Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Condor & Eagle 2009

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“"When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Re-awaken."

– Inca Prophecy

Condor & Eagle is an ongoing and growing grassroots initiative to develop a lasting and meaningful exchange of knowledge and culture between indigenous and non-indigenous communities of peoples from throughout both North and South America.

Condor & Eagle 2009 will focus on a visit to Manitoba, Canada by Maestro Juan Flores Salazar, his wife Sandra Encalada and their daughter Alexandra.

It should also be noted that Jeremy Narby, a renowned Swiss anthropologist and author, is visiting Manitoba with his family as well. Mr. Narby is a good friend of Mr. Salazar and they have worked together in the past.

Dates: July 11st – August 11th, 2009

This will be Juan and Sandra’s third visit to Manitoba since 2006. In that time they have made good friends here and worked with many people, both aboriginal and non-aboriginal. In the last two visits, they came during the autumn months, and this third visit will bring them to Manitoba in the middle of the summer.

The goal of the visit is to continue to deepen their work, teaching and cultural exchange with various aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities throughout Manitoba. They are coming in the summer months so they can learn and work with local plants, as well as to experience various seasonal aboriginal ceremonies and traditions such as the Sundance.

There will be retreats, ceremonies and workshops offered.

A special treat this year will be Jeremy Narby's inclusion in the programming as he will be giving a talk about Plants and Shamanism in Winnipeg on July 19th.

Contact me if you are interested in attending any of the events, or you would like more information. (email Jim at info@nosis.tv)


Stefan J said...

Looks like a good one this year!

Looking forward to Nosis dropping when it does.



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Leon Basin said...

This was a great one. Thank you! How are you doing?

Little Jon Kidd said...

I really want to be there.
I need the experience.


Arrowsmith said...

Sounds like it's going to be a special event. If I wasn't on the other side of the planet I'd be there without a second thought.

Also, the trailer for Nosis is looking very impressive. I didn't realize you had so much going on in your life! Looking forward to it's release.

Jim said...

stefan - thanks

me too - i can't wait until it drops
its been a long wait.
but i think i need to capture this summer
with juan and narby first before it is complete

hope oz is well for you

one day i will make it there

leon - i am doing well. how are you? keepin' busy?

Little Jon Kidd - can you come? i would love
to see you here during this time.
feel free to contact me via the info@nosis,tv at any time.

RA -

thanks. yes too much on the go yet perfect.
the time to rest will be later. much afoot...

Indras Net said...

man, im really thinkin about grabbing a passport and heading northways a bit for this one, whens the deadline for tickets and so on?