Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Kosmic Wine Icaro

I am back from my journey to the Amazon and my rendezvous with the Maestro - Juan Flores. I am officially done the production phase of my film Nosis: A Cinematic Vision Quest and I will now settle into the post-production phase of editing the film. If you haven't see the trailer yet check it out below.

We expect to have the work done by Spring 2009.

I have so much to process from my trip so it often seems daunting to even try to write about it. So I figure short little blog bursts will suffice rather attempting long posts. The footage we shot is great, but it is HD so it will take time to format and edit in order to share with others as I need to upgrade my software. Instead I thought I would share with you one of the most important teachings and facets of Amazonian shamanism - the Icaro.

An Icaro is a song of gratitude for the plants. It is a song sung in exchange for healing imparted by the spirit of a plant to the patients of the healer. During an Ayahuasca ceremony the Ayahuasquero sings these icaros for most of the ceremony, which is usually up to three ours long. Each icaro has a different power and purpose. As an Ayahuasquero, one over time develops what is called Mariri, which is the essence of the various plants the healer is working with and which builds up in his chest. When the Ayahuasquero sings the icaros they interact with the Mariri and provide the power and vibrations necessary to heal the patients.

The Ayahuasca medicine specifically gives the healer increased energy and power to sing these songs. I like to think of it as sonic surgery. Most of all the icaros are mean't to bring happiness to the heart - the key to all healing.

Here is the Maestro singing one that I recorded on my first visit to Mayantuyacu in 2005.

Different ways to learn Icaros are through mentorship with a Maestro Ayahuasquero like Juan Flores, or through one's own dreams and inspiration.

I have found that my own journey in becoming an Ayahuasquero has led me to discover new melodies and I have attained a few Icaros of my own. Juan has encouraged me to follow this path and to compose English one's that still maintain the essence of what he is teaching me. Up until recently all my Icaros have come from him and have been in Spanish, Quechua and Ashanican.

As soon as I got back to Canada I was inspired to create a new Icaro. I call it Kosmic Wine. I recorded it on my computer and threw some images from trip over it. The pictures are from my Father who I brought with me this time (that's a post in itself!). Its a little rough around the edges, but its straight from the heart and that's what matters in the world of Curanderismo.

Kosmic Wine

I heard it through the Ayahuasca vine

peace is coming to earth

and all will be fine

I heard it through the Ayahuasca vine
the Kingdom is here
and now is the time

white dove
bright love
descend on me

white dove bright love
shine through me

white dove bright love
help me see

clearly like the water that flows
dearly like the Lord that knows

cup at my mouth full of the cosmic wine
love fills my body
thank the divine

welcome to the trance that gives you dance
Ayahuasca, Chacruna

thank all of the plants

rise you souls
rejoice as one
shine as the stars I know you are


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

clearly like the water that flows
dearly like the Lord that knows

Jenn said...

I have been hearing and singing this most of the day now! Please accept my waves of gratitude for what you have brought back to share! :D ~*ThanKYoutHankYouThankYouthANKyou*~

hoy said...

Hi, i'm from PerĂº. I'm feeling very proud of our amazonic shamans. I've participated in an ayahuasca session in Lima. I really think world and human life will change in a very short period of time. Everybody will discover that love is what creates the universe, everybody will be happy, everybody will be good intentioned, everybody will be healthy, everybody would like to heal: humans but also animals and plants and even (human)ecosystems. I try everyday to be coherent to what I'm saying even though it very difficult. But the world as a mirror shows me my true effort and I'm proud.

Jim said...

Hello Hoy,

I agree with everything you say. I love your country
and its people. Glad to meet you. What the Amazon has taught me is that peace will be coming to earth very soon. There will be much rejoicing. Keep up spreading the word!

Much love


Jake Kotze said...

I've been feeling lately that we are all in Heaven and the only conspiracy is the silly persistence of thoughts and things telling me otherwise...

Tom Acaronte said...

Hi, very nice blog!

I put a picture of th Wizard of Oz film on the last post of my blog but didnt know why. Now i´m reading about your oz realated syncronicities and somehow it is starting to make sense.

In my case it is all related with crisis,awakening and weird paradoxes happening all the time. Maybe my last (and only) ayahusca trip a couple of months ago has somenthing to do with it. Who knows?

Saludos from Argentina