Thursday, March 19, 2009

One must go DOWN to go UP

I am working on a big personal post about Winnie-the-Pooh. I will post it soon, but I am in no rush with it. As part of my work on it I finally bought, and I am now reading, the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. I had just finished reading it on the Transit Bus I had taken DOWNtown. I was walking to my meeting, with everything to do with Pooh in my head, when I noticed this duo of billboards high UP above me.

Now what is interesting about these billboards is that they are for two clearly separate reasons and paid for by two separate organizations, yet they match incredibly and both have the word DOWN on them. One is for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and the other for the Winnipeg Police Service traffic division. They are both Red, White and Black as well. What I like most of all is that both the slogans epitomize what I was reading in the TAO of POOH moments before.

That about sums it UP.

It should be noted that after I took this picture I looked up the website for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and found out that this Saturday is World Down Syndrome Day. It also happens to be the Spring Equinox - March 21st. March being the third month makes me think of 3 - 2 - 1 Liftoff!

What strikes me most about this logo is the Earth as a Heart and with an M and 21 imbedded in it all. 21 being half of 42, or the reverse of 12 which is half of 24 which is the reverse of 42 and on and on it goes, where it ends....nobody knows. (well - over the rainbow it ends, but that is infinity, so best not to think about it too much.)

Now what I should also mention by this point is that in my Winnie-the-Pooh blogging meditations I have been thinking about the word UP as being a reversed PU, which can sound the same as POOH, which of course is HOOP as well. But the PU/UP connection got my attention and so I have been following its lead, which has led me to the new Disney/Pixar film coming out soon called UP.

I will go into the movie UP in my larger POOH post, but think ascension into the clouds kind of stuff.

So as I looked UP and was made to think about DOWN I continued my walk around the corner and onto Albert St.. Right away I notice a chinese restaurant with 7UP on its sign. 7UP or G-POOH. NOW that I was looking dOWN I saw UP.

I also saw that the address flush with it was none other than 42, which if you follow this blog does not only point us to Jupiter but as well to the answer of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Moments later I notice my friend's vintage clothing store called HOOPers, and UP further I traveled....


To come soon: ManiPOOHba, 2010 and the Spirit of Winnipeg.




A Few Shots to Shaman said...

And he lived under the name of Sanders.....

Was thinking of you and The Tao of Pooh on the way home... Was going to suggest it to you, I shit you not!

I guess because you hang out with early birds that your always one step ahead of me.... Makes me smile.

PS I would guess if I would be considered anything it would be a Taoist.... Of course I talk to much to be a master, though.

Love and Thanks for making me think.....

Arrowsmith said...

Just Slow Down. Wise words indeed and very appropriate for me at this moment in time.

Since starting the new Blog I've gone UP a gear and completely forgot to slow back DOWN. This week I decided to take a break from the whole thing and feel much better as a result. Having aligned with my 'Centre Portal' again I feel recharged, and this post felt like icing on the cake.
Thanks Jim!

Word Veri: unteu
unTao, untie, 12

Arrowsmith said...

p.s. couldn't help but notice the Red Cracked Egg sign on the photo displaying the two billboards. Brings to mind : As Above, So Below.

Word Veri: sofskin (in Blue)

Jim said...

thanks buddies. yes to slow down while going up is always a challenge, but the job of integrating the ascension for all. my whole awakening process has been learning to slow down. juan always says "little by little" which then soon becomes a lot.

yes FSS, under the name Sanders. as you will see in my next post, the name that Pooh lives under is actually inspired by my grandfather who knew Shepard who drew the illustrations for the book. and of course winnie-the-pooh is named after winnipeg the bear.

anyways, my little personal rabbit hole.

have a great weekend guys. i am sure we will be mixing it up in the ether some how.

Jon Kidd said...

Why didn't you post this two days ago? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? just kidding.

I was thinking about a Pooh post lately. But you thankfully took the reins since he seems to be your familiar(cartoon familiar). Plus not rushing will ensure a good flow fo show.

Looking forward to it teacher.

Used to be Eeyore now I feel like Tigger. The bouncy fool. Its fun.

Have a good weekend too.


Jim said...

hey Jon

i think we all share the same mind clearly. funny stuff.
i have a soft spot for tigger. i think i have been tigger and now am settling into being pooh.

2010 - Year of the Tiger

peace yall

Jim said...

also, i presume pooh will stink up all of our minds soon now that we have acknowledged him in the syncrosphere.

have you seen the UP trailers. Of course there is a big Peacock bird and talking dogs.

will post the pooh rant after the weekend

Jon Kidd said...

You couldn't be more right Mr Sanders. I wanted to send this privately but I just said fuck it anyways...

I often talk about throwing out the T.V. in my household. I find it disturbs me for the most part. But once in a while my mind grants me clear mind to (see )truly (see )

I mentioned me being Eeyore and becoming Tigger. I must be truthful. I am still that donkey downer. After putting my one kid to bed I sat on the couch and pressed buttons until I saw-

The new Adventures of Winnie the pooh.

Its black and white title screen stopped my button mashing. To sum up the episode. Tigger teaches Eeyore to have joy and fun in his life. After teaching Eeyore, Tigger ends up bragging about being popular causing Eeyore to become envious of of Tigger and decides he must copy him to attain pure joy through popularity. He paints himself Tigger and ends up annoying the shit out of everyone on the 100 acre. After Tigger forms a group separate from Donkey, they conspire to force clean the paint off Eeyore. Upon arrival they find Eeyore on the other side of the broken fence..not Tigger two but Eeyore. I sure you can imagine a conclusion.

Watching this made my hair stand up not in fear.

wv 'stori'blue then 'dismap'red

Jon Kidd said...

I really can't believe I found this on youtube...

paul said...

Hi Werme,

Reading the Pooh story by AA milne; tied it into some of the pointers from the Blog - some of them go way back.


thanks, paul.