Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have been thinking lately about all the HOOPLA made around the AIG bailout and executive bonuses scandal. It dominates the news and has occupied much of President manitObama's time and energy.

What I now realize is how much the AIG fits right in with the rise of ISIS...

Above: This is a picture of a recent referendum in Venezuala. Si, which is yes in spanish, when repeated seems to wink to ISIS quite clearly.

... and the crash of the Egonomy.
Above: A T-shirt made by the Blue Blood clothing line. Money, New York, the Heart, all seem to fit well with GAIA revealing herself now.

AIG spelt backwards gives us GIA, which sounds like GAIA, or GEYEA is another way of looking at it.
Mother Earth is speaking to us and humbling us.

Above: GAIA the Greek Goddess, known to the Romans as TERRA.

GAIA is a Greek Mother Goddess who brought order to the Earth out of the Chaos. She is considered the everlasting foundation of the Gods of Mt. Olympus. It was GAIA that saved ZEUS from being swallowed by his Father CRONOS, allowing him to one day overcome his Father.

Perhaps that is why the AIG building in NEW YORK CITY is made to look like a sNOW capped Mountain. GaIA is honoring ZEUS, King of the Mountain. The sNOW capped top of the Mountain is the goal of all initiates who quest to understand the mysteries of the UNIverse.

At the top of the AIG building is an observatory, now closed to the public. The observatory fittingly has an 8 rayed star and marble floor that resonates the Pool of the Black Star found in the Manitoba Legislature building.

Above: An old picture of the AIG observatory.

Above: The Pool of the Black Star at the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg.

It looks like there use to be a big A in the middle of the star, now it is a golden globe, which seems to be an homage to GaIA , complete with zodiac and all.

GAIA rises and is bringing order out of the chaos once again...



Final note: Increasingly, I find that all Goddesses resonate each other and mix in their meaning, myth and resonance with today's world. Be it ISIS, GAIA, JUNO, VENUS etc..., it is all Goddess energy. That is why they seem to merge and lose defined identity in many of my posts.


Eunus Noe said...

Really fascinating. In a former life, I got really wrapped up in 9/11 and I seem to remember that AIG was a big player in that. Like, they insured WTC 1, 2, and 7 if memory serves. I really like how you turned this around. I need to think about this more, and maybe revisit AIG's relationship to 9/11. There has to be a metaphoric connection between the these two things: 9/11 & economic crisis. Collapse! and the goddess. Humm. Lots to think about.

tommy said...

AIG = egg

AI G = Artificial Intelligence 7 (as in 7 veils or 7 Chakra Centers)

Jennifer Lopez "unveiled" herself in the movie "Gia"

1+9+7 = 17 (number of Osiris, also a "square" denoting Order)

I (third eye center of brain) <3 (heart center of body) NY (shifted over OZ, in this case with "money" there instead is still Oz as in "ounces")

WV - Masts

Jim said...

AIG = EGG - the egg has cracked!
nice one tommy.

yes AIG seems to play a huge role in so many ways. you are right EN it does connect to 9/11 as well. i just scratched the surface clearly. i am sure more exploration of AIG will reveal much.

and EN in a former life I got warpped up into 9/11 as well. Seems to have happened to many of us.

i like the money/NY connection on the t-shirt. it also connects with all my work on winnie-the-pooh and his addication to hoNeY.

MONEY or HONEY - what's it going to be?

peace friends

R. T. said...

haha great just removed a bit of my coming from nowhere headache this morning.

You got me thinking now about why Sasha Baron's AliG is called so.

Jim said...

i spelt wrapped as warpped. nothing like
the truth to come out of a typo.

Arrowsmith said...

I love trying to bend my head around the Paradox that things are Coming Together and yet on the surface they seem to be dramatically falling apart. Even here in the UK thousands of jobs are being lost a week and businesses are disappearing like there's no tomorrow. Like your previous UP/DOWN post, things are breaking into pieces and yet merging into One.

I also like how we write about something (like AIG), and completely overlook the obvious (like EGG). I seem to do this all the time!
I've found many Cracked Egg syncs which depict the Egg as our planet: Mother Earth/Gaia herself.
EGG/AIG/GAI...great stuff!

tommy said...

Well, the "egg/aig" thing comes from growing up in the southern states... Appalachian folk literally say "aigs" instead of "eggs". :)

It seems like people are synchronistically being pulled away from that which is intentionally false in order to see the truth.

Jim said...

yes. AIG - EGG is beautiful. Thanks Tommy and RA.

Makes me think of Humpty Dumpty.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

The King's men are trying but its cracked and the blue bird is born.

Be well all

Arrowsmith said...

Nay problem Jim. For some reason I thought of the Humpty song this morning and an hour later I find it in your comment section.

Talking about the color Blue, I'm curious how the Bear Baloo (Blue) from the Jungle Book figures into your sync-equations.
In this pic we see him looking at the EGG in the form of a Coconut, or COCOONut.
EGG/GIA resonating Blue Bears...whatever next.

toure said...

The Gaia Egg... of course. Nice job.

"..Jennifer Lopez 'unveiled' herself in the movie 'Gia'..."

I think you meant Angelina Jolie... Jolie has a pretty heavy Gaia synch-web surrounding her films already; Alexander, Beowulf, Kung Fu Panda, Tomb Raider:Cradle of Life... and she was nominated for an
Osiris/Oscar for playing a mother who had to regain her lost child in Changeling.

Baloo = Blue. Niiice.

AIG resonates with the mother goddess as the dollar resonates with Isis ($=IS=Isis)...the sacred feminine is reflected in the queen bee, Honey = Money... I've been doing some curious analysis of Bees on my blog; just in time.

What the heck is happening you guys? Things are Coming Together and falling apart, we are reaching out to each other and reaching deeper into ourselves... where does this contradiction lead? How can we be approaching both duality and singularity?

wv: pations (patience?)