Thursday, March 26, 2009

Manitoba Watching for Return of Red C

So over at the Blob a few days ago, Jake Kotze, a South African immigrant to Manitoba, Canada, (my home Province) mused about synchromystic Red C/Sea's that he notices in the pop culture that he studies. It is a beautiful post and a thread of gnosis worth reading and following. Check it out here.

Today as I was working with a bunch of Grade 4 students making claymation videos, It dawned on me that as he put this post out, that the Red River began to Flood. It was in all the news, and this week as I was working at a school, a group of Grade 4s made a video where Indian Jones and Winnipeg is hit by a Tsunami, and Indy survives it because he surfs on it. The Tsunami even takes out the Golden Boy statue. Then there where all the Blob videos, and to think I had nothing to do with it. I like to give them total freedom in their ideas (except I have to minimize gory violence as its an elementary school) Kids are synctasticly astute.

Above: this is a still from a video called Wacko World. What happens is that the big white Blob eats all the small coloured ones and so he then becomes RAINBOW coloured.

Here is the Wacko World video:

Above: This is a still from Winnipeg Destruction. Notice the Golden Boy, Indiana Jones, Red Monster and big Tsunami wave. What are these kids trying to say?

Here is the Winnipeg Destruction video. Its very short.

Anyways, at first today I thought that all the recent blog talk about Red and Seeing Red seemed to be very synchromystically connected with a very real Red Flood that is emerging in both mine and Jake's city of residence - Winnipeg. The river that Winnipeg is cut in half by is called the Red River.

Above: This picture is taken at The Forks. This is where the Red River meets the Assiniboine River. It has been a meeting place for thousands of years.

Here in the city one can't escape it's myth making grandeur. Today the news was all about the ICE/ISIS JAMS. (see image below)

It was not until late tonight as I sat down to my computer that I was downloaded the thought to google "MANITOBA RED SEA." Sure enough, there was the exact headline and analogy I was searching for. Perfect. Here its is. Take note the article is a week old. Things are much worse/better now. The military is on standby.

Manitoba watching for return of Red sea


MARCH 15, 2009
WINNIPEG — Manitobans are keeping a wary eye on North Dakota where officials are girding for a major offensive against severe spring flooding in the Red River which flows north into Canada. North Dakota politicians held summits in Fargo and Grand Forks during the weekend to review the readiness of flood-protection measures after the National Weather Service declared Friday there is a 98 per cent chance the region is in store for major flooding. The state was blasted by a mean winter storm last week in which 25 centimetres of snow fell. Plus, the ground was already saturated from near-record rainfall last autumn, raising the possibility that water levels this year could meet or exceed the amount of the 1997 Flood of the Century. North of the border, the warning has prompted some Manitobans to take notice. Grant Empson said he worries about a quick spring thaw before river ice breaks up. It would hurt his hemp-processing factory, which sits at the junction of the Roseau and Red rivers. "It doesn’t look good," said Empson, who’s already doing some emergency preparedness of his own by stocking up on bags to fill with sand. The next Manitoba flood forecast will be issued Friday. It will include the results of snow surveys taken on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. In February, the province said Manitoba could suffer its fifth-worst spring flood with parts of Highway 75 to the U.S. border covered in water.

A very literal RED SEA/C is emerging right around Manitoba and North Dakota. Here in the 'Peg, we are preparing for a major flood. Watching it evolve is fascinating. Personally, I see it as a symbol of the spiritual flood that is upon us. The Scarlett Heart Sea is sising within us. We are drowning in the blood from our hearts.

I have a slow seeping flood in my own basement, my mom's house is being ring dyked and she has to move out.

The Flood is upon us.



Jon Kidd said...

Whenever I hear 'Red River' I can't help but think of the red river cart. Which changed technology for the natives by giving them the wheel. It also floated.


Arrowsmith said...

I find the childrens Tidal Wave video eerily familiar to the dream I had which lead me to investigate the C-Horse in my Surfing the Rainbow Wave post.

I've always interpreted it as a 'Wave of Energy', but considering the Flood which happened in Winnipeg, maybe a real life Wave/Flood isn't completely out of the question: As Above, So Below.
Maybe this Wave is going to hit us on multiple levels, Physically and Spiritually, and maybe the Red River also points to the one flowing within our veins.
Just my two cents. Thanks Jim.

Jake Kotze said...


Love those connects between our environment here in the Peg and the Red C/Sea.

Glad your around to notice and highlight these things Jim.

Those videos are great.

I never felt The Blob resonated that well with me and was kinda perplexed by its association to my work.

Recently, partly because of Ayahuasca I have started to C how it fits.

Jim said...

well, i find it funny because their is deep resonance in much of what the synchromystics are highlighting in pop culture with my everyday life experience. its neat how it bleeds through everywhere. i am more a news watcher than a movie watcher, so it works well with us doing all this work in our own way.

red as blood as flowing love is how i C it. a bleeding is love without boundaries and allowed flow and fill up the sea of our existence.

Arrow - yes everything happens on so many levels all at once. i believe seeing the spiritual symbolism allows for a more peaceful integration of what could be perceived as tragedy.

Kidd - funny how the natives had medicine wheels but not technological wheels.

StrangEye said...


My fellow Pegger... Ever heard of the oft seen and famous red ball Manitoba "UFO" nicknamed "Red Charlie"?? (ref: Chris Rutkowski)

Jon Kidd,

and Red River carts were usually drawn by OXen, or as we like to call them in Manitoba - Bulls.


I'll vote for the combo physical/spiritual Red C and add yet another... the energy of the mystical Red Stone.

Jake and Jim,

could one you two 'Thompson Twins' PLEASE send me an email so I can contact you? (my email link available through my profile) It is rather important ! (And now I see as highly synchronous too)


StrangEye said...


I should also add that I had NOT seen this latest article of yours until about an hour ago...

Much energy in the Peg these days!


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

unbelievable.... Have to read it again.

bobby said...

okay,so im looking at the golden boy and the overhead shots of winnipeg and my five years old boy asks for an explanation..i tell him about synchronicity and to be aware of it.he immediately said,"we saw a golden boy today when we were out.(a statue in castlemilk in glasgow scotland.the statue is of a boy with binoculars staring into the distance he is reminding me of this i am scrolling down your page whistling,"Im so lonely" from team america which has been our choice of song for the last three days and my mouse highlights the Kim Jong-Il link on your we go to google images(my boy wants to see the real person and the first image we enlarge on has kim jong il and a soldier to his left holdin up binoculars where next?

Jim said...

love it bobby. that's the flow and those darn kids are portals too it.

take care

Amelia Wilson said...
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