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The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge & the Gnosis of 42

“The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen, Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense. I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought `42 will do'. I typed it out. End of story.”
- Douglas Adams

This is how Douglas Adams, the author of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, explains how he came up with 42 as the answer to the meaning of "Life, The Universe and Everything"." Which in his novel takes a computer called Deep Thought 7 1/2 million years to compute.

In this still taken from the TV show based on the story, we see Deep Thought spit out the answer 42.

Mr. Adams explains the manner in which this answer came to him as a random joke void of any purposeful meaning.

It is no surprise then that the characters that he creates are incredibly confused and disappointed with Deep Thought's answer of 42, as is seen in the above still from the TV show.

What Adams doesn't realize (or didn't admit to) is that his seemingly flippant behaviour is a grand example of gnosis in action. Gnosis inspired by staring "into the garden." Nature inspired gnosis.

In Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (also known as H2G2 for short) after Deep Thought's unsatisfying answer, the Earth is built as a supercomputer to determine The Question. Subsequently, before "the question" is determined the Earth is blown up.

Once again Adams' literary work becomes a rabbit hole into deep gnosis.

For the Earth IS a computer and the answer to the "Life, The Universe and Everything" for all of us IS 42.

What he didn't realize is that the Biospheric Computer known as the Earth, that he lived on and was a functioning part of, gave him the answer he would use in his story.

"Staring into Garden" says it all.

This still shows Marvin , a robot, as he stares out into the clouds/heavens while watching a flying pot of petunias approach, which actually turn out to be an alien intelligence called Agrajag. Plant consciousness winks to us throughout much of Adams' stories. (As Jake at the Blob states - think Planet/Plan E.T./Plants).

That day when Adams looked into the garden with a blank mind and came up with 42 he was actually receiving the answer from the plants themselves. Plant consciousness spoke to/through him.

In the movie, plant consciousness is obvious as winding vines cover Deep Thought the computer as seen in the still below.

In this last still, Deep Thought is depicted with a red eye much like Hal from 2001. One of the many syncs between Adams' story and that of Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey. The vine that warps around it reminds me of Ayahuasca, otherwise known as Vine of the Soul or Dead.

I find Maestro Juan Flores' description of how Ayahuasca works very similar to the supercomputers of Adams' literary universe. For the Ashanincan's of the Amazon, Ayahuasca is considered the God of the Earth. It is made up of two plants, the Chacruna leaf (Mother of all Plants) and the Ayahuasca vine (Father of all plants). Every day all the information generated by the Earth is collected by the wind, the water, the trees and plants (The DNA Biosphere as it is called.) and is amassed into the consciousness of this plant medicine at top of the botanical hierarchy.
As Juan teaches, we can't talk to the plants, so we create a medicinal interface that we ingest and use as a means to converse and learn from the spirits of the plants. If we take Ayahuasca we can get the latest downloads from the World DNA Computer that we are part of.

The possibility for learning and knowledge is infinite when working with Ayahuasca. Sounds a lot like Deep Thought. Read Jeremy Narby for ideas about the relationship between Ayahuasca and DNA.
I find it poetic that Douglas Adams' nickname was DNA, considering that plants speak to us through the common communication network of light and DNA that we share with all of them (the real internet or innerternet shall we say).

We do share half the of the same genes as a Banana you know.

Gnosis, aware of it, or unaware of it like Adams (I might be wrong about this, he might have hided it well), is an inner intuitive fountain of spiritual truth that is always happening to all of us, its just a matter of beginning to awaken to it (plants can help with that as they did for Adams and myself). Gnosis is like HDNA compared to regular DNA.

Higher Resolution Life.

I believe that Adams' choice of 42 is not random. It is a meaningful clue that relates to the spiritual journey that all of us here on Earth are on. i.e."Life, The Universe and Everything"

Even though Adams claimed to be a radical atheist, his soul knew otherwise. In 2001, the year that our recent Space Odyssey began, as was signaled by Kubrick's film named after that fateful year, Adams himself took the ultimate starg8 journey and passed over to the otherside. If he didn't know then, he knows now.

From a linear timeline perspective I like to see Adams' choice of 42 as an echo from what is upon us NOW.

I will try my best to help you see how I see this.

Bear with me.

By Jove, Eye Think Eye'VE Got It!

This above picture is taken during my first visit to Mayantuyacu, Peru in 2005. Maestro Juan Flores is seen standing underneath a Came Renaco tree which grows above the geothermal river of almost boiling water that surrounds his healing centre. The Came Renaco tree is used in the plant mixtures that facilitate spiritual space travel across the galaxy.

When I first traveled down to the Amazon in 2005 and met Maestro Juan Flores one thing he told me that stuck in my mind was about a plant concoction he makes that can take your spirit to Jupiter where one can converse with the beings that live there and learn from them.

The brew is made up of thirty different plants, specifically bark from trees, and to drink it one must make a pact with the plants for the rest of your life. That was the first time Jupiter seeped into my consciousness, and as I would learn over the years since I met Juan, everything he says has a place and time in my apprenticeship as an ayahuasquero.

The next year two friends of mine traveled to Peru to visit Juan and they interviewed him for our community radio station. I had asked my friends to ask him about his contact with beings from other planets. He responded by telling them that he was in contact with all beings from everywhere. His example given in the interview was his relationship with the beings of Jupiter and the plants needed to take you there.

I remember listening to the recording of the interview and thinking to myself that this Jupiter focus was a clue and something important.

Everyday I come closer to comprehending what Jupiter symbolizes for humanity here on Earth.

In this above picture Maestro Flores is in a teepee giving a healing to the Cree Elder Don Cardinal. This is taking place during Flores' first visit to Canada in 2006 and at the sacred site Manito Ahbee.

I remember the first time Juan came to Manitoba, Canada and I started to specifically ask him about Jupiter and he told me that it was a place of great equality. As I thought about this statement I pondered this enigma he was presenting me with. How could there be beings on Jupiter? It is clearly an inhabitable gaseous and stormy planet. How could life exist there?

What I know now is that beings reside everywhere but in different dimensions or vibrational states of existence. On Jupiter matter is less dense, vibrates faster and looks to us denser beings as gas, but in reality it is a level of existence that supports conscious life.

Of course, what is more equal than gas!

The Utopian Jovian Anarchy of Gas. I like it.

During Juan's second visit to Canada we had further discussions about Jupiter where he shared with me that when he was 5 years old the spirits took him to Jupiter and revealed to him his life's mission.

Juan talking with his mind to a tree, saying thanks to it and plugging into the Biospheric DNAgnostic Supercomputer at Manito Ahbee during his first visit to Manitoba.

I now knew that I wanted to take the Jupiter brew and make the pact with the plants.

Recently, during my last trip back to Peru to visit Juan I asked him if I could go to Jupiter, he smiled and told me yes, but not yet. He repeated his mantra that has been my companion on this journey into shamanism ever since I started it.

"poco a poco" or "little by little."

"Little by little" soon becomes a lot is the wisdom here. The indigenous teachings of the Turtle comes to mind. It might be the slowest animal physically, but spiritually it is the fastest.

I interviewed him again during this visit and he shared more with me about Jupiter once again. He told me it was a place where we go when we are done our journey of spiritual purification here on Earth. He said the Jupiter way of life is a role model for us here on Earth.

Here is the clip from the interview.

To sum up: Jupiter is the answer to the meaning of life here on Earth for all of humanity. We are here to go there.

Lets dive deeper into this shall we...

So with Jupiter in my mind, I began to research everything I could about it, from mythology to science. Its alchemical symbol jumped out at me. I read one person who describes the symbol as derived from an image of a crescent moon over the cross of matter.

Another woman explains that there is a relationship between its shape, the Eye of Horus and the pharmaceutical Rx symbol.

" The symbol Rx is derived from the major lines in the symbol of the Eye of Horus. Horus’s eye, also called the wadjet eye, became a symbol for health. The Egyptians considered it a symbol of good and restored health." Amy Beth Dukoff, D.M.D.

“In a cursive form [Rx] is found in medieval translations of the works of Ptolemy the astrologer, as the sign of the planet Jupiter. As such it was placed upon horoscopes and upon formula containing drugs made for administration to the body, so that the harmful properties of these drugs might be removed under the influence of the lucky planet."
- William Osler, 1910

These theories all seemed to jive perfectly with how Jupiter has been presented to me by Juan. He teaches that with the use of medicinal plants we can heal ourselves, become humble and build unity. Medicinal plants are the secret to happiness in the heart and peace on earth.

Interesting how modern medicine uses a symbol that is derived from Jupiter. This makes sense as it seems that the very foundations of our medicinal knowledge are built off the learned knowledge taught to us by the beings of Jupiter, and that plants are the intermediary for this exchange of knowledge. Juan often speaks of a future in which humanity will take the best of both traditional medicine and Western medicine and create something incredibly powerful and better for us all of us and the Earth. Sounds like a Jupiter vision to me.

2001 + 2010 = 42* - A Personal Stargate Odyssey

* (before I go into this section I just want to mention that I first wrote this equation because I wanted to get the idea across that the Jupiter starG8 from the Arthur C. Clarke inspired films is the same as the meaning of life answer from H2G2. It was not until after I wrote the equation out that I realized that both dates have 21 in them and actually do add up to 42. I must be on the right track...)

Just recently as I was staring at the alchemical symbol for Jupiter it dawned on me that this symbol looked like a 2 and a 4 merged together.

Now 2 and 4 have always been special numbers for me. My birthday is 4/20 or April 20th. A date that would have a dark significance that would eventually effect me profoundly.

After the WACO siege(April 19th, 2003), the Oklahoma Bombing (April 19th, 2005), and the Columbine Massacre(April 20th, 1999), I learn't that I shared the same birthday as Adolf Hitler. This tragic and murderous figure, and his birthday, seemed to be a draw for death and hate. Heck, even in 2007, the Virginia Tech massacre was on April 16th.

This realization of my connection to one of the modern ages most hated villians was shocking, but more importantly it became a synchronicity-ignited alchemical fire that would change my life.

Rocket fuel for my personal stargate (a personal stargte experience is something we can, and will, all access in our own unique ways).

Ever since I was a teenager I have been a social justice activist. I have always felt the world did not have to be this way. That true equality and freedom where possible. During my university years I really began to believe that human nature was not inherently evil, and that the rise of all that is good in us was our evolutionary destiny. I called myself an Anarchist and even had a big circle A symbol tattooed on my right arm.

At a time of great inner rage I got this tattoo 9 years before I first met Juan and tried Ayahuasca. Notice how the design which I drew has 2 vines wrapping around the A and leading to a tree/fist of power. Clearly my tattoo was a precursor to the role Ayahuasca and plants where destined to play in my life.

As an activist I fought against everything Hitler symbolized. This journey eventually led me to South America, to the Maestro Juan Flores, to the plants of the Amazon and in due time, to Jupiter.

The 4/20 really began to sync in when I became a pot head. Even though I live in Winnipeg, the middle of nowhere, myself and my friends caught on quickly to the emerging international code for Marjiuana, otherwise known as FourTwenty.

The idea of lighting up a joint at 4:20 (PM or AM) is now globally practiced and has seeped into POP culture everywhere.

It was not too long that people began to celebrate the 420 cannabis culture on 4/20 or April 20th.

Me, Hitler and Mary Jane - how strange it became for me.

Nowadays, 420 is huge and even here in Winnipeg, increasingly every year, people both young and old, get together on the front lawn of the Manitoba Legislature to puff together and honour the plant. Knowing the occult origins of the Manitoba Legislature, there increasingly seems to be something bigger emerging with this yearly 4/20 gathering at the Galactic Centre Temple.

Notice the 8 rayed Marijuana star leaf which perfectly resonates the 8 rayed star in the centre of the Temple..err..I mean Legislature.

Perhaps 420 is a pointer to Jupiter and a return of our Jovial ways. Just like Deep Thought's answer of 42, which is a fractal of 420.

It seems in Winnipeg, the Masons also know the 420 connection. As their address is 420 Corydon Ave.. Jake from the Blob works Kitty Korner to this Lodge at 101 Corydon Ave. and has he has noted the Route 42 bus passes by there as well.

I also find it silly that my new home is across the street from the address 420. So day in and day out I have this syncnificant number winking at me.

Jupiter saying hello.

Once I saw the 4 and 2 in the alchemical symbol of Jupiter I dug deeper into these numbers and their meaning.

The obvious one, as mentioned before, is that in the Douglas Adam's H2G2 series the meaning of life is 42. The meaning of Life is Jupiter Consciousness, otherwise known as Happiness or Joy.
The HitchHiker (H2) points to 88, or HH, another code for Heil Hitler which leads us back to 4/20. The Manitoba Legislature is also a veiled double H, with the golden Hermes on top of the H shaped building. Double Hs, or 88s, pointing us to the duality of Hitler (dark) and the Happiness/Healthiness (light) that is the anti-thesis of everything he represented. 4 x 2 also gives us 8, cementing the connection between 42 and 8(H). The starG8 reveals itself to us in the name H2G2 when reversed is 2G2H, or 2G28. As well there is the ever present nod to OZ with G2, as GG or 77 (77 which is OZ as well!).

I also discovered that there are 42 books of Thoth/Hermes.

Perhaps 42 books of information from Jupiter. 42 books of gnosis, or knowledge accessed from within through the use of plants. I would think these books would come to the Earth cyclically and the time for the knowledge is here again. A cyclical gift to help humanity not get lost in its space odyssey to the Jupiter way of Life.

Of course there is also the 42 Laws, or divine principles of the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at - the feminine side of Thoth.

In Jewish Kabbalah the word Elokah equals the number 42. Elokah is considered the unamable essence of God, who has a 42 letter name that gave the power to create the world. Elokah/42 therefore symbolizes the power of creation.

"One of the secrets of 42 in Kabbalah in relation to the creation of the universe is that the Divine act of creation begins with God's saying yehi ("let there be...") = 25, and concludes with God's seeing His creation to be tov ("good") = 17. 25 (the beginning of the creative process) plus 17 (the conclusion of the creative process) = 42 (the all-inclusive power of creation)."

42 is also 24, and we have 24 hours in the day. Or 24 Horus. Perfect how McDonald's is open 24 Horus a day NOW in Winnipeg.

LinkOne of the best visual cues that Jupiter is related to Horus is the red storm, or the eye of Horus. Immanuel Velikovsky developed many theories in relation to Jupiter.

" The ancients knew something unknown to the moderns when they asserted that Jupiter can overpower all other planets, the Earth included."
- Worship of Jupiter, Velikovsky

Sign of the worship of Jupiter is also found in North America and supposedly the Inca of South America revered Jupiter as their Guardian God. In North America, or Turtle Island, the serpent mound in Ohio, which is said to relate to the storm of Jupiter (also known as the Eye of Horus) is theorized to have given birth to the Earth (literally).

Perhaps one the most magical synchronicities is that 42 is the angle of refraction that a rainbow can be seen at. When one sees a rainbow they have to be looking away from the Sun and the angle that the Sun's rays hit the droplets of water in relation to one's eyes has to be 42 degrees for the rainbow to form.

42 is the Rainbow Angle.

42 is like the G8way Angle (think Angel) to go Over the Rainbow.

The Rainbow being a visual representation of Humanity's relationship with the Earth and this plane of existence. The Rainbow reveals to us what we are made of - frequencies of light and colour. The Rainbow is like a synchronicity, it allows you to see through the veil to a deeper truth. As a bow it also plays another symbolic pointer to the bow of Sagittarius who points his arrow at Galactic Centre. A sign that of course is ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter/42 - The Rainbow bridge to OZ and to the Galaxy beyond. Jupiter leading us to Galactic Centre and to the Centre of our own Hearts

The Care Bears knew something for sure. They ride their Rainbow Bridge all the time in their service to Humanity. Fittingly in Cree and Anishenabe culture here in Canada, the Bear is the Master Healer who's spirit is called upon for help, just like the Care Bears.

The Rainbow is also directly connected with Jupiter/Zeus/Shiva, as he is a storm God hurling his lightening bolts at Earth. Rainbows always come after the storm. Rain is a symbol of spiritual cleansing and lightening bolts are symbolic of gnosis and enlightenment. It would make sense that the Rainbow bridge to the Heavens would only become visible after the storm.

The Rainbow is a gift to us from Grandmother Water and Grandfather Sun. Rain symbolizing renewed spiritual life and the Sun symbolizing the power to help this life blossom. The water gets dirty with life, the heat from the Sun evaporates it, it goes into the clouds (heavens) where it is purified and falls back to earth to cleanse and experience more life (just like the cycle of our own spirit).

I have always felt the biblical flood followed this symbolism and represents a spiritual flood/rain/storm/cleansing rather than a literal flood.

In the story of Noah (or Ah! OZ!) the Rainbow is promised by God as a reminder of his "everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth" to not destroy life like he did with the Flood again.

Perhaps the Flood of Noah was physical and now it is spiritual.

In 2009 a hard rain is going to fall.

I would think that Jupiter is throwing its lightening bolts in the form of plant medicines such as Ayahuasca. I've always felt that Ayahuasca can feel like being hit by lightning (spiritually that is).

In Amazonian shamanism the water world is where it all happens. Considering humans are mostly water then there is clearly a mystery there that could inform us greatly. H20 of course, is not too far off from 420, or 2 Hs is also 88.

Sumiruna, who is the Andean/Amazon equivelant of Christ, is considered to be the top spiritual master of the water (as well of all worlds and spirits).

This picture is a painting by Pablo Amaringo called the Sublimity of Sumiruna.

Its as if water is its own dimension. In the indigenous worldview water is the Grandmother, or a representation of our Cosmic Mother. The more I meditate on this the more I realize that we are immersed in a water world. The ocean is us. The medium of the Mother that we swim is water. The Aquarian age is upon us. Let the water pour in...

In Manitoba, as elsewhere, there are indigenous healers that lead what is called the Rainbow Lodge. This is a ceremony or sweatlodge (with vapor i.e. spiritually lifting and cleansing) that is all inclusive to all beliefs and faiths, and in which traditional indigenous customs are balanced with the customs of others present at the Lodge.

The 42 Lodge.

Now where the 42 Rainbow connection gets interesting is in relation to that famous rainbow song Over the Rainbow sung in the Wizard of Oz by Dorothy. Because over the Rainbow in the land of Oz she meets, among others, the Tin Man. Why this is syncnificant is that the alchemical symbol for Jupiter, the one that looks like a 2 and a 4, or 42, is also the alchemical symbol for Tin.

Tin is the Estruscan name for Jupiter (Zeus, Shiva...). In the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man is without a heart and desperately wants one. He is also known as the Tin Woodman and is found by Dorothy amongst the trees in the forest. Its actually the Trees that throw the apple at the Tin Man's feet that leads Dorothy to discover him. Plant consciousness leading us to Jupiter, or back to our Jovial and spiritual ways.

In the story the Tin Man wants a real heart but realizes at the end that he has always had a heart and has always been a leading example of compassion and love. We learn that it is not the physical heart that is important but rather the spiritual one that is experienced through feelings and acts of love. The Tin Man has a Heart of Gold one could say, which is also the name of the spaceship in HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (Heart of Gold is also a famous song by former Winnipegger Neil Young - a great song to say the least.)

LinkIt should also be noted that the most famous of Golden Boys, the Oscar, is actually gold covered tin. An interesting fact as Tin was know by the Greeks for awhile also as Hermes.

Hermes who is connected to Thoth and the 42 books, who is also known as the Golden Boy that sits on top of the Manitoba Temple.

I remember when I first noticed the Jupiter/Tin Man sync I had finished by Black Pearly StarG8 post and had been cued to the syncnificance of Johnny Depth as the pirate Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the above still we see Jack Sparrow on the Black Pearl which is a boat (i.e. Ark).

It was just the next day that I was rewatching the Wizard of Oz when I noticed this line from the song "If I only had a heart"

"I would be friends with the sparrows and the boy that shoots the arrows if I only had a heart."

Both sparrows and arrows, as well as the Tin Man or Jupiter pointing us to our Galactic Heart - the Black Pearl or Sagittarius's Target.

Perhaps that is the starG8 to Jupiter, the point when we realize that the centre of our own heart is the same as the centre of the galaxy as well as the centre of all of us, and at which point we get to evolve to a place where all beings realize this and live accordingly in intergalactic peace. I would call this centre Humility.

The Jupiter/Tin Man/42 gets really interesting when it gets explored in the synchromystic realms. A task best left to Jake at the Blob who takes on this dauting task in his newest post.

I do like how this poster for the Tin Man is sponsored by veriZON which has the word OZ embedded in it as well.

I knew there was something there when I realized that the recent TV series Tin Man was loosely based of the Wizard of Oz and starred Zooey Deschanel as Dorothy, who also stars in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the movie), thus making the 42/Oz/Tin Man/Jupiter connection very vivid.

I find it also interesting synchromystically that she plays a woman named Dorothy as well in the Brad Pitt film The Assassination of Jesse James which was shot in Winnipeg (alongside Sam Rockwell who is in Jesse James as well as H2G2).

I am interested to see how the syncs line up for Jake over at the Blob. Make sure to check his post out. I am also sure that Jupiter/Tin Man/Oz/42 syncs will bubble up everywhere for others as well, so we will have to see how it all plays out. Fun, fun, fun...

(Inserted After-Post Revelation: I noticed Indras Net's comments on the Blob's Jumpiter post and he highlights his own fascination with the number 42. Eye highly recommend going over to his blog, Live From the Logosphere and read 42 Enigma, posted June 5th, 2008, way before this one. Its not bubbling like I thought, its already been boiling!)

This post was aimed to be released on June 5th as that was the day that Jupiter entered Aquarius. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the sun, a year per sign of the zodiac. It may be that this was the historical origins the signs as well. Its only one day late which is close enough :).

It is interesting that Jupiter relates to the number 12 as well. Because what I just realized is that the reflection of 12 is 21, and 12 + 12 = 24, which is the reflection of 42, and where 21 + 21 = 42. Weird eh? Something is up with that little number trick for sure. Hmm...

I kind of feel like 21 is half of God and represents the Male (Ayahuasca) and Female (Chacruna) aspects. Therefore 21 + 21 = 42. Maybe then 42 is their Son. The Jupiter Son/Sun.

This gets even stranger once we hark back to a past black star sync (highlighted by Jake) of the Canadian band RUSH, who had an album called 2112 (= 42) with a black star on the cover.

Once Jupiter leaves Aquarius in 2010, the Year We Make Contact (with our higher self that is), the King of PlanETs will align in the sign of Aries, at Zero Degrees, or the World Point. Supposedly when this alignment occurs in either Aries or Libra, every 42 years, when there is a great scientific breakthrough that impacts the world, facilitating an even greater shift in consciousness. (June 6, 2010 2:27 AM Jupiter enters Aries).

It should be mentioned here the 2001/2010 Jupiter sync as these two films have propelled Jupiter into mass consciousness more than anything. In the films Jupiter is the trigger for the birth of the Starchild. The Starchild being an enlightened humanity. Very much like what is happening NOW in the "real" world.

Maybe in 2010 we all awaken to the point of the World, which Jupiter is symbolic of. That point being Happiness, Joy and Enlightenment. This being the path to becoming the shinning Stars that we are all destined to become and already are.

A final note before I put this first Jupiter post to rest is that last night for fun I decided to enter Jupiter and 42 into a google image search and lo and behold I discovered Tripping the Rift. This is an animated movie and TV series in which the starship used is called Jupiter42.

Notice the Golden Boy Robot giving a nod to the tin/golden Hermes.

This TV series and Film is just oozing with syncs. Yikes! Tripping the Rift reminds me of the idea of the Dark Rift of the Milky Way which is home to Galactic Centre and our inner/galactic black hole. Its as if our passage through the Rift is what we are Tripping on right now.

This is Jake's title image for his blog to coincide with his Jumpiter post. Its a good visualization and movie sync up with the Dark Rift idea.

Ayahuasca Tripping the Dark Rift of the Galaxy. Sums it up well.

Check out the trailer for the film.

(I can't find it now but I noticed in one of the episode I watched, a blue alien judge with antennas that looked exactly like Maestro Juan's description of Sumiruna. Except the Maestro says Sumiruna is 100 Ft. tall, which is more like Dr. Manhattan.)

Its as if the act of just looking makes it appear. Total non-local mind-blowing stuff, i.e. my personal starG8 experience. Which then also led me to realize that in the TV series Lost in Space the ship is known as Jupiter 2.

Clearly POP/FATHER culture is leading us to our destiny that is Jupiter.

To be continued...



Last Comment: This morning one of my first emails was a new person subscribing to my NosisTv youtube site. I checked out rmh63's site and they have their home as OZ (perfect I think to myself) and then their website they have a link to www.420.am, which all it has its the time 4:20 AM on it (perfect indeed!).


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I downloaded your video.... The one you put out not too long ago, so that I could slow down all the pictures. You had told me that they were from your post, so I was very anticipatory to see where all those other picks I had not seen were from.

I like the trip your on....

Wanna tell you (don't know why yet) that in A. C. Clarkes book 2061 they find an enormous diamond that had been ejected by Jupiter on it's becoming Lucifer....

Big posts suit you... Thanks!

Cosmic Ti69er said...

hi FSS (thats going to be my short name for you)
a diamond ejected from jupiter. hmmm...something there for sure. i could go on about jupiter forever

we are on the same trip now thats for sure.

i am going to head over and read yours now

take care

Jake Kotze said...

Perfect Jim.


"Danger Will Robinson!"

Immortel said...

WoW that blew my mind!

Dorothy sings also about Lemon Drops(liquid) and chimneys(gasious)
Sounds like the reincarnation you talked about.

And don't forget:
toynbee idea
movie 2001
resurrect dead
planet jupiter

Someone recently did a post on that:

Ed said...

That's the best post I've read in a long time.

Jasun said...

number of chromosomes in bread = 42

Bread = Pan, the All, & God of the Earth

in English gematria (numerology, see http://www.mysticalinternet.com/gematria), of many meanings for 42 there are: Luciferian, quantum mechanics, THE END OF - THE WORLD, THE PURE HEARTED*, the Word of the Aeon, there is no god but man, A NEW HEAVEN*, bloodshed, and: Death to the Emperor.

In the tradtional Hebrew gematria the complete designations are:

AIAL. Angel of Aries איאל
ALVH. Eloah, a name of GOD אלוה
AMA. The Supernal Mother, unfertilized; see 52 אמא
BLHH. Terror, calamity בלהה
BLI. Loss, destruction בלי
ChDL. To cease חדל
ChLD. The World, Earth of Malkuth חלד
KBVDI. My glory כבודי
LAVAD. Alone

Jasun said...

oh and this, R Steiner on Jupiter:

“If you were now to imagine bodies of men forming out of the clouds and flying down to the Earth, that would be a picture of how the new Beings come forth from a kind of cloud-mass on Jupiter ... Just as we on Earth are pervaded by air, so everything on Jupiter is pervaded by wisdom. Wisdom there has substantiality, streams in the atmosphere, discharges itself like rain on Jupiter ... Herein live the Cherubim, who in this realm of existence gather up and give shape to the karma of human beings.” [Rudolf Steiner, KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS, Vol. II (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1974), p. 48.]

“On Jupiter human beings will no longer have physical hands that are mobile organs [sic], for they will be fixed. On the other hand [sic] their astral and ether hands [sic] will be in part able to move outside those physical hands. As a result, Jupiter man will not merely think with his brain, for his fixed hands will enable him to reflect into [sic] the elements now united with his physical hands.” [Rudolf Steiner, THE DESTINIES OF INDIVIDUALS AND OF NATIONS (SteinerBooks, 1986), p. 152.]

For additional references to conditions “on” Jupiter, see the following Steiner books: ANGELS; COSMIC MEMORY; THE FIFTH GOSPEL; CORRESPONDENCE AND DOCUMENTS (“The Consciousness soul [sic] can only unfold because the forces which will later be developed fully on Jupiter already throw their shadow [sic] ahead....”); GUIDANCE IN ESOTERIC TRAINING; FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER; OCCULT SCIENCE; AGRICULTURE; ACCORDING TO LUKE; THE MEANING OF LIFE AND OTHER LECTURES ON FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES (“The animals perish in their earthly forms, but the animal group-souls are fertilized and appear on Jupiter having been prepared for a higher existence....”); ROSICRUCIAN WISDOM [sic]; CHANCE, PROVIDENCE, AND NECESSITY; THE SPIRITUAL HIERARCHIES AND THE PHYSICAL WORLD; NATURE SPIRITS; ESOTERIC CHRISTIANITY AND THE MISSION OF CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUTZ; ISIS [sic] MARY SOPHIA; CHRIST AND THE HUMAN SOUL; LOVE AND ITS MEANING IN THE WORLD (“The beings who will wander about on Jupiter, just as human beings move about on Earth, will find love exhaling from all creatures ... ”); GUARDIAN ANGELS; THE INFLUENCE OF SPIRITUAL BEINGS UPON MAN; THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL; AN OUTLINE OF OCCULT SCIENCE; THEOSOPHY OF THE ROSICRUCIANS; OCCULT SIGNS AND SYMBOLS. ART IN THE LIGHT OF MYSTERY WISDOM; WONDERS OF THE WORLD (“[A] Spirit advances with the souls of men towards existence on Jupiter....”); and THE MISSION OF THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (“For we will be different beings on Jupiter. These so-to-speak Jupiter men exist already now just as we existed upon the Moon....”)

Cosmic Ti69er said...

Thank you all. Wow. My mind is more blown with the feedback than the act of writing the post.

Fascinating times my friends.

Aeolus - thank you for that info. Feels right.

Take care yall.

toure said...

excerpt from a may 2000 nasa press release;

"If Jupiter and Venus were farther from the Sun on May 17 [2000], the conjunction would be a real eye-catcher," says astronomer Dr. George Lebo, a 2000 Summer Faculty Fellow at the Marshall Space Flight Center. "The human eye can distinguish objects separated by angles greater than 50 arcseconds, but Venus and Jupiter will only be 42 arcseconds apart. At closest approach the pair would appear to merge into a single brilliant star."

This close conjunction has already been compared to the 2 B.C. conjunction of the same planets that is often identified as the "Christmas Star" reported in the book of Matthew.

venus and jupiter... mom and pop?
great post.

Indras Net said...

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Anonymous said...

Hitler was well known for his pleasent nature and advocacy of healthy living. People villianize him because of propaganda. He fought Capitalism and Imperialism. The innaccuracies surounding the teaching of WWII history led me to my awakening. I had never before seriously researched UFO's or known of the International Jewish Banking Conspiracy. I seriously doubt the Jewish Holocaust. I recommend listening to Benjamin Freedman. I'm not a Hitler fan. I just wanted to lean the other direction before the canoe tips.

Indras Net said...

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be very well and stay divine!

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Suzanne Cowley Caadium said...

And very importantly, H2G2 happened on a Thursday: Jupiter's day.

Anonymous said...

All the tattoos I have....I didn't know why I got them till later in life...till I was an old dog 28...now it all makes sense...I am reminding myself I suppose what I already know....42 23 have led me down some weird paths as well as 88 112 211 87 777 and well
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