Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Original G-Twenty Twen

Today the G-20 Leaders meet in London, England. It will be a desperate attempt to manage the crISIS unfolding globally right now. Spirit is doing her work and no government or place of power can steer her away from her path. The only option is to be humble in the face of it all and to answer any challenge that comes our way with love and compassion.

It is perfectly timed that the leaders of the G-2o Nations met with the Queen yesterday on April 1st. April is the month of Venus. Chris Knowles over at the Secret Sun elaborates on the origins of celebrating April 1st as Fool's Day.

Perfectly timed with our move into the Venus month of April is the transit of the planet from being an evening star to becoming a morning star. This is also perfectly timed with the G-20 meeting in London with the Heads of Nations and the Queen.

Above: April Fool's Day meeting with the Queen - "Joke's on them!"

I see the morning star rise of Venus this April as a rise in Spirit and Love, and a realignment of all that resists such force.

What really made me mention the G-20 was the similarity I saw in the logo for the G-20 and the logo for Winnipeg.

What are these logo's trying to say? Is it the sun rising above the Earth? Is it Venus rising in the morning before the Sun does?

G20 makes me think of what I have referred to as Twenty Twen, a phase between 2010 and 2012 in which humanity fully enters into the awakened NOW. In this time period, time does not exist, so what we call two years is actually all the same time. This is true all the time, but perhaps in Twenty Twen awareness that All there IS, IS NOW, will be common knowledge around the world.

I snapped the above picture the other day while out walking around Winnipeg. At first glance and with help of the wind, a poster for DJ Twenty Twenty looked like it said Twenty Twen.

Seeing this helped me connect Twenty Twen with 20/20, as in perfect EYE/I sight.

Above: This image for 20/20 eye sight that I found on the internet reveals the relationship between 20/20, Twenty Twen and OZ, as the words OZ are at the top of the sight chart.

Above: An album cover for the band 20/20 that has everything needed on it to strengthen the sync thread. From the Grid of Space, to the checkerboard floor of duality and of course some shoes (soles/souls).

In Twenty Twen (2010-2012) we will have perfect sight of the Truth of our existence. Contact will be made with our Higher Self.

A little bit more searching on this Twenty Twen sync thread reveals much. Perhaps my favorite sync is the classic stoner movie Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

In the movie there is a scene where Chris Tucker's character "Smokey" shows a $20 bag of KroniK Weed to "Pastor Clever" or Bernie Mac.

(Pastor Clever ) excuse me, brother...
( Pastor Clever ) what we call drugs at 74th street Baptist church, we call a sinny-sin-sin...
( Smokey ,~ ) well, around here; between Normandie and Western we call this here a little twenty-twen-twen!!!
( CuBe ,~ ) Weeeaallllll XD
( Smokey ,~ ) Niihhhgaaaaaaaaahhhh... :P

Weed and Twenty Twen fits perfectly into the Centreportal matrix as I have already blogged about the connection of Marijuana with 420/42. Today as I write this post it is April 2, or 42. Perfect. Coming soon is also April 20th, or 4/20, which is International Ganja day as well as my birthday.

The sync floW is strong today.

I wonder how to be a STONEr fits into it all? Perhaps STONErs are like the rejected stone that is Christ.

I also found a funny definition of Twen on a site called This is what it says:

(adj.) A word used to describe someone that is not, but acts, or looks like they are twelve years old. The more twen a person is, the more they look, or act, like an actual twelve year old.

(When viewing the film "Die Hard", the scene where you first see John McClane's chauffeur.)

Me: Haha, that guy looks about twelve!
Danny: Yeah, he is SO twen!

This definition is perfect as it connects the 10 and the 12 together in the same way I am suggesting it does for 2010 and 2012.

This whole Twenty Twen thing all started during an Ayahuasca ceremony with Jake from the Blob. After the ceremony, as we chatted about life, everything and the universe, I said Twenty Twen when what I mean't to say was Twenty Ten (2010). Ayahuasca is like that.

The G20 is meeting with Queen in London. They seem to be forming a New World Order to be born out of the current economic crISIS. If you follow Centreportal you would know that I see this emerging N.W.O as merely a pointer to the N.O.W. (Newly Ordered World). The framework for a peaceful global society is being formed and all that needs to be infused is the Love NOW.

Clearly Twenty Twen is soon upon us.

Today as I finish up this post I realize it is Thursday that I do so. I then notice the tag line for Friday - the movie.

"A Lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday."

That's interesting isn't it.

Because tomorrow is Friday, just like the name of the movie that highlights Twenty Twen, and Friday is named after the planet Venus. So not is Venus only becoming the morning star tomorrow in it's own month of April, but it will also do so on it's special day of the week, which just so happens to be the day after the G20 meetings in London.

Perhaps Venus the Morning Star is heralding the rise of Twenty Twen that is soon to be.

Why do I feel like tomorrow is a big day?

Happy Friday.



A FINAL NOTE: As I started this little post yesterday I was eating a cookie that I always buy at a cafe I work at often. The cookie is known as an Imperial Cookie. It has been one of my favorite cookies my whole life. As I start to eat it I notice that it has a white circle with a red dot in the middle. A Red Eye perhaps? Just like the Red Eye/Dot in the City of Winnipeg Logo. I wonder why they call these cookies Imperial? Maybe they are the Queen's favorite too.


Jon Kidd said...

Hi Jim. I'll try and kept this short. I also understand that what I type is speculation from my soul.

The logos for G420 summit and the Winnipeg logo hint to me a focus to the sky. I think that they might be pointing to the next terrorist attack. I believe there is evidence pointing towards another 911 attack based on a hoax. This hoax will be similar to war of the worlds hoax.

That is what I see happening this year. That is why we watch the stars.

Peace brother

toure said...

Twenty-Twen-Tweennn.... lol.

That was by far the most repeated line in the movie around my way. No coincidence.

That youtube clip inspired me; I forgot Bernie Mac played the reverend. Jake brought him up on The Blob, but a friend of mine suggested I do a post on him earlier this year. Before his unexpected and untimely passing; he starred with Brad Pitt in the Ocean's 11 series, with C. Rock in the future-predicting Head of State, and sold Shia LeBouf the Bumblebee Car in Transformers.

I'm interested in this "Twen" concept of yours. I'm assuming you mean something more than just "time will fly" during this period, it will seem to go quickly because of so much cosmic/cultural activity. How is it that our view of time will change in order to not see this time as, well, time? Will we be less aware of the changes in moment we now call time?

wv: culthot

tommy said...

I seem to be in a bit of floW myself as one of my eyes is completely red besides the iris and pupil (probably infected or something, allergies) in the same eye as Robert Downey Jr. in the Charlie Bartlett poster on Jake's blog, and I am someone who could be described as "twen" (being born premature and growing up around smokers has its effect on one's stature and development). I have felt a bit of "time falling apart" (egg cracking and shattering) recently, and I feel pretty good today actually. Happy 4/2!

Jake Kotze said...

Twos (2) often resemble mirrored S depending on font. Making 20 (XX/Aeon Tarot etc) OZ...

Kewl stuff Jim


wv: iming

Arrowsmith said...

Loved it Jim. We both seem to be thinking the same things at the same time!

I couldn't help but notice that TWEN = NEWT.
I've recently linked the Alien franchise (Cracked Eggs & Elephants) to this approaching Shift, and the character Newt (tweN) is the one who The Weaver has to save from the Black Egg-laying Queen. The 'Ripley' waves of Aquarius free the Newt from her prison.

My daughters favorite show was the TWEENies and here's a pic of them Riding the Rainbow Wave, complete with Multi-colored Hand Prints.

Although I've not smoked the Weed for a long time, this particular Plant helped expand my awareness during at a critical time in my Awakening. It helped me relax long enough to make that first (most important) Crack in the EgO.

Have a great Freya Day!


A Few Shots to Shaman said...