Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Love Song For My Mother

Right after Maestro Flores left Canada and I got back to the grind of my life, a new icaro bubbled up out of me. An Icaro is a song of gratitude sung to plants and the natural world in exchange for the healing and power they give us. As an Ayahuasquero I invoke what I sing about and these songs go out to the world every time I sing it. This new Icaro best describes my experience at this point and my utter humble love for the spirit of Mother Nature. I have been singing this icaro now for a week and I can already see the changes in me and those around me.

Much love


A Love Song For My Mother

I return to the centre of Mother Nature
I thank her
I return to the centre of my Creator
I love her

She opens her heart for me
I enter
She shows me how to be free
I enter

And all I see is red
I fall asleep on her bed
She sings me a song
She strokes my head

She sings

"Child of mine, 'tis the time, to rise from the dead, rise from the dead"

Mother Nature thank you for all that you do
Mother Nature, it is time to renew

Help me heal myself and I'll help you
Help me heal my friends and we'll help you
Help us heal the world, we love you

People to the Temple of the Heart
It is time to take action and do your part
Rejoice in the Temple of the Heart
It is time to worship a brand new start

I return to the centre of Mother Nature
I thank her
I return to the centre of my Creator
I love her

She opens the golden book for me
I read of love, gnosis and infinity
I learn to be wise like the trees
Think deeply like the seas
Live sweetly like the bees
and be gentle like my Mother
and her morning breeze


tommy said...

The "Icaros" are awesome. I can only imagine the sort of emotion and gnosis they must convey. I remember Jake saying he didn't sing aloud until he did Ayahuasca.

Can't wait to hear about meeting with the Freemasons...


Jake Kotze said...


Jim said...

because i was sick at the last ceremony in toronto, my flight home clogged my ears, which then subsequently never popped. slowly over the last week they have decompressed. but not fully. and last night as i sang this song among others, my ears popped and retuned. it was a classic case where i sang the song for the first time without any mind. this is where it gets loaded. and now it should evolve well in future ceremonies.

now back to editing my sleep apnea educational video.

love you guys

Jim said...

Man, Michael Jackson had such a presence at many of the ceremonies. maestro talked at length about him with me. just imagine if MJ had the plants backing his artistry. anyways.


Arrowsmith said...

Beautiful icaro Jim!

Since writing about the Sound of Music I've acquired a whole new respect for the songs people choose sing. That one was definitely from the heart.

WV in Blue - unsickol
reversed - Locki Sun

Jon Kidd said...

It is time to worship a brand new start...

I hope it becomes hard to ignore the heart...

wv in blue 'pastoo'