Sunday, April 12, 2009

RED C Pedestrian

It is Easter night. I am drunk on RED WINE and hanging with my brother watching THE LIFE OF BRIAN. He just happened to have it on his computer and suggested we watch it. I had not seen the film for at least 12 years. Easter seemed like a perfect time to watch it again.

I notice early on Brian says the words "RED SEA PEDESTRIAN".

"I'm a Red Sea pedestrian, and proud of it!" is what Brian says.

Then we also hear a reference to WOLF nipples.

"Wolf nipple chips, get 'em while they're hot. They're lovely"

WOLF implies FLOW (so do nipples). Just recently Jake mentioned to me how one of his woman friends suggested the RED dotted Imperial cookies where like nipples.

The MILK of LIFE does indeed FLOW from the nipples of the WOLF. (Reminds me of the baby bottle brand EBB & FLO.)

Update on RED RIVER situation here in Manitoba:

The river is bursting at is seems. Ice Jams are wreaking havoc in SelKIRK North of Winnipeg (think K2 & Star Trek). My basement is seeping water and my Mom's house is surrounded by water and a 4 foot high ring dyke. The river is supposed to Crest on the weekend. Should happen close to my birthday on Monday (4/20). Yeah!

Dammit! This RED SEA/C needs to be parted.

Where is Moses when you need him?
CRANK comes out this week. I feel like the HEART is the true RED DOT/EYE/STONE/STORM/SEA/C etc...

When our HEART bleeds our water turns RED and we are flooded ( I like how FOOL and FLOOd are similar words. They also both have the word FLO in them which sounds a lot like FLOW).

Is the RED spot of JUpiter our HEART, our EYE or our NIPPLE?

Or all of the above?

C is for Coeur. A RED Coeur Pedestrian.

Someone that is HUMBLE and with HEART.




Arrowsmith said...

I'm glad you mentioned the Red Cherry again. About 2 days ago I was chatting to my 5 year old daughter about her dreams and she told me that the previous night she had dreamed that a Red Cherry had fallen into my eye and it was stuck there. Without any prompting she told me that I had a 'Red Eye'. She knows nothing about my Blog stuff and yet her dream still entrained with the same themes. Red Eye - Red Cherries. What are the chances!?

As for the nipple, I've wondered why the breast resonates with the shape of Crescent/Star. The Crescent forms the shape of a Cup, and reminds me of this Jug of Aquarius. Breasts/Bras/Cup Size...wolf nipples?!?

WV - procycl

R. T. said...

should be sort of unnecessary to mention but romulus and remus alledgedly founded the city of Rome by sucking milk from a WOLF. The Roman empire today is US/WE (the american empire). So maybe its achilles heel is being hit, but again maybe not. Thats trivia these days. So why were they being nursed by a wolf?

Jim said...

Interesting stuff R.T.

R & R (RR) created out of the flowing source of the galactic nipple.

Anonymous said...

hi Centreportal

the m really intrigues me, as much for the relation mona, or m atop a. Its a common theme in religious works but connects heavy with numbers - for me. Have you come across this as a significant theme?

also, on the "7", Xagon, Stargate there is an ad in the UK running, very symbolic.

it really suits Jake's work, thought it might be useful.
"7 year jump"