may lead to a physical centre, but this is merely an outer reflection of the inner journey we all must make to our own centre of being. 

Just recently, on the seventh anniversary of 9/11, the Manitoba NDP government announced the creation of Centreport, a private-public partnership to help spearhead the development of Winnipeg as a central trade hub for North America and the world. This initiative is born out of the North American Super Corridor Organization and the NWO vision of an integrated super union between the USA, Canada and Mexico. Winnipeg is on the drawing board as a central Inland Port for this new web of high-tech and super secure trade that is envisioned for North America aka Turtle Island. (Interestingly the teaching of the Turtle is Truth)

The indigenous prophecies reveal that the creation of Winnipeg as a central port for the NWO grand vision is really a pointer to Winnipeg (Manitoba) as a central portal to the NOW (Newly Ordered World). 

There is a lot of fear these days of an impending New World Order. Conspiracies abound. 

I don't doubt that there are those who are plotting for a globalized fascist security paradigm. I believe very much that this is happening before our very eyes. However, this is but one ingredient in an alchemical mix that is the work of the Creator. All the work of the NWO is still subservient to the work of the ALL. 

The reality is that the elite/illuminati/controllers are all going to have to pass through the same centre as everybody else. No power or wealth can alter this fact. Twenty Twen (2010-2012) is just around the corner and the centre is a place of humility. To be aligned with galactic centre is to be humble. It is from this  place of humility that we can let the light in and see all perspectives. 

It is a place of peace.

For those that choose to resist the centre, I presume it will increasingly feel like the Apocalypse.

These are the ideas that will  be put forth on this blog. 


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