Sunday, March 8, 2009

Queen of the Heavenly Forest

The feminine half of the medicinal brew known as Ayahuasca, is called Chacruna. She is considered Queen of the Forest. The great Mother of all plants. The Queen of Heaven.

She is a jungle plant whose leaves contain the DMT side of the admixture. She comes to you as a woman of light.

Near the beginning of my Ayahuasca journey, a few years ago, I had a powerful Ayahuasca experience where I fell asleep. When I woke up I went through an experience that I can only describe as comprehending and living the whole span of the evolution of life on Earth in a matter of seconds. Next I was rocketing through the cosmos so fast and furious that it truly STARtled me, and just as I was thinking to myself HOLY FUCK!!!! a woman of light used her hand to stop me and I suddenly felt like I was being cushioned and slowed down as if I was in a cloud. The message was "Not so fast honey, take it easy."

Next I was floating through a valley of neon dancing rainbows, which cheered me up immensely, and then all I remember was falling deep into an abyss of darkness where I was witness to a source of light and beauty that all I could think of was "This is clearly the source of all creativity. All art, everything is inspired by this source." Next I distinctly remember thinking that perhaps it is good to experience this level of revelation slowly, rather than all at once.

It is taught that the Queen paints the visions of the experience. Maestro Flores has also taught me that by taking Chacruna you help yourself and others remember each other. For instance, I can take the plant and people who don't take it will begin to remember me from our past lives together. She awakens all.

Below is a short video of the Maestro singing an icaro for the Chacruna plant. An icaro is a magical song of gratitude to the plants. In exchange for the vibrations of the various songs, the plant spirits impart powers to the shaman and healing to his/her patients. He is also drawing a picture of the plant as he sings the song. The idea is that by singing this song of gratitude for the plant, and by drawing it, the specific plant spirit that is being invoked, downloads information and teaches one how to prepare the plant medicinally.

Check it out:

At the end of the Maestro's first visit to Manitoba in 2006, we where in ceremony and I remember distinctly hearing the most fine and soft female voice. She told me "I am here NOW." I knew this to be the voice of Chacruna.

I would equate CHACRUNA with JUNO, or JUNIPER, or even now JENNIFER, perhaps simply just spiriT.


Final Note: I just noticed that on the JUNO awards website the design includes leaves, very much like the leaves of the Chacruna plant used to make Ayahuasca.


Jon Kidd said...

Icaro for the Chacruna plant. These Icaros are starting to grow on me...or their making me grow. Something about the sincerity in the vibration.

I'm really considering Ayahuasca for me and the Mrs. She suffers from bad migraines and nothing really works except powerful opiates. Worth a chance. Graham Hancock, as I said before, endorses its proper use.

WV in blue yotomara

A Few Shots to Shaman said...


Jim said...

Well Jon, I do recommend it with the right place and setting. Juan is good because he would do more than Ayahuasca, he would diagnose the issue and work on that on many levels with the plant(s). I only pump it up because I have seen how it has worked for people (and myself). As Juan says, the miracles are not graced simply divinely, but rather the miracles are in the plants. Its very rational to me. Contact me anytime about it.

Right back at ya FSS.

Much love brothers.

R Arrowsmith said...

I loved seeing the video of the Maestro performing the icaro, and think you must have done something pretty special in a previous lifetime to have been taken under his wing.

After reading about Graham Hancocks experiences with Ayahuasca, and after absorbing everything I could find on the internet (about a year ago) I was so eager to try it that I bought the Pervian bark and chacruna from Ebay. I know...not the most sensible way to go about it, but due to money restraints a full trip to Peru just wasn't feasible...and I just had a very strong desire to experience it.

So I followed the instructions found on, did a gentle detox a day or two before hand, and then spent a day preparing my 'brew'. I planned on consuming it the next day but I had a taste that night (and I mean just a tiny amount). Didn't feel much until I went to bed and felt my muscles beginning to spasm, as if little bolts of electricity were being fired. It gradually eased off and I fell asleep wondering what on earth a bigger dose might feel like.
The next night came, I was excited but entered into the experience with a profund sense of respect for the plant. I knew I meddling with things which where out of my league. But after consuming a reasonable amount of the substance I felt nothing. I felt a mild change in perception but nothing tangible. Looking back I see that this certainly wasn't the way to go about it. I don't know what happened to the 'brew' but it seemed to have lost its magic. What I did take away from the experience was the feeling that there was something very special about Ayahuasca. I got a taste of it that first night, but I vowed that the next time i would take it, it would be in the right circumstances, with the right people, at the right time. Until these things combine I'm going to hang on, but having hooked up with yourself Jim, I feel like I'm one step closer to the experience, and who knows, maybe I'll swing past Winnipeg one of these days/weeks/months/years to hear you chant your own icaros.
Who knows what the future has in store for us all....

Jim said...

I believe the future holds Ayahuasca ceremonies for the masses. So I am sure I will be seeing you all in ceremony in due time.

RA - glad to hear of your journey with the plants. Very glad indeed. Ayahuasca has may subtle powers as well. Often people who do not "feel" anything are still undergoing changes. I am sure she is working with you day in and day out already.

In actuality, I believe I went through an intense kundalini awakening a few months before I first went to peru, met Juan ands took ayahuasca. At the time I thought focusing on spiritual things was misguided energy. I believe my meeting with the Maestro and his medicine was felt by me as shock waves rippling back in "time". I felt it before I took it.

As for the Maestro and me, it is clear there are many people waking up to the fact that many of us have worked together before.

and yes i agree who knows what's going to happen.
that's the beauty of fractal mystery we bear witness to.


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