Friday, April 3, 2009

Mercury Rising

In the above graphic, the G20 is in a White EGG/AIG, the RED line going downwards is like the Crack in the EGG that is developing right NOW. This is important for everyone as the BBC ad says. BBC = 223 - Which is the reverse of 322, a number associated with the Yale based Skull & Bones fraternity. Whatever that means.

Very fitting that this picture emerges of a platter of sweets during the G-20 meetings in London. The RED dot/eye cakes seem very similar to the Imperial cookies I often eat and that I mentioned in my last post.

Mmmm... Imperial cookies that lead to the Royal Sweet Life.

This picture shows in the middle two G20 podiums signs which together gives us GG/77/OZ
as well as 20/20 vision, or XX marks the spot.

I want to mention again that I find it great that the word OZ is so clearly presented on the generic EYE chart. 20/20 is the RED line of course.

Here the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi is seen with the RED pin/dot/eye that all the leaders where seen to be wearing during the meeting. He is also Halo'd by a black sun rising above him.

Notice the RED EYES on all the Leaders. Funny how it is being reported now that the RED storm is shrinking on Jupiter.

The Last Supper of the New World Order and the First Supper of the Newly Ordered World. Don't the flower bouquets on the table look like the flowers from the movie the Fountain?

The Holy Grail is achieved. The Golden Vessel is complete.

13 People killed in NY and North Korea launches a missile as Venus becomes the Morning Star.

"A lot can happen between Thursday and Saturday" Friday -the movie.

I don't have a picture of it, but today in the Winnipeg Free Press there was a graphic of the Red River as it flows from North Dakota up through Winnipeg. The diagram in the paper had the river filled in with the colour red up to where it was currently Cresting. This diagram looked a lot like a thermometer with its mercury rising. The Alchemical Fire is heating up...

As The Red Sea is rising here in the prairies it does seem like things are heating up.

Maybe this has something to do with the patron saint of Winnipeg - Mercury himself.

The news of the day in Winnipeg is now the threat posed by ICE/ISIS JAMS that create unpredictable rapid flooding. Things could get really wet and RED here by Easter.

ISIS JAMS and POTHOLES are causing havoc in Winnipeg the news is reporting. POTHOLES sounds a lot like PORTHOLES to me. Or check out this story I just found.

"Ice jam cutter falls through ice" which goes on to report that "A Wolverine ice cutter fell through the ice north of Selkirk last night."

Just in time for the Movie to be released soon.

Even the Bison mascot for MTS, our telephone company, is now flying with the aid of a big RED EYE. Maybe its helping him keep above the rising waters.

The Bison's RED engine booster makes me think that the original RED EYE is the FIRE.

Peace yall.


I will leave you with a music video for Sean Macdonald, a friend of mine born in Winnipeg. Its a great song and it has great synchs. Its for his song GOD.


Jake Kotze said...

Hi Jim

There is a film called Mercury Rising.
It stars Bruce Willis and Alec Baldwin.
Alec mentions Winnipeg in 3O Rock..

Might be worth a watch..

Jim said...

i think there is something there with mercury in a thermometer being red and which can rise with hotter temperatures..maybe i will watch the movie. thanks.
see ya soon...

Jon Kidd said...

Jim sANDers,
Looking up the difference between Heat and temperature might interest you. Heat is a measure of energy. Temperature is the speed atoms move. So Hermes being a speedy fellow is connected naturally to increases of temperature. Atoms move faster as the heat hits the bulb. Ice melts and things expand. The big bang is all around us.

Red eyes glow as our fundus takes white light from a flash and reflects it back red. More prominent in lighter colored eyes. I would guess and say that white rabbits have the most prominent reflective red in there eyes.

Have a good weekend. Peace.

tommy said...

The red line on the first picture is interesting, it seems to reflect the current Solar Minimum (why, yes, I did take this from Etemananki...) or even Timewave Zero.

This is probably stating the obvious, but I mentioned on my blog that XX looks like a square and compass, and makes the G-20(XX) thing make a little more sense...

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Got sick on Thursday in the hospital all day.... Watched movies all Friday and just had an appetite for sweets.... The Portal always makes me feel better....

Hey Kidd, Was E-mailing a friend the other day when I realized that Hot and Cold on most faucets are Hot(red) on the Left Cold(blue) on the Right... Hot molecules push away from each other Cold Contract.... Massively interesting to me....

StrangEye said...

Jake which episode does Alec Baldwin (the (ct)HULU Alien spokesman) mention Winnipeg??

Jim I look that BBC Banner on the G20... (from left to right as though the progression of a timeline or a graph line over time)
The graph line is going down until the G20, then goes up for a while then makes a steady decline to "0" !!?!

And some more Mercury Rising in the comments from March 30th over at the Secret Sun


StrangEye said...

(Logan / Lo-gee-an) Wolverine's costume is Blue and Gold (yellow)

3 claws (nails) 1 for body, 1 for mind, 1 for spirit...
The 3 "Christ" Nails which pinned him to the cross. (one set of three on each hand, 2 hands 6 total)

A cross can be made of 6 squares (or two pieces of wood). When made of 6 squares it folds up into the 3 dimensional object known as the Cube. The Cube symbolizes the physical/material universe. (or perfect Ashlar to the masons).

And of course, his real name is James (JIM) Howlett


Arrowsmith said...

Nice follow up post. I don't know what it means but I always pick off the Red Eye Cherry on top of those cakes and give them to someone who likes them. Have I been rejecting the Red Eye all along!!! :D

I saw the movie Mercury Rising a while back when I was looking into syncs involving Bruce Willis. I found two movies which featured him alongside a Solar Cross in the post image. One was Mercury Rising (notice the Sun symbol to the left of his head), and the other was The Jackal (notice the Black Sun in the title).

Anubis, the Jackal God of the Underworld, was linked in a number of ways to the Sirius star system by author Robert Temple. The stuff in his book 'The Sirius Mystery' is quite mind blowing when it comes to his Osiris/Isis/Anubis research. Hermes was also known as Hermanubis, and they often had the Gold Man with the head of the Jackal.

I find the Mercury Rising (Hermes) and The Jackal (Anubis) connection via Brcue Wills perfectly fitting. Let's also recall that the actor G.Oldman (Hermes) played Sirius Black (the Black Dog/Jackal/Anubis) combining these two Gods once again.

Mercury Rising, the Phoenix/Sirius the Kundalini Rising next?!

Going completely off topic, I was wondering if you've ever heard/read about Hank Wesselman? He's a shaman in Hawaii who I think you might find interesting. 2 free vids can be found on if you ever fancy checking him out.

Peace brother.

StrangEye said...

Red Eye
Eye (I)
E-ye (IAH/JAH)

(ponder it)

The EYE (I) can be the "red stone".
As we discussed at BAR-EYE
"It calls out from beyond" ;)
to put the JAH (essence) in the RED (stone).

Bi-Son (dual (two) Son/Sun)

Jim, since you list Winnie the (Arco/BEAR) pooh as one of your favs in your profile, here's:
Winnie-the-Pooh and EYE'OR 2


StrangEye said...

Sorry I realized I missed the James (JiM) Howlett Wolverine link:


StrangEye said...

Just encountered this link over at the Secret Sun...

La Nona Ora

and sorry for posting so many times... there's just a lot synching-in today...


Jake Kotze said...

Alec Baldwin mentions Winnipeg on a GE company schematic "Winnipeg Iron Works" (alchemy in Winnipeg!) in classic 1st season episode "Rural Juror".

It also has a cameo by Whoopi Goldberg (Gold Mountain)

StrangEye said...

Thanks Jake -

Wow. I should have remembered that! It is in the "DESTIN(I/Y)ation Winnipeg" promo vid on MY FB.


R. T. said...

Loved it, marvelleous observations.

Jim said...

wow. great comments. everyone.
no worries strangeye - i love what you have to say and it was nice to meet you in person yesterday.
i just notcied mercury rising is on tv right now so i think i am going to watch it.

l8or g8ors


StrangEye said...

ISIS JAMS and POTHOLES are causing havoc in Winnipeg the news is reporting. POTHOLES sounds a lot like PORTHOLES to me

Interesting that you thought it sounded like something else too.

You heard portholes...
I heard PORTHOS.


StrangEye said...

and I also just realized that Porthos is linked to "GATien Courtilz de SANDRAS"

So both are GATEs!
How 'bout that full Gatien name?!

I was also thinking that if we use the word GATTO, a GATE could be represented by a CAT.

It also more closely links to DNA.
through the first letters...