Saturday, July 4, 2009

Intelligence in Nature: Jeremy Narby in Winnipeg - July 19


The Hermit said...

Geez.... I hope your recording that.

Jim said...

you betcha we are. it will be part of our film.


Arrowsmith said...

Narby's Cosmic Serpent is winding it's way towards me (via Amazon) so I should have my grubby little mits on it very soon.

I look forward to glimpsing some of the action in your new vid. Sounds like the event is going to be an absolute blast.

Wishing you well.

CaptainGoldStar said...

Mr. Sanders, Ive been trying to connect with you and andre and your work at St Norbert for sometime. Funny how you guys were plugging away back in that room in the label gallery for so long without us doing an official mind-meld. Ive looked over your writings here and am even more enthusiastic about joining your circle.

Interesting about the synchronicites. Strange how different groups and people often have personal synchronicities. For example the Winnipeg painting and tagging group 26.

Personally I obsess about the number 56. Sometimes its as if half the time I casually check a clock 56 is in there. When Im driving I notice at least four or five licence plate 56s every day.

I think that once the subconcious brain has chosen something like a number or word that it considers holy, it will alert the conscious brain whenever it registers it.

For example: for someone who smokes a lot of weed, they will register the smell of marijuana smoke even when its just a wiff. Whereas the non-smoker might not register the wiff at all. Its as if there is an adjustable filter on your brain which decides which objects are important or interesting enough to bring to the attention of the consious brain.

Have you studied Crowley's Book of the Law?