Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home is where the Heart IS.

The Simpsons episode where they travel to Canada and to Winnipeg
where they can get cheap pharmaceuticals.

OZ Born? Winnipeg Born? Is there a difference?

When Juan Flores traveled to Manitoba he told me that this is the most ancient gathering site on the Earth and that is why he made the journey North to Canada. He told me his trip was to "complete the energies".

Is it perhaps the site connected with the 26,000 years cycle and turning of the kosmic day?

A place where every 26,000 years we gather to celebrate the return of a Golden Age in a state of awakened existence i.e. the NOW or Newly Ordered World.

Juan Flores during his 2007 visit to Manitoba as he looks out onto the
vast Canadian Prairies.

If it is the centre and we are born of the centre than in the Simpson's episode when they visit Winnipeg and the sign says "we were born here, what's your excuse" it is an all inclusive statement as we were all born from the centre.

Only time and the syncs will tell.

I feel that this is true and I feel we will have full awakened consciousness of it by 2010, otherwise known as the Year We Make Contact - with our higher self that is.

In 2010 Winnipeg's new World Class airport will be complete just in time for the mass gathering.

As well the Manitoba government is already planning a Manitoba Home Coming for that year. I am officially announcing it as a Galactic Home Coming!

As Juan Flores says "All are welcome, and those that do not want to come, they are welcome as well."

A Galactic Home Coming!

An ad for the Globe and Mail, one of Canada's national newspapers. This is an ad that is connected with Vancouver's 2010 hosting of the Olympics. It seems to be making reference to the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy's wish to be back home.



ROAD TO RICHIES. nice blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I found you thru Jake's blog. I really like your take on things.

The OZ reference to 2010 in that Olympics advert is quite nice.

So, I had a huge dream sync with some of the stuff on your blog:

James and win-ipeg. o my gosh.

Check out my post from a few weeks ago:

I actually often dream sync up to images and lessons I will soon learn about (from blogs such as these) but this one was especially potent. In a good way.

Jim said...

Hi cosmicalphabet,

nice post. another G8tor!
syncs beautifully.
i will keep following your stuff.

keep in touch.

take care