Monday, December 29, 2008

ON the EVE of Salvation.

I was watching movie trailers the other day and noticed at the beginning of the trailer for Terminator 4: Salvation, there is quick shot of a post-apocalyptic world and we see a battered 7 Eleven sign.

LinkThe words EVE are clearly seen once again and of course highlighted by the Red Line, a symbol for the Good Red Road. EVE, the Mother of the Garden, is our G8way to Salvation through this path.

And we know from previous posts here and at the Blob that 7 Eleven (Oh Thank Heaven!) is resonant with the 11:7 ratio of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A nice wink in Terminator that we are ON the EVE of Salvation.


we are in OZ - the EVE of our Salvation.


Terminator 4 is a full turn of the medicine wheel divided into 4 directions. For a Sundancer, a full cycle is to dance for 4 years in a row in honour of the 4 directions. 4 is a number of completion.

Perhaps that is why I am seeing 4:44 all the time NOW.

Happy New Years Everybody




Jake Kotze said...

We can see Christian (Christ) Bale as John Connor (JC/Jesus Christ) driving his car through the crack of the 7 11 sign. The sun/son is low on the HorusZOne
Nice Circle R for Robin or copyright.

An amazing sync!

Directed by McG

Accidental Alchemist said...

I dig the medicine wheel cross quarter association. Eyem excited to see how your gonna tie it in the future.

O thank H 'e' a 'v' 'e' n